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Raw strings? Raw with an r or Raw with an R? What if you want to embed the value of a variable in a string? Advanced string formatting — str. Python 3. Perl is not that program. Perl wants to do everything well.

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It integrates features and makes no attempt to homogenise them. Perl is no hammer: it has memorably been described as a Swiss army chainsaw, but Larry Wall likens it to a more conventional tool. If all you have is duct tape, everything starts to look like a duct. Python may aspire to offer a single obvious way to do something. It fails splendidly, being more duct tape than hammer. I presented this blog post as a lightning talk at PyDiff a couple of days ago. The slides are here. The talk was recorded too: I appear about 24 minutes in.

It was a free-to-attend one day event comprising 5 full one hour sessions split into 3 parallel tracks; that makes 15 sessions to choose from. Additionally, there were lightning talks in the lunch break. Wow what a day! Time for some rest! Thank you again to all our amazing sponsors, exhibitors, Speakers, attendees and venue. See you next year DDDWales. It was interesting to see his use of the JetBrains IDE as a teaching aid, and indeed to pick up on audience thoughts on the use of IDEs to flesh out code. Chris used his talk to challenge and call out some more recent alternatives — Gitflow being the prime target.

The session got me thinking. Who can merge to which branch? Which developers work in private then push bulk updates?

How I taught Katy Perry (and others) to program in C++ by John Smiley (Paperback) - Lulu

Git has won the version control system battle. The fight has moved into surrounding areas: branching, merging, reviewing, continuous integration, and the competition is bringing improvements in tooling and best practice. David started off by explaining why simplicity matters. I agree. All in all, a great day. The split-level venue suited the three track conference well. The speakers delivered terrific sessions which the audiences engaged with. Perec was — and indeed still is — a member of OuLiPo, a Parisian literary group interested in exploring the effects of applying mathematical patterns to text.

His work seemed an appropriate subject for a presentation constrained to fit the ignite formula:. The talk was recorded. OuLiPo fans might like to see if they can find the clinamen. The moustache is what happens in the fourth week of Movember. TFW you write some tests for a bit of legacy code before making a change and you unearth a bunch of bugs. Writing tests for code almost invariably shakes something out — perhaps some undocumented assumptions about the inputs; perhaps a failure to match the documented behaviour; perhaps an access violation which will crash the application.

Often, any such relief may be accompanied by a sense of wonder. The bugs may be so severe — the code so broken — that the maintainer questions how it ever worked. In other words, the change will have to be both backwards and bugwards compatible. Chris will have to tread carefully. It might seem that, once the code is under test, Chris can refactor mercilessly — renaming variables, updating idioms, tidying layout. Again, tread carefully! Make sure the code is under test. Be aware of the differences which reviewers must evaluate.

Consider the wider context. Respect the original authors.

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All 50 available spaces were taken. I myself was lucky to get a place — I was on the waiting list until a spot opened up at 3pm on the day. And I was the speaker! I know, it was Blue Monday. The one excuse noone has is forgetting the event is on — Meetup etc. So, my thanks to those who turned up and participated. I enjoyed it.

Smaller numbers allowed for a more collaborative session. Ironically, topics discussed included punctuality, respect, commitment. If you decide to cancel, release your place so someone else can have it. Otherwise, arrive on time. A big thanks to Eric Wastl for another great Advent of Code. After 7,, years of processing it came up with the concise but unedifying Ultimate Answer of It then undertook the task of designing its successor, a computer sophisticated enough to calculate the Ultimate Question:.

I shall design this computer for you. And I shall name it also unto you. And it shall be called … The Earth. When I first heard this it seemed ridiculous. Computers have the property that when you connect two of them you get another computer, and so on. The network is the computer. The Apple in your hand, the Echo on your shelf, the chip in your shopping trolley — all combine to form a global connected device. And as Adams predicted, we ourselves form part of the operating system, constantly feeding data back in.

True: we no longer print our product on silicon or ship it in boxes, and yes: we accept construction is not the right metaphor, but: nor is production. Professor Dave Snowden talks about entanglement — think of a system growing like brambles in a thicket. Object oriented design lost out when it narrowed its focus. Remember, people are objects too. The world is our platform. Unit tests, lets get sceptical thomasguest was a great end to the morning before lunch pic.

Having attended a fair few technical conferences, it felt refreshing and important to be part of something a little softer. Software development is about community, communication and culture, and SwanseaCon scored top marks on all three.

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Is your boss, Mr X, in a good mood? Did he have fish for lunch? Does one of his daughters have measles? The story takes the form of a flow chart. It may not get me a pay rise, but I should qualify for a freebie Echo Dot. Welcome to Word Aligned , a collection of articles on software development and computer programming.

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My writing has been published in a number of online and print magazines as well as here at wordaligned. Word Aligned tales from the code face. The challenge is to decipher the message — Thomas Guest thomasguest June 8, Please answer using the same style so others can find their own solution. Bonus points for both quality and quantity. The documentation states: The Counter class is similar to bags or multisets in other languages.

The talk itself is on github. Software is the development of metaphor. Sign Up. About Shanaia Ivy Antonio.

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It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives. It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone-but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. Don't go for looks, they can deceive. Don't go for wealth, even that fades away.

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