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Do they think the outcome would be different depending on the month or the season? The important point to get children to understand is that the length and position of a shadow is related to the height and position of the sun in the sky. As this height and position changes throughout the day, the shadows do as well. You can approximate some of this inside with flashlights and objects or kids. Why did the shadows change? It might seem that the Sun is moving across the sky, but we are really the ones who moved!

One simple way to demonstrate this is with a flashlight and a globe or any round object to represent Earth, with different locations marked on it as reference points. Shine the flashlight on the globe and notice how a certain location will change from night to day as the Earth spins.

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If you attach a small figurine or stick on the globe, you will also see its shadow change as you spin rotate the globe. A fun way to combine these two demonstrations is to print a world map so that it spans the length of a few sheets of paper, enough to wrap a person around the waist. You might want to mark your city or other interesting locations on the map.

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA.

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Watch your shadows move! Share Print. Suggested Materials A sunny day A sidewalk, small bit of blacktop, or other area to trace shadows Sidewalk chalk Space Shadow photos See Resources, below printed out or on screen. Opening Discussion Ask your children, if they have ever noticed how their shadow might be short or long, wide or skinny, or pointing different directions? The Challenge Trace your shadows and see how they change throughout the day! Doing the Activity Have your children work in teams of 2 or 3 for this activity.

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Explain that today you will be tracing shadows, discussing their shape and size, and then making predictions as to whether these shadows will change over the course of the day, and if so, how. The child whose shadow is being traced will need to stand very still while another student uses the chalk to mark the line of their shadow. The tracer should make sure to trace around the feet of the child whose shadow is being traced, so that they know exactly where to stand for later comparison. Label each tracing with a name, date, and time of day.

Ask students to locate where the sun is when they trace this first shadow, and to make a drawing of a sun with chalk on the ground, indicating where the sun is in the sky, and the direction the sunlight was coming from. Have them also make a note about whether the sun is low on the horizon, high in the sky, etc. They can use reference points, like what building, tree, etc. If possible, also trace the shadows of inanimate objects that might be in the area, such as lampposts, street signs, or benches these are typically much better at standing still than kids are.

If you are returning inside in between shadow drawings, while you are waiting in between those drawings, try this activity with your students: Ask your students if they think there are shadows in space. It turns out the Sun casts shadows all over the place in space — from shadows of the Earth causing lunar eclipses, to shadows of craters on the Moon, to the shadows of the moons of Jupiter. Try this activity one day, and then at the same times of day on different days throughout the year.

Take photos of the traced shadows at the end of each day, or take measurements. Compare a summer day to a spring, fall and winter day.

Shadows on the Sun

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A Shadow on the Sun

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