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The Foundation for Women visits a Rutgers Women's Studies Class...

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Women in psychology. Canadian Psychology, 42 , — Strassel, K. Leaving women behind: Modern families, outdated laws. Strickland, B. The feminization of psychology. Tronto, J. Beyond gender difference to a theory of care. Signs, 12 , — Tubre, C. Jackson and Schuler revisited: A meta-analysis of the relationships between role ambiguity, role conflict and job performance.

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Autobiography of Margaret Floy Washburn. Murchison Ed. Worcester: Clark University Press. Franz Joseph Gall. Wilkinson, S. Focus groups: A feminist method. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 23 , — Worell, J. Focusing on the wives'perspectives, author Jean Schaar Gochros offers support, encouragement, and practical advice for coping with the stigma, fear, and stress experienced by women trying to cope with their husbands'homosexuality. She addresses the often harmful myths surrounding these wives, husbands, and marriages, and questions the quality of help that women usually receive from friends and professionals alike.

Combining comprehensive research and personal case histories, she has developed crucial guidelines for helping professionals who counsel such couples.

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This readable book is informative and fascinating reading for both the professional and lay person. Pinterest Twitter Facebook. Du kanske gillar. Women and Aging Ellen Cole. En helt vanlig familj Mattias Edvardsson.

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