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They were led by the Immortal Lo Pei who used his magic to strip Shendu of his powers which were encased in twelve separate talismans and sent across the world. This process also resulted in Shendu being trapped in the form of a statue and was essentially powerless. He vowed vengeance against the world but was unable to act for years. At some point during his rule, he acquired one of the demonic Oni masks which gave him an army of Shadowkhan warriors. By the modern age, the dragon statue was discovered by Valmont and the Dark Hand , in exchange for their aid, the demon sorcerer stated that he would reward them with riches and power.

He would task these 'minions' into recovering the talismans from Jackie Chan who served as Shendu's nemesis over the years. Shendu returned as a soul and was revealed to be the Fire Demon , one of eight Demon Sorcerers - he had originally been banished with the rest of his brethren by the eight immortals to the Demon Netherworld , but had somehow resurfaced in China before Lo Pei turned him to stone this detail is never touched upon in the series. He ended up trapped in Valmont's body by mistake, but was eventually banished back into the Demon Nether World.

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He escaped and possessed Jackie Chan to rewrite the Book of Ages. He made the Dark Hand and the Chan family into his slaves, but Jade escaped the time alteration and assembled the J-Team against him, fighting again. Shendu was resurrected at the hands of Daolon Wong but double-crossed him, taking both the Pig and Rooster powers that Wong had acquired previously. Shendu managed to reclaim all his powers, but unknown to him Uncle Chan discovered the ancient spell that turned Shendu into a statue.

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Uncle Chan suspected that Daolon Wong had knowledge of the ancient spell. In the end Uncle Chan, Tohru and Section 13 used the spell to turn Shendu back into his statue form and at the same time recreated the Talismans. FYI It is currently on Netflix for anyone interested in it. I was fairly excited for this comic series. I have every issue thusfar. I am however not very happy with the portrayal of Jack Burton. He wasn't as stupid as he was a smartass in the film. In the comic series they make him out to be more of a clueless dolt.

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He is kinda dumb but still intelligent enough to get what's going on around him. That kinda irked me. Big Trouble was a great movie, and my heart sunk when they started talking about remaking it lol. I'm of the same mind on comic adaptations too, I'll avoid both of them. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

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Original Movie Poster. John Carpenter and Kurt Russell teamed up for several classic films in the s. Big Trouble In Little China was a box office failure upon release, blamed on studio interference. Years of success on home video and television have turned it into a cult classic, garnering the recognition it deserved in the first place.

It is the type of comedic adventure flick that Hollywood so often fails to make today, done in a tongue-in-cheek style. The zany martial arts action and special effects make for a memorable combination. While Jack Burton is a blowhard, his admirable traits of loyalty and selfless heroism for his friend, Wang Chi Dennis Dun , help to win over the audience.

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Lo Pan is played with abandon by David Hong, making the near-immortal wizard one of the best villains from the decade. Big Trouble In Little China is an adventure film with a heavy nod to classic kung fu movies of the s, using many notable actors from that genre such as Carter Wong. Many videogame fans of the Mortal Kombat series will see the original inspiration for Lord Raiden and his mastery of lightning.

Like other cult classics, this movie had a huge impact on pop culture.

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The effects look dated and the entire production design relies too much on using Chinese ethnic stereotypes. Everything the movie does works well, from its memorable characters to the effects-filled finale. It is one of the best movies made during the s. Arrow Video has almost certainly used the same film source and transfer used by Fox for their Region A Blu-ray. It was never going to look pristine on Blu-ray; the movie was shot with many optical effects, effectively limiting its ultimate resolution and clarity.