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You: Meh, ignorance is bliss. The lack of knowlege to a situation. Usually once the whole truth is revealed you realize you were happier being clueless. Sherry was very happy with her boyfriend.. She thought to herself "ignorance is bliss", and broke up with him. The lack of knowledge in reference to a situation, particularly a messy one. Once the whole truth is revealed one realizes they were much happier being clueless. Ana was desperately in love with her long-distance boyfriend Aaron Sadly her heart was broken, with no hopes of repair and she realized "ignorance is bliss.

Mars88 December 23, Ignorance is Bliss name. Donald Trump's motto.

Is Ignorance Bliss?

Ignorance is bliss. A phrase often uttered by the female persuasion of the mind. Send Jimmy on over. It is often elaborated on in order to describe a distasteful situation in an enlightening manner. As though such a thing were possible. You state knowledge is power as the opposite truth, but I don't think it is.

Power brings responsibility and knowledge brings obligation, baggage. Combined they explain how power corrupts, because power in itself doesn't make anyone happy, in contrary. When used responsibly it only generates responsibility, which no human really wants, not a single one. Truth will only set free if the beliefs it replaces were wrong and painful, truth can also have the opposite effect and often does.

That's why denial is such a normal psychological condition, it's the replacement of what parents used to do. Not thinking creates bliss, this is the basis of Zen meditation or mindfulness. Be in the moment, don't pay attention to worries and concerns from the past of for upcoming future.

There is this very interesting video from brain scientist Jill Bolte on TED, who experienced a stroke and tells how she drifted in and out of a state of bliss because of it and how she explains how every time she came out of it, how concerns and worries immediately took over. It's a great story and can be found by it's name: "a stroke of insight". Ye distant spires, ye antique tow'rs, That crown the wat'ry glade, Where grateful Science still adores Her Henry's holy Shade; And ye, that from the stately brow Of Windsor's heights th' expanse below Of grove, of lawn, of mead survey, Whose turf, whose shade, whose flowr's among Wanders the hoary Thames along His silver-winding way.

Ah, happy hills, ah, pleasing shade, Ah, fields belov'd in vain, Where once my careless childhood stray'd, A stranger yet to pain! I feel the gales, that from ye blow, A momentary bliss bestow, As waving fresh their gladsome wing, My weary soul they seem to soothe, And, redolent of joy and youth, To breathe a second spring. Say, Father Thames, for thou hast seen Full many a sprightly race Disporting on thy margent green The paths of pleasure trace, Who foremost now delight to cleave With pliant arm thy glassy wave? The captive linnet which enthrall?

What idle progeny succeed To chase the rolling circle's speed, Or urge the flying ball? While some on earnest business bent Their murm'ring labours ply 'Gainst graver hours, that bring constraint To sweeten liberty: Some bold adventurers disdain The limits of their little reign, And unknown regions dare descry: Still as they run they look behind, They hear a voice in ev'ry wind, And snatch a fearful joy.

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Gay hope is theirs by fancy fed, Less pleasing when possest; The tear forgot as soon as shed, The sunshine of the breast: Theirs buxom health of rosy hue, Wild wit, invention ever-new, And lively cheer of vigour born; The thoughtless day, the easy night, The spirits pure, the slumbers light, That fly th' approach of morn. Alas, regardless of their doom, The little victims play! No sense have they of ills to come, Nor care beyond to-day: Yet see how all around 'em wait The ministers of human fate, And black Misfortune's baleful train!

Ah, show them where in ambush stand To seize their prey the murth'rous band! Ah, tell them they are men! Ambition this shall tempt to rise, Then whirl the wretch from high, To bitter Scorn a sacrifice, And grinning Infamy. The stings of Falsehood those shall try, And hard Unkindness' alter'd eye, That mocks the tear it forc'd to flow; And keen Remorse with blood defil'd, And moody Madness laughing wild Amid severest woe.

Lo, in the vale of years beneath A griesly troop are seen, The painful family of Death, More hideous than their Queen: This racks the joints, this fires the veins, That ev'ry labouring sinew strains, Those in the deeper vitals rage: Lo, Poverty, to fill the band, That numbs the soul with icy hand, And slow-consuming Age. To each his suff'rings: all are men, Condemn'd alike to groan, The tender for another's pain; Th' unfeeling for his own. Yet ah! Since sorrow never comes too late, And happiness too swiftly flies.

Thought would destroy their paradise. No more; where ignorance is bliss, 'Tis folly to be wise. The most serene and comfortable-in-his-skin person I ever met was the cave-minder I met in the hills above Marbella, Spain many years ago. His job was show off the prehistoric art in those caves. His fee? Whatever we would pay. He never read Pynchon or Shulamith Firestone. He was, by all standards, an extremely ignorant man.

I asked him, so curiously He answered by holding up four fingers. I am the eldest of 9 children and I have a brother who is mentally handicapped. He works part-time, has friends similar to him, is well liked and lives a life of routine which makes him very happy. I remember once my mother commenting in a tone of wonder "It's strange but the child I've worried about the most is my happiest child" and it's true. However, I don't think many of us would choose to be in his state of permanent childhood. I totally disagree with the above comment.

Growing up is a wonderful thing, taking control or at least at some level of your life might bring responsibility but this is a good thing. The ability to direct your life within the limits of your abilities and environment is real freedom. When you live life to the full you have to take on board all the aspects of life, the good and the bad, the good feelings and the bad ones. The alternative is not worth living, in my opinion. That's just it. The more responsibilities you have accept , the less able you are able to direct your own life, because those responsibilities direct you.

Having lots of responsibilities and living up to them will give the feeling of meaningfulness, value and importance as in more worth of living, which is a judgement, meaning it controls you and wants to control others , it's not the same as bliss. I do think true bliss can't be found in absolute ignorance. Like with most things in life, the optimal position lies in the center, in a balancing between the right amount of responsibility for what's really important and ignorance to those things that do not really matter.

Ignorance comes handy to me when ignoring people who preach to me that is not in accordance to the Bible. I love to study God's word, and love science, history, and Just knowing who God really is. I'm am free and happy, and I can be blissful all I want when it comes to ignoring people that tell me something that's not right. Jesus really does sets people free because he is wisdom and knowledge himself as it is written in proverbs 8.

Then I saw that wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness. Ecclesiastes How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! Proverbs Happy is a man who finds wisdom and who acquires understanding, For the merchandise of it is better than the merchandise of silver, and the gain thereof than fine gold. Here is what you were saying. For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow. Here is how to get Wisdom. Proverbs 1 1 The proverbs of Solomon the son of David, king of Israel;.

To believe in god is nothing but ignorance to the troubling questions you cannot answer, hence the bliss feeling. I disagree. The act of believing in god itself is not ignorant. However, if you do your own research and reasoning, then come up with a conclusion based on your evidence, that is not foolish. You could be wrong about it, but that is not necessarily ignorant.

While this can not be proven by science as far as we know, there is also no other theory of life that has been proven true.

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  8. There are theories about it, such as the Big Bang theory, but if you research that you can find even it has holes in it. Point being, no theory has been proven yet. Just like the Big Bang theory, Creation has not been disproven. So creation by god could still be true. Now consider the complexity of everything in existence, including ourselves. It seems unlikely not impossible but unlikely that something as complex as us could just so happen to form perfectly from an explosion, right?

    To be wise is to see the burdens, carry them - if you'd like. But if you see them you can help, change something, make amends! About that poem.. Is it really wise to carry all the burdens you come across? Is it truly wise to feel responsibility for all the trouble in the world? How is that not ignorant to ones own capabilities, or the capabilities of others? And what is succeeding? What does it even mean? When have you succeeded and who decides that?

    ignorance is bliss

    And if you do or don't, then what? Not laziness in my case. Sorry but I disagree with this statement, but i agree with everything else. Im probably brain damaged. The only reason why i say this is because i dont want anyone to fall into the same path as i did. The person may never be aware until its too late. We all have a fair share of responsibility for the world we live in - it's not like you can un-see or un-hear what goes on in the world. But you can conform to mainstream and say "It's none of my business. So it's wise if you can help a bit but then we come to the common problem which is also mentioned in the last line "Well nobody else is doing it!

    Every little bit count and I'm not implying one should carry full responsibility alone - shared effort. Success in my opinion means to feel acomplished about someting you had done or participated in doing - so you get to decide when you feel that way. And again you can belittle anything you can acomplish and feel worthless or you can overpraise your acomplishments and be a 'jerk' - for lack of other words. Usually we're somewhere in between there - it's also our choice though.

    For me the word 'bliss' here means 'happiness' or 'general satisfaction' with oneself and his environs. Here, we may ask what is meant by ignorance. The man shown as an example as living in the hills abvoe Marbella, Spain - is he ignorant? No, he knows all about the work he does for others. So, he is not ignorant. If you are a city dweller, university educated and having a handsome job with handsome income - you know a lot of things associated with your living. But you dont know how a villager lives and experiences his life in a remote and unheard part of India.

    You are ignorant in that sense inasmuch as he is ignorant in the sense he does not know you and your experiences. The Question whether ignorance is bliss is itself incorrect. The correct way is to ask whetehr the knowledge and information you have for all sorts of purposes in your life, mostly for your day to day living, is bliss. If you are happy, it is bliss. If the village in a remote part of India with his knowledge and information is happy, it is bliss. No one is ignorant, including a small child under the care of their parents.

    It knows many things. It is aware. Though I often falsely state my views as facts, They are only one viewpoint, partial, perhaps wrong and often inaccurate. I have many early childhood memories where I was deeply bored. I guess I lacked the imagination to come up with new games, what always brought me happiness though, was seeing and learning new things and achieving new goals. Old games become boring when the child already knows who's going to win, or how to find her way easily through the maze. At older age these too obvious things are many, and the mind wont take much interest on them anymore.

    The childhood bliss isn't ignorance, it is learning. Nor does a child shut her eyes from the hungry and poor old man, often she asks her mother whether they can give him some of their own.

    I believe so, yes ^^

    This is often achieved by finding a special field of expertise, where the workplace offers constantly more education for the job. More importantly by learning about the lives of ones children. By following the happenings of the society newspaper etc. This isn't achieved by shutting away the world from the child. That way the child hasn't got enough information to decide about her way through the world, about her profession, about her views on sexuality and relationships, etc.

    I don't think she can learn too early that it hurts when there is cheating on a relationship, the knowledge of misery doesn't hurt. What hurts is when it happens to you and you didn't know to expect it. This way the brain loses its flexibility, the learning ends, and things become dogmatic and boring. Ones only hope is to find more truth to learn, for which there are many areas of expertise.

    I have always been generally care free. Even knowing that something is due, or something has to be done never really bothers or stresses me. I've always been this way. My childhood was not blissful. I had little freedom and always wished I had more. My family was poor, we had little food, I was constantly having to do chores that all my friends never did.

    I was grounded for the dumbest things and had very little love from either of my parents. Growing up you attain freedom, and knowledge. Being confined and ignorant is definitely not something I would desire to go back to. To think that time as a child is a desirable time I appreciate my life so much more, I am not drawn into something simply because it's sensational. Life is more pleasurable and I am able to think more deeply.. Ignorance is definitely NOT bliss. IMO if you really do think that being ignorant is bliss then you don't know what it means to grow as a person, and never really have much.

    Saying that ignorance is bliss doesn't mean that other things can't be. It doesn't mean that finding love isn't bliss for example. It just means that those that are ignorant are generally happier than those who aren't. You claim you're carefree and not ignorant , but why then are you so angry towards the people that have a different opinion?

    Ignorance is Bliss for a Creative Mind

    Going as far as calling them immature and claiming they haven't grown in life for not agreeing with you. Do you really believe that you're in the position of making such claims? And do you believe that it's the mature way to have a normal discussion and convince others of your opinion? And yeah why wouldn't I be in the position? If I can look back on my past ignorance and decide that THAT wasn't a better view on life tell me why I'm "not in the position to make such claims"?? Anyone who has been through a time in their life that has changed them would agree that their past ignorance was not bliss.

    That's why I say that those that think that way most likely haven't experienced much or if they have they are immature and instead of growing from it they became bitter instead. Of course you can, it's called empathy. And you should at least try. This statement is already showing that you aren't willing to do so and avoiding the responsibility. Don't forget that avoidance is just one of the many forms of ignorance. When people judge other harshly, it's because of angry, because people who aren't angry teach, or discuss.

    People who are angry are the ones that judge, or blame, because there's a need to let off a little steam. First off, this is a strange response to such a question. You're the one putting yourself in the position, so it's your responsibility to explain why you think you can. If you were on a job interview and the interviewer asked you "why do you think you're fit for this job?

    Responding like this is again avoiding the responsibility, but you need to prove yourself, others don't need to disprove you, that's how life works. It's actually a well known argumentative fallacy under the litteral name "Argument from ignorance", look it up. Because it's just your past and your conclusions, which you claim automatically apply to everyone, without any existing locical connection or proof to that claim. Even completely ignoring all other valid statements made in this thread.

    When I look at those other comments in this thread, I see good examples and explanations, but most of all, experiences taken of other people too. These commenters looked beyond their own life. You're not doing that and only using your own experience as enough to judge everyone elses. The thing is, your arguments aren't that solid at all. Bad childhoods are by definition by being thrown out of ignorance and be forced into too much responsibility at a too early age.

    Lack of love, which is important to a child was deprived, so you were made aware and responsible of that at a very young age. Most people's childhoods were good and definitely also filled with ignorance too and probably more so than yours , so the conclusion it's because of ignorance can only be a false one. Also, those other people were happy because they were careless, ignorant to the problems of the world.

    Everything was provided, love, food, shelter, protection. Most people look back on their lives reminiscing their careless youth as a blissful time. I know I do, especially in troubled days. And that doesn't automatically mean they're bitter now. Again, concluding that not being blissful is automatically bitterness is such a quick and false, far fetched conclusion, just like the one you made in your first post. Are you sure you aren't still bitter yourself? I wouldn't blame you considering your past, but you should give it some thought if that is where your anger comes from.

    Where did you get that idea from? Anyone having experience that would automatically agree with your point? Where are those people then? I'm sure it's much more likely the opposite, so can you prove this statement? So even though I'm sure you're just making it up, even if this was true, what is it supposed to prove?

    This is just an appeal to popularity fallacy even if it were true. The thing is, and with all due respect. I think you're happier these days because you've become more ignorant. Incidentially I've seen other comments of you and you're very judgemental and harsh towards other. Ignorant towards other oppinions, and not even remotely diplomatic. That's the worst thing, you aren't even aware you yourself might be proof of the statement, that is, if you're as happy as you claim you are, which I think might not be the case if only because of the fact you're on this blog. But the thing is, people see the word ignorance and immediately think "bad", so connect everything bad to it, but ignorance by itself isn't bad.

    Only when there's too much. Too much responsibility is a bad thing too. If it was so bad, why wouldn't we be teaching our childeren about sex, war, poverty, and all the miseries in life at an as early age as possible? Think about it. First empathy has nothing to do with convincing someone else of an experience..

    Maybe you misunderstood. It's like trying to convey the feeling and experience of DMT to someone who has never done it It just has to be experienced. And I will admit I become passionate about things that I believe in. And online it's easy to be critical because online I have no empathy for others. Unless like I feel for something someone said or any kind of kindness I'll start feeling real bad about being rude. But until then I say whatever.

    And what other ways can someone be affected? You say that there's not just bitterness or growth? What else? People either learn and grow and become a better person, or they are bitter about it. Well I was judging from my point of view the whole time, obviously I know that others are in different situations but that doesn't mean my opinion isn't valid.

    Well I know plenty of people that have said that some of the hardest times of their lives have been the time of their life when they grew and changed the most for the better. I've heard people who have had cancer and beat it and said that they became much happier through it all. And there was even an article about it I don't really care what you think because obviously one can't prove anything over the internet.

    You act like you're being respectful but you're not really. I'm just more honest about my thoughts and I don't try to sugar coat anything. If I think you're an idiot I'm gonna say you're an idiot. But I don't think you're an idiot. I think you care about others. Cuz if you didn't I don't think you would have cared enough to respond But i don't agree with most of everything you said. From the first lines in your response I was getting my hopes up you were getting it, trying a decent conversation, even though you disagreed, which isn't what I care about at all, that could only have made it interesting.

    If saying that to yourself protects your bloated or, more likely, damaged ego from the chance it might be as big as it thinks, by all means, believe it. That's ignorance in a nutshell. But to explain my point like I can with all my points : ever heard of people saying "I stopped giving a shit".. Yet, there you go again judging immediately, saying what you think because that supposed to be better.

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    It might feel better to you for a second, because you're getting rid of your anger, but being that extremely offensive and condescending, before even asking the why behind it, is not a sign of maturity. It's just a sign of puberty. There's a lot of growing left to do for you. So, good luck with the magic mushrooms and your meditation. I'm sure you've can still learn a lot from those experiences. And perhaps, maybe, one day you'll stop blaming the world because your mother didn't hug you enough.

    I wasn't trying to act respectful, why would I have any respect for someone who is condescending and ignorant. I'm just don't see the need to call other people names like it's a youtube comment section, because I for one, know that certainly won't get a point across. At the outset the article is well crafted with a psychological edge.

    To me, the complexity of human life varies with each and every individual's perception on life. Of course, in the childhood, ignorance is bliss..! As I mentioned earlier, it all depends that how your life revolves with expectations and emotions. I am firm believer that ignorance is bliss. I am 17 year old with anxiety problems that take control of my life, and I worry about every detail around my health.

    A lot of my friends are not worried about these simple things they are also not as smart but they enjoy life much more than me because I am so worried that happiness is put to the side. In my situation I do believe that ignorance is bliss. Just because you worry about things doesn't make you smart, likewise it does not make you ignorant if you do not worry. Your friends are probably also aware of the numerous dangers we face they just don't care for them much. You on the other hand seem obsessed with any possible illness that can come your way which has nothing to do with not being ignorant.

    So you are going to what? Spend your whole life worried about the statistics and possible diseases that can affect you while your life slips away? You know enough to know the threat but not enough to know how to live with it. Being stuck somewhere in between knowing and not knowing most assuredly is not bliss but the difference is that if you'd know you would have thought less of not knowing and still be "blissful".

    We could start ignoring hunger too. You can ignore rationality too. These absolute sayings usually have their opposites. These sayings are usefull to set off your intuition pumps. They are just tools. Perphaps you could see it as a core of a matter which is the smallest a summerization of a bigger story or a moral. The core of an atom is to be compared with an fly in a cathederal. What would have happened to spiderman if he ignored his spidey senses?

    There is no Yes or No Answer and the answer is subjective. The answer is complex and intricate and it varies from person to person. Ignorance can be bliss or it can not. Incase you haven't realized, I am of ignorant. Nice answers and stories I really enjoyed this question. It made me reminisce. The cool thing about observing the ignorant is that you can see what one can really come up with by themselves. When kids are in like K-2 grade they don't really get if one kid is wearing designer attire and one is wearing used clothes.

    To watch kids play together and enjoy each other regardless of socioeconomic status.

    Is Ignorance Bliss? | Psychology Today

    This is the bliss of ignorance. Ignorance or knowledge - neither determine bliss. Being authentic and true to your internal beliefs through positive and altruistic actions is what makes a happy life. Ignorance is not a bliss. Ignorance is so dangerous that create blindness to people. Ok you can tell me "but ignorant people are happy". Maybe, maybe ignorant people don't recognize some threats, don't get involve in politics, don't know the rights as citizens, etc. All boring subjects and annoying but is it really helpful for us to avoid that? Is it really an advantage not know all the tools available in this world?

    Of course not. Ignorance is dangerous. You can be blind and happy, but you can have eyes and be happy as well. You dont need ignorance to be happy! Ignorance have nothing related to humbleness, low expectations, gratefulness, etc. Ignorance is lack of knowledge, and that can condition all decisions in your life just because the narrow perspective from life and the world.

    A thing called perception determines our lives. Every one of us has skewed perceptions. Simply by acknowledging, being aware of this helps in expanding consciousness and awareness in a positive way which helps in understanding, empathy, knowledge which may give a heightened respect and love knowing we all struggle in this world no matter who you are.

    Bliss is transient like any feeling whether good or bad. Life is indifferent to bliss or angst.