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Previous Issue. Next Issue. He conducted studies on the size and shape distributions of raindrops and constructed a novel wind tunnel in which water droplets of various sizes could be held stationary for a few seconds.

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He was the first to recognize that large raindrops are not tear-shaped, but are rather shaped something like a hamburger bun. Lenard is remembered today as a strong German nationalist who despised "English physics", which he considered to have stolen its ideas from Germany. During the Nazi regime, he was the outspoken proponent of the idea that Germany should rely on " Deutsche Physik " and ignore what he considered the fallacious and deliberately misleading ideas of "Jewish physics", by which he meant chiefly the theories of Albert Einstein , including "the Jewish fraud" of relativity see also criticism of the theory of relativity.

Some measure of Lenard's views on certain scientists may be deduced through examination of Lenard's book, Great Men in Science, A History of Scientific Progress , first published in The book was translated into English by Dr.

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Stafford Hatfield with an introduction by the famous scientist Edward Andrade of University College London ironically, a Sephardic Jew himself and was widely read in schools and universities after the Second World War. The individual scientists selected for inclusion by Lenard do not include Einstein or Curie, nor any other twentieth century scientist. Andrade noted that "A strong individuality like that of the writer of this book is bound to assert strongly individual judgements". The publisher included what now appears to be a remarkable understatement on page xix of the English edition: "While Professor Lenard's studies of the men of science who preceded him showed not only profound knowledge but also admirable balance, when it came to men of his own time he was apt to let his own strong views on contemporary matters sway his judgment.

In his lifetime he would not consent to certain modifications that were proposed in the last study of the series". Although Lenard is criticized for his promotion of "German Physics" and his opposition to "Jewish Physics" it is also true that in Great Men of Science he devoted considerable space to Heinrich Hertz, who as Lenard mentioned was of partially Jewish blood.

Herr Lorenz Stark.

In fact Lenard made his admiration for Hertz very clear. Lenard retired from Heidelberg University as professor of theoretical physics in He achieved emeritus status there, but he was expelled from his post by Allied occupation forces in when he was As part of the elimination of Nazi street names and monuments it was renamed in September by order of the military government. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the illusory visual motion after effect, see Motion aftereffect. Pressburg , Kingdom of Hungary , Austrian Empire.

Messelhausen , Germany. Main article: Deutsche Physik.

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Sulinet in Hungarian. Archived from the original on In Myrtil Nagy ed. Written in Hungarian by the autobiography of the famous physicist: Philipp Lenard, Erinnerungen eines Naturwissenschaftlers, der Kaiserreich, Judenschaft und Hitler erlebt hat. Retrieved Annalen der Physik. Bibcode : AnP Historical Studies in the Physical Sciences. World Scientific. Bibcode : wcqm.

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Helmholtz-Gymnasium Heidelberg. Cosmos: Revue des Sciences et de Leurs Applications. Laureates of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Curie Rayleigh Lenard J. Bohr Millikan M.

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