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The largest known Texas live oak grows in Real County, Texas. There will be someone to regularly water it. I understand live oak and pecan are native to the area. I assume these would Invasive, non-native Paulownia May 03, Hi.

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We would like to plant a fast growing tree that will provide shade for our house. What do you think of the Paulownia tree Empress Tree as a possibility for the Austin area?

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Its acorns feed birds and mammals. It continues to be used occasionally when available in shipbuilding, as well as for tool handles for its strength, energy absorption, and density, but modern composites are often substituted with good effect.

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Dry southern live oak lumber has a specific gravity of 0. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Evergreen plants in the genus Quercus. This article is about evergreen oak trees. For live oak in the southern United States, see Southern live oak. For other uses, see Live Oak disambiguation.

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Evergreen oak may also refer specifically to the Mediterranean species Quercus ilex. Landscaping with Native Plants of Texas. Voyageur Press.

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