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(You Drive Me) Crazy

The answer is "rarely". If anything, we have mostly seen those occurrences in dramas. Why bother making another drama where a man and a woman cross paths coincidentally and suddenly fall in love? Therefore, this drama plans to show the viewers something more relatable - love that blooms in our everyday lives.

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This drama shows how a familiar relationship turns into a fluttering relationship, how a friendship suddenly turns into love, and how a once dull life suddenly becomes blinding due to love. This drama is about a man and a woman who have nothing more to share thanks to their completely different personalities.

However, they have no idea whom they are in love with. Gradually, they rediscover themselves and reach out for love one step at a time. It's hard to say whether or not the milkshakes ever got delivered everyone pretty much just dances throughout the rest of the video , but the image is sure to have you craving something sweet.

Before he was Vince on Entourage , Grenier starred in the teen comedy, Drive Me Crazy, and the Spears hit was featured on the movie's soundtrack.

(You Drive Me) Crazy

Hart also starred in Drive Me Crazy and appeared in the video carrying one of the aforementioned milkshakes of deliciousness, while also taking a break to dance with the video's DJ. That's choreographer Wade Robson busting a move in the white tracksuit. Grenier poured green and red liquids into a blender while Hart stood by, awestruck. Sadly, we never got to see the end product.

A mere few seconds go by, and the song is back on, with everyone continuing to party as if that super random moment didn't even happen. U drive me crazy Stop doing all these things to me U drive me crazy 'Cause all I want is to be free. I'm feelin' weak I cannot sleep My head is burning I feel cold down to my feet I wanna yell Somebody help Is there a guilt for what I've got?

[I'm crazy, for you! ]미치겠다, 너땜에!ep.01,02 Seon-ho Yoo-young, The whole story of the case! 20180507

Somebody tell me. I need your lovin' face I need your sweet embrace 'Cause you are my only medicine. You're on my mind I'm so uptight I feel sensation in my head Down to my spine Goin' insane Can't stand the pain Is my condition permanent? Messin' with my mind, baby U drive me crazy Why are you tellin' all these lies?

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