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The protestors took to the streets to demonstrate against not only the abuse of power in the government and lack of investigations of this abuse PEC 37 , but also against differentiated rights of citizenship. The protestors felt they were being denied basic rights of citizenship, including access to transportation, health care, education, welfare benefits, and employment.

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The disconnect and rupture between protests and elections points to the ambiguities of citizenship and crisis, as Leila Lehnen introduces in her book, Citizenship and Crisis in Contemporary Brazilian Literature. In this book, Lehnen presents readers with nine literary texts published from to consider the socioeconomic and political influence on Brazilian literature post military dictatorship in order to understand how these texts develop a new definition of citizenship.

Transmodernity Fall right to the cultural expression of identity. She argues that citizenship and crisis have become prevalent themes in Brazilian literature, appearing as cultural expressions of socioeconomic, civil, and cultural rights, offering a new historicism that recovers the marginality of cities and metropolitan centers. Considering the literal and figurative peripheries that these nine texts emerge from and react to, Lehnen gives voice to writers and moments in literature that are typically subsumed by those who are in power. Comprised of four content chapters, an introduction, and an epilogue, Lehnen moves through moments of differentiated and insurgent citizenship as windows into crises that portrayed in Brazilian literature.

Indeed, in her analysis, Lehnen introduces characters that move beyond dichotomous narratives of social ascension and descent as citizens, inhabiting instead spaces beyond citizenship, beyond rural and urban, in order to unveil the fissures of contemporary Brazilian social citizenship as produced by the nation- state, capitalism, and neoliberalism.

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Isin and Greg M. Lehnen argues that the study of the inclusion of this novel in Brazilian literature gives readers a new way of interpreting the city, citizenship, and agency. More specifically, she notes dissociations between consumed postcard images of Brazil and the hidden reality of differentiated citizenship in the peripheries of Brazilian cities. Moreover, her analysis of Guia afetivo da periferiai s timely, providing readers with a juxtaposition of contemporary moments of crisis gleaned from media portrayals of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Brazilian nationality law

In a country where voting is mandatory, voters ask themselves: what achievements has President Rousseff accomplished to spread uneven citizenship rights to more Brazilians; will she help to grow the economy; and, finally, do they have the courage to opt for change with another candidate? Moreover, the questions of citizenship that the authors of the texts and Lehnen raises urge readers to consider the interaction between literature, politics, economics, and the rights of citizens.

Often times, readers dismiss the stance that situates authors squarely in the realm of politics. Related Papers.

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