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Loyalty needs to build, most important factor. What can you do differently next time? Same questions in a business scenario? You wanna have skilled ones, with scars, not the ones with bad former business partnership? Things you can control appearance etc. Prepare door tomorrow for today John wooden TED. Form a new habit during tooth brushing.

One can over- or underplan. People want to save money when they got none! Let fear drive you to the top, not paralyses you. When you got smt hard to do, jump right into it, fast. Half of it will be done before you notice. What is a bad procrastination you have? Focus on one thing to change it. Book: Theory of Everything. Theory that time would reverse, future happens before past. But theory is wrong, says Hawking.

Things get more disorderedly over time. We humans are moving through time. We are wasting time. We make life short like that, our false assumption: that we got enough time. Question now: what do you invest in? We waste time helping another ppl employment getting rich. Goal: injection of your resources, time etc. Take time for YOUR life! Every day it gets harder to be lean. Inject energy into yourself! Remember the future prepare! You can consult with them daily.

Choose the family you want to be adopted in. Your enemy is expectancy, commit to invest in your brain. Learn from the great ppl. The penalty not doing this is making life shorter, painful than it needs to be. Who should you embrace books, subjects to learn? What do you do to slow down entropy? Drucker: Removing ignorance, disabling ignorance. Rumsfeld: Known knowns there are.

Unknown unknowns disabling ignorance, tai: invention of rules. Which things disable you, are holding you back smt you know. Nevertheless, you can learn from him. It gets full. You need funded convictions. Plant a rule into your head e. He reaps health long-term. Is it really true? Diet cults: are plants also killed? The freshly mown smell, is it blood of plants?

Being better arguing the opposite, before you should be convicted. Have I ever challenged what I believe, switched side? But men who manage money, manage ALL! Manage money for earning more than the one who manages people. First, learn to manage people. Reciprocal, mutual management is meant. Control people in a positive outcome. People who quitted job, delegated their job to other ones. From Shalini he learnt, outsourcing project India. If you do nonetheless, things will be in shambles after having delegated.

Before going to a doctor: get to know the basics. Never has anyone your best interests at heart! But you.


Sam Walton: over the shoulder management. If you do that with people, no-one wants to work with you. Trust, but verify. Every above-average person wants to rise more. Take some minutes to know basics about things medical, plumber etc. Basics of life: not too much, to not lose focus on your strengths. What are you delegating without enough knowledge? Hold people more accountable, they perform better then. Every -……? Humanity gets more insight with every insight.

Most people chase mirages unreal place. We need to know stuff. Try living a live with less convictions and more investigations. Accept some in certainty. Move toward a certain slot machine probability. You can do all the right things in life. How do we know what to know about things? People chase the 1 in 20 mirages. Why would you do that? Desert is full of bones looking for mirages. Most people keep deep in the cave. You need to come out the cave. Sometimes you going to do the right things in life but not successful. People love get-rich-fast-seems.

If you can stick to the plan, go the most likely plan, yours will be the earth. The scary thing about life: money can be lost but regained Trump. Time is what gets lost! Acquisition of knowledge is not as precious as application of it. When to preserve, when quit? Always separate pigs from the innocently ignorant. There are things you cannot conquer. The fine line between impatience and too patient. Got to be wise: pick one tool.

We all have been pigs in ou lives. Pigs eventually get around it. Meet the ready, willingly people. Control the rewards of the ppl you wanna influence feed pigs in the trailer. Change the reward structure. Some pigs are moveable, some not. Let it happen! What do you need to do gain wisdom to know the difference? YouTube: watching music: multiple senses are used. Your dressed like someone you saw in the media.

Ppl forget story of B. Geniuses: their best works took ten years. Time line you expect, you need how to learn to live. We need to learn to live. We need learn it from parents. Some conquer fear, some die from it. Jordan needed much time to be committed to basketball player. We grow up with the lottery-ticket-mentality. A fence you build fast, gets torn down fast. The key to successful investments is low expectations. Baby vs. You might be on the right track. Most investing ROI is ca. Unrestricted growth: we call it cancer! Limit the news you watch, read autobiography of the people.

Reason: full story! Good news: time frame short able. Example of unrealistic time for health, dating, wealth, training your mind.? What is more realistic time frame for each of these? We tend to be democratic: we ask 10 ppl about a question. Every answer is valued equally. Focus on a low percentage of books. Time, energy is limited!

Seek for the gold nuggets! Do you listen to a doctor or your buddy?

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Start being pickier. B pickier who you allow into your space at al. Cut friends out. Rank 1 to love, health, wealth and happiness. What about average books, relationships, business, partnerships, mentor, videos you watch? Bad sources of info, relationships. Which 4 pp do you need to add in? Application is more important than acquiring it! Use cognitive biases. But not against you. Every person has their best interest at heart. You need to have own interest at heart. YouTube-ads we skip, but unconsciously we see them. Lollapalooza effect. Never go to auction. Authority bias.

They create scarcity. Reward bias. It creates pain if you lose. You cannot delete competition. Know that when exposed to smt, you need to be strong. Avoid auction media. Strengthen mind. Use it to convince others, to use it for your advantage. You need to realize how competitive life is. Put ppl to the test. Real cause of war: competition, raw materials were cause rubber, lumber, iron. The worlds not evil, every party has its own agenda. Also, mother-child.

Its competition, we want other ppl to be suckers! It makes the world move forward. Ppl work harder when they work for their own interests. How to make 1 million with a restaurant? Start with 3 million! Be angry at the right person, time for right reason. Also, applies for your body. Know about winning friends. Why restaurants fail? Hard times winning, when you got no advantage over the other 7 billion ppl on earth. Operate on your advantages. Capital: how get cash when you got none? Make more money out of some money!

Bonds, debt, licensing, funding…. Stoic vs. Start looking at things, isolate successful patterns! Calculate advantage against competitors. Buffet: no interest in Internet. So: niche found, if you gone compete against him. Labor: how skilled are you? Capital: access to cash? What do you need to work on? You wanna construct wall against this type of ppl, all relationships. Limit the amount of choices: e.

Save time, efficiency. How we do that? Who do you become an ally with? Competition against viruses, hurricanes. You do well if you CAN chose your competitor. Business: who you wanna be around competition-wise? Charlie Munger: kid asked: what shall I do in life? Munger: he had co-student in college. He knew all better regarding Astor engineering. What you really wanna do, you wanna compete against idiots! Fortunately, idiots are in large supply! Match the big industry first. Within the industry:. Competition gets into market, products get cheaper. Look at your comparative advantage: Mexican farmer: oranges grow well, cause its sunny.

Canada can sell Mexico apples, they can sell them oranges. Ppl you wanna be around: got to be idiots! Build a moat???? Around it. Get rid of low-self-esteem-ppl. There is ppl who accurately see who there are. If Angelina Jolie thought, she was more important than she was. These ppl you wanna avoid. Most violent ppl is those with too much self-esteem distorted. In business you wanna be around accurate ppl. When you have a distorted sense of self, you are unstable. Look for like-minded ppl, you can count on! Old friends are better than new ones. Example of socially, romantically allied yourself with unstable ppl?

What you want to do now? How can you adjust your career so your competition quote on quo against idiots? What are your advantages? What new allies you need to go out and make? What do you need to do different to build long-term allies? Crocodiles are in your moat. You wanna throw the idiots there. It keeps you competitive. And you need stable allies. Peter Thiel: book 1 to 0. Most ppl is paralyzed by variety of possibilities. It just seems so big, supposed options. Are most remembered for 1 thing: Einstein, Shakespeare etc. Those can get engaged with you.

Most innovation comes from people a niche. Think globally, act locally. Most businesses do good in the morning, cause of early adopters who buy, there biased. Example: allies did D-Day together to attack a little front. Have as many advantages as possible, so others will overlook flaws. Father figures good ones act as mentors. Most ppl — when it comes to hardships in life — shy away. Who you gone stop pleasing you have been pleasing in the past? Challenge, trauma. We learn, grow faster by hearing from the best of history.

Default mode: basically negative, always pessimistic. Both ways are true. He had all thriving hotels, it was hard, he had to declare bankruptcy. Some loyal collaborators stayed in his single hotel. He was persuasive. Practical pessimism gets you to the goal. Do it with pessimism not negativity: prepare for the worst, so you can avoid bad things. Have motivating fear. Use the negative to be inventive Konrad got persuasive after not having money to pay for the milk. She figured out a way to communicate with the world.

She used touch. Contemplating downside, prepare for rainy days, cultivate skill, read more books. Act before life hits you between eyes. Simulate those time through practical pessimism. Find your own balance. Have you been too optimistic or pessimistic? What you do gone do differently? Outcomes you gone head off before they hit you? Amish: 4 pillars: love, health, wealth, happiness. Grandpa Lopez: tai answered what fire is important part of life.

He knew, tai wondered. When coming out of 67 steps, you need to be a person who knows stuff. Curiosity helped great ppl to do great things. You can always make things happen! In order to get ahead financially you need to be an outstanding person impressive.

So, you must know things therefore! Impressive ppl is perceived as such and get the benefits from it! Likeminded ppl attracts each other! Humans can ask, you need to know stuff. What would make YOU an impressive person? The higher you get in the ladder, the harder it is to impress ppl. Increase curiosity quotient! Keep in these your whole life. Take your shot right now, age is unimportant.

Branson was dyslexic, he learnt reading in order to get successful. Be competent with technology around you! Keep the curiosity on everything! About physical things: get more curious! Watch your body more! Know things about money! Know stuff! What you going to change? What are you going to focus on first? Biology, money etc. Cognitive biases of brain 25 main biases. One day later: She came up just with the donuts.

Lesson: You can get anything in Life. But not everything at once. One of the top skills you need to do: Priorities your life. What things makes your life great? Game of life: you can choose to punch someone, after he bumped you. Perhaps he gets mad or crowd gets mad, so many possibilities. Prisonization it is. Einstein: Make things simple.

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Start with the hard stuff really early in the morning. We often miss-priorities, because we tend to go the easiest way first. Knock stuff out as soon as possible. Do a list: Daily to-do-list. Ask yourself. No physical law that you need to read a book from A to Z. Search the gold nugget per day book.

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Juggle few balls, stay focused. Take the life by the horns. Start with 4 goals, love, happiness, wealth, health. Write down all 4. How alter day to do hard things first? Of all ways to get happy, interacting with ppl is the one to succeed. If more, you run into trouble. He wanted to change working place.

Be careful of weird persons, dangerous. Humans judge others always. Cabbage-minded-ppl: they just got an opinion because their mom was too e. Some are so much ahead of the others though. You need to allow some differences. Which person is critical in your life? Who do you deal with insecure ppl? Who is in life most secure and you can phase them out in 18 months? Focus on first things first.

Reason we have hard times in life: it all begins in our minds. Are you distracted think about music, clothes etc. Or do you focus on crucial stuff, your dreams, your future, self-improvement? Which proportion of time do you spend sloshing, thinking about important stuff? Priorities, prepare! Most ppl is penny-wise. They know about the little things, are dollar-foolish. Use your brain power to think about useful stuff, about your big costs per month.

Start with big things, not with pencils in your office. Miss weighting. Go deep, not as wide, when investing.

Secret of life: Not putting all eggs in 1 basket and watch it. Worry about your current life, not about losing job security. Ppl are all worried about the wrong things. Overweight is more probable to kill you than any disease. Priorities your life. Sit down in a dark room and write stuff down.

Example where your grocery mis weighted things? Where have you under-invested in? What specific one area is you going to spend 10 min per day on for improvement? Most ppl is fearing the next date their rent, car etc. Die Duschen sind nur durch einen Glaswand abgetrennt und befinden sich im Raum. Auszeit und Wellness Appartement. In wenigen Gehminuten ca. Von dort aus ist der Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof in ca. Minuten zu erreichen. Bushaltestellen sind in ca. Sonniges Loft mit guter Verkehrsanbindung. Die zweite Ebene bildet den Schlafbereich mit viel Stauraum. Welcome to the home Celebrate with us Festive or Rustic Relax and you spend with your family or friends a nice lunch or a nice evening.

Spoil and surprise but once your guests with our Indian and Afghan cuisine! Of course we make and cook for you according to your Wishes and ideas. Talk to us to make simple, we like you a suitable offer. We also offer catering and party service. Tell us how sharp your dish should be, because in our house there is also a beautiful Indian-Afghan restaurant. By default, many courts cooked slightly hot.

We wish you good appetite! Experience Little India in Stuttgart.

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Our rooms are all equipped with TV satellite reception. WC's are located on floors. There are showers in the rooms and on floors. We hope you enjoy exploring from Stuttgart. Pension Linde double room. You stay in simple, friendly furnished double rooms and clean shared showers and toilets. Double room simple standard. Das Haus ist nicht behindertengerecht, es gibt keinen Aufzug. Eine gute Mischung von Industrie, Natur und Leben.

You stay in simple, friendly furnished four bed room and clean shared showers and toilets. Four bed room simple standard. Ferienwohnung Stuttgart Uhlbach. Das Haus ist sehr gepflegt. Bad mit Dusche und Waschmaschine. Bedarfs und Bahn sind in 5 min. Objektbeschreibung: Die Wohnung wurde renoviert. Das Haus selbst ist sehr gepflegt. Im Bad existiert eine Dusche und eine Bauknecht-Waschmaschine. Der Mietpreis versteht sich als Warmmiete.

Ein schnurloses Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter ist vorhanden. In den letzten Jahren ist im Zentrum viel saniert worden. There is a nice football field nearby.

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If you are interested to play football on a Sunday, you know where to go. You will easily be able to find it from the lobby in the apartment. Abgeschlossene Wohnung,50 qm ,privates Bad, Balkon. Sehr helle, ruhig und doch zentral gelegene Dachgeschosswohnung mit separatem Schlafzimmer. Das Bad mit Dusche ist hell und hat 2 Fenster. WLAN mit 50mbit ist in der ganzen Wohnung kostenlos nutzbar. Den unteren Teil des Gartens kannst Du zum entspannen nutzen. Villa Kunterbunt.

Die Wohnung ist im 2. Hello people! Also very close to U and S bahn. I'll leave stuffs for kitchen and bathroom too. The room is very comfortable and the Hidden by Airbnb are very kind people. Top floor under the roof of a year old typical old style German house with. We also love to offer families an affordable stay at a very convenient location, short communte to the city, with very close public transportation. Show all.

Popular homes. Die Wohnung ca. You can find the Information to our Apartment in Englisch down below. Das Bad mit zwei Waschbecken bietet den perfekten Platz zum fertig richten mehrer Leute. The 2 Bedrooms are fitted with two double beds in each room we even offer a folding guestbed.

The Bathroom with two sinks is perfect for more than one person to get ready. In the Kitchen which has an electronic stove, an oven, a microwave, a toaster, a coffee machine, a kettle and a dishwasher invites you to cook in it. In our Livingroom you can enjoy movie nights on our smart TV 40in. Every Thursday there is a market where you can buy fresh vegetables and fruits. You can even easily reach other supermarkets. Zentral in St. Wir haben Tiere gern und bei uns sind auch Hunde willkommen. Hier bist Du abgeschottet von Fremdenergien, die ablenken. Begegne Dir selbst und finde Deine Wahrheit.

Die Duschen sind nur durch einen Glaswand abgetrennt und befinden sich im Raum. Auszeit und Wellness Appartement. In wenigen Gehminuten ca. Von dort aus ist der Stuttgarter Hauptbahnhof in ca. Minuten zu erreichen. Bushaltestellen sind in ca. You stay in simple, friendly furnished triple rooms and clean shared showers and toilets.