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Each generation sets its own fashion trends, introduces its own slangs, influences the development of science and technology and comes up with fresh ideas and so on. Generation gap has led to several changes in the society especially in India where the joint family system was prevalent since ages.

Generation gap

The concept of nuclear families has been introduced in India off late and this is also a result of the generation gap. People these days crave for privacy and want to lead their life their own way and the joint family system is a hindrance to it. Many people are thus going for nuclear families. Similarly, many changes happening at various levels in the society are a result of the generation gap. There is a need for developing understanding and acceptance in order to bridge this gap.

The fields of science and technology are constantly evolving and so is the way of living of the people, their beliefs, notions and their overall behaviour. Thus, people belonging to different generations behave differently and have their own set of ideologies which is referred to as generation gap. The people belonging to different generations have been given different names for instance those born before independence have been termed as the Traditionalists, the generation after that is called the Baby Boomers, those born between and are called Generation X and those born between and are known as the Generation Y.

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There are a few things that clearly show the gap between these generations. Here is a look at the same:. People belonging to the older generations lived in a joint family system and believed in sharing and caring. However, this concept has deteriorated over the generations. The current generation wants freedom and there is hardly anyone who follows the traditional way of living in the joint families.

generation gap

The overall lifestyle of people has changed drastically. The Hindi spoken by people belonging to the pre-independence era is quite different from that being spoken today and the change did not occur all of a sudden it occurred over a period of time — generation after generation. Each generation adopts a new group of slangs thereby creating some division from the earlier one.

Communication between people belonging to different generations at home as well as workplace sometimes becomes quite difficult due to this change in language. While people belonging to the earlier generations were good at taking directions and were loyal to a single employer, people these days get bored quite quickly and seek new jobs within a few years or at times even months of getting a job. The Gen Y people are innovative and want to share and implement their own unique ideas rather than blindly taking directions from their boss.

Women belonging to the older generations were mostly confined to home. They were only seen as someone who should take care of the house, going out and working was the thing of the men of the house. Today, women are allowed to enter any field of their choice and work just as men. People belonging to one generation are very different from the other which is natural.

Generation gap is basically the gap between different generations. It has been observed that people from different generations behave differently in any given situation. Based on their point of view, beliefs, ideas, and over all behaviour generations have been classified into different categories.

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Here is a look at this classification in detail:. These people belong to the group that was born before and are now above 70 years of age. These are said to be the ones who take orders well and get satisfaction when a job is accomplished efficiently. They love sharing their experiences with the younger generations and like to be around people who appreciate their knowledge and experience.

They are known to be loyal to a single employer. Most of them spend their entire life working for the same organization and look forward to the same loyalty in return. These people were born between and People from this generation are hard working but mostly not open to feedbacks. They want monetary rewards as well as promotions. Since most of them did not grow up in luxury, they make sure their children have everything they want. They also have an urge to feel appreciated. They want their employers and children to tell them that they are valued and needed.

A lack of the same creates dissatisfaction among them. Use 'generation gap' in a Sentence You should try to fit your product right in the middle of the generation gap so that both sides will be able to use it.

Why Are Generations So Different?

The generation gap was really funny because the people assumed their roles with great satisfaction and pure ego driven energy. So much gets misunderstood, and many people get offended at this workplace; simply because of the ever growing generation gap. Show More Examples. You Also Might Like James Stamford. Do you think generation gaps allow the older generations to have more "authority" in their relationships with younger people?

What are some topics that people of different generations disagree on? Is it possible for people of different generations to agree on things as well?

Why Is This Generation Gap Different? - RainmakerThinking

They say that each generation is about 10 years. Is it possible to "categorize" or "label"every generation such as Generation X, the Baby Boomers, etc? Should teachers be aware of the generation gap between them and their students?

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What can be done about it? Can that gap be narrowed being adaptable, or should students adapt to their teachers? Do you feel you have more of a generation gap with your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather? Why do you think this is the case? What role does technology change play in creating a generation gap?

Could people's leisure habits be labelled under "radio, television, computer" generations? Which changes in traditional values could contribute to a generation gap? Have you found useful information in systems like astrology or the Enneagram?

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Do you think older people are boring? Would you ever date someone much older or younger than yourself? What was the most popular music when you were 12 years old? Do you think this is changing people's views? Some people think it is OK to marry a much older man but not a woman? Do you think your generation's fight is similar to your parents generations fight?