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It was an extraordinary experience. It was to have a lasting impact. Shell shock from the incident took Frank first to hospital and then away from the front line for the rest of the war. But it also confirmed him in his faith. But he always preached as a lay minister about his experiences in the war. Read more.

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The Gallipoli campaign that began in April is often remembered as a sideshow to the fighting in France and Belgium. Cricket-loving Ronald Marchant was the youngest of four brothers from the village of Weald in Kent to sign up at the start of World War One. Bible Society. Poetry and poets. Conscientious objectors. Find out more.

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This is the 25th reported life saved to date. The plastic wrapper atop of a pop tart toaster strudel icing package had fallen on the floor and picked up by little Amarianna. The piece of plastic caused a total blockage of her airway. She was gurgling, not able to make a sound, no air moving. The child was immediately turned over and 5 back blows were performed.

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This is the 24th reported life saved to date. Food got lodged in his throat, and he could not breathe whatsoever! It was then that I remembered the LifeVac that I kept not more than 10 feet from my bed. My husband took our son, and patted his back firmly, while I ran to get the LifeVac. BLS was carried out by carers which failed. The resident started to become unconscious.

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LifeVac was used and dislodged the food from her airway saving her life. This is LifeVacs 19th life saved in the care sector and many more around the world.

We have received word from our UK office that another life has been saved in a care home. The resident suffered no harm or injury from the incident and staff and the family is very grateful that the LifeVac was available to save another life. BLS was performed on the male to dislodge the full airway obstruction which failed. EKAB Emergency Services were then called to the scene as the gentleman started to become unconscious. The gentleman started to breathe again but felt uncomfortable and was wheezing.