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Samuel and Cody square off. His tainted blood mixes with the soil to create something more evil, more grotesque, and more terrifying than Samuel ever was; something invincible; something with the power to make the dead walk. At the time David was struggling to make ends meet. But with the support and goading of his friends, he was determined to make this film. The screenplay was written by Rick Steiner. We through together a couple ideas I had been working on, and came up with a plan.

The Screenplay for Devil's Moon is a mashup of 2 other ideas I had been trying to develop with some other shit mixed in for fun.

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This was the most flushed out idea that I had. I really liked the idea of having a working class loser being stuck helping his elitist boss who just fired him. All while running from a deranged serial killer.

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The problem with this idea, is it is kinda boring So it had to be beefed up. In comes my 2nd idea. Admittedly, this needed work. It also needed a bigger body count. Where to find more people to kill off in the woods? That was the next question I suggested adding a couple rednecks Now lets jump back here for a minute.

All this script planning was hashed out over beer between Rick, Jeff, Regina and I. Most of the casting took place right there. That left the casting of the other redneck and the male lead. But wait We needed a death at the beginning We needed to establish the killer, and show some blood and flesh at the beginning of the film. So we added Allison's sister as the first Kill. This brought me to a dilemma. I had 4 parts to fill. The Male lead, A redneck, Allison's sister, and a goth girl. I also didn't have any minorities cast in the film.

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This was a bit of an issue for me. I didn't want an all white cast, but what part left could be played by a minority? The male lead? The problem with that is it would drastically change the tone of the film.

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The relationship between Allison and Cody was supposed to show elitism. If Cody had been a minority, it would have changed it to racism. Allison's sister? Sure she could have been an adopted daughter, but would Allison have been such an elitist if she grew up in a multicultural house?

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It just didn't seem like it would work to me. The redneck? To be honest, I wanted the rednecks to be stereotypical comic relief Then it hit me. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details About the Author. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches.

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Border Lass. A woman locked in her past and the fierce knight determined to set her free Amanda Scott returns readers to the fourteenth century Scottish Borders, when men battled sword against sword and the hills echoed with the thunder of a thousand View Product. Border Moonlight. Lady Sibylla Cavers is ripe for marriage, yet she's rejected the first three suitors her Lady Sibylla Cavers is ripe for marriage, yet she's rejected the first three suitors her father brought.

When one of these suitors, the dashing Lord Simon Murray, rescues both Lady Sibylla and the small child she was trying to pull Border Wedding. Captured in in the act of stealing back his own cattle, young Sir William Captured in in the act of stealing back his own cattle, young Sir William Scott faces hanging, then gets one other choice--to marry immediately his captor's eldest daughter, the lady Margaret Murray, known by all as Muckle-Mouth Meggie.