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The key original approach to the subject matter lies in a shift away from the descriptive to the econometric analysis of commodity markets.

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Information on market trends of commodities is presented in the first part, with a strong emphasis on the quantitative treatment of that information in the remaining two parts of the book. Readers are provided with a clear and succinct exposition of up-to-date financial economic and econometric methods as these apply to commodity markets.

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In addition a number of useful empirical applications are introduced and discussed. This book is a self-contained offering, discussing all key methods and insights without descending into superfluous technicalities. All explanations are structured in an accessible manner, permitting any reader with a basic understanding of mathematics and finance to work their way through all parts of the book without having to resort to external sources.

Thankfully, this book avoids that mistake and offers a very broad but rigorous analysis for investors interested in accessing the different commodity markets. This book represents an important contribution to the literature on commodity markets.

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One of the innovations in this work is the use of advanced econometric techniques to shed light on linkages between different commodity markets and their dependence on macro-economic variables. Thus, the book complements recent research on the role that commodity inventories play in driving commodity prices.

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  7. This book will prove valuable reading to students of commodity markets as well as analysts that forecast commodity markets or construct portfolios involving commodities.? The Economics of Commodity Markets written by Julien Chevallier and Florian Ielpo is an exceptionally valuable and up-to-date reference for investment professionals and researchers interested in commodity markets.

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    The book reviews how econometric and economic techniques are applied to descriptive analysis of different commodity markets and study of interactions between, and co-movements across, different asset classes including commodities and traditional investment vehicles, such as stocks and bonds. Any trader or investment manager will find Part II of the book, covering the impacts of business cycles and macro-economic events on commodity prices, very useful in formulating and testing different portfolio strategies.

    The book fills a gap in the literature and should be mandatory reading for anybody interested in these dynamic and rapidly evolving markets.? Vincent Kaminski, Rice University, Houston. They alert us when OverDrive services are not working as expected.

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