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Objective: to reach all those who deal with human resource management in companies.

On Thursdays, the pages focus on technological innovations that can have an immediate impact on business management and will be aimed at those who need to take advantage of technological innovations in business processes, while on Sunday the objective looks at the border issues of innovation, with a look on the future. Under scrutiny, the creativity of our country and not only with character interviews and reports on trends and changes, even at a global level. Without forgetting the industrial dimension of a sector that has become a driving force in our system.

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And for all sectors, a common element: maximum attention to travel and chair transfers, corporate reorganization and strengthening. On Sundays, it also contains the historical cultural insert. The graphics are intended to favor an immediate and accessible reading, to help the evolution of information towards synthesis and specialization and to confirm Il Sole 24 Ore as a leading newspaper in Italian and European economic and financial information. Booth-Clibborn wrote lyrics for a hymn using the music, entitled "Down from His Glory. In U.

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About ten years later, while stationed in West Germany with the U. Army, Elvis Presley heard the recording and put to tape a private version of the song. Upon his discharge, he requested that new lyrics be written especially for him, a job that was undertaken by the songwriting duo of Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold, with a demo by David Hill. The rewritten version was entitled " It's Now or Never " and was a worldwide hit for Presley.

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For the film, see O sole mio film. For the operatic trio from New Zealand, see Sole Mio. First edition sheet music cover [1]. This section does not cite any sources.

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