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I heard it.

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Then the Blackpak that was holding the rod began to shake violently and Walley and his kayak took a Cajun sleigh ride. From that point, it was probably about 15 minutes I fought him. Then it surfaced and turned on its side and I saw that pink red. It officially weighed in at At 11 a. But even though he had to cut his fishing time short by three hours, his bull was number five at the end of the day. Like most Louisiana natives I've been in my share of pirogues.

This however, was my first time in a kayak. I was skeptical. But I found the stability impressive even with my pound frame. Kayaks designed for the recreational saltwater angler are nothing new. But the popularity of targeting redfish in extreme shallow interiors has brought on new designs and innovations in these skinny water vessels. Calmwater Kayaker uses Wilderness Ride kayaks.

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These vessels are designed with a tunnel hull that enables them to literally float in a puddle of water. Jack wasted no time jumping in a kayak and heading toward a grass shoreline. He made it clear that he wanted the first "sleigh ride. We will go with the less experienced anglers and give them pointers.

But it's all up to them. Other items on board included a life vest, "stab anchor," and fish stringer. We paddled quietly, moving toward a disturbance in the water just yards off our bows. We moved in closer next to a flock of seagulls that hovered over a school of feeding fish. The school and the gulls did not disperse. Because of the stealthy nature of kayaks, they are believed to be the most effective method of fishing speckled trout under the birds.

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With chartreuse plastics suspended under popping corks we caught school trout on nearly every cast. Most of the fish specks were it the to inch range and engulfed the Bass Assassins as soon they hit the water. After boating 18 keepers the school moved on and we pulled anchor. Kayaks are becoming more popular for many reasons.

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They are effective because anglers can quietly access areas that are impossible to reach in larger boats. Another reason is the economic considerations. The rising costs of fuel are prompting many anglers to explore alternative methods. We scoured the banks for tailing reds but saw nothing.

So Wray suggested we try a deep holes that he knew would be holding bigger fish. The tide was beginning to change so we anchored at a shelf and "tight-lined" plastics. After five casts Wray felt that the fish were on the bottom and would be feeding slowly. On Wray's next cast he threw out and let the bait sink to the bottom.

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Slowly he moved it until a big fish struck. Unlike the summer trout we had caught just weeks ago this one ran deep, fighting more like a redfish or black drum. But when the trout's big yellow mouth emerged from the water he swung the fish into the kayak.

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  7. This was significantly larger than what we were catching earlier. We estimated that the inch fish was in the three-pound class. I followed his lead and allowed my bait to sink to the bottom. And on the third twitch the bait seemed to just stop and I set the hook on another big speck. We managed to put nine more on the stringer while losing two Wray estimated to be in the five-pound class.

    Wray said he has known Brassett since high school. They both own their own camps in Fourchon and in Grand Isle.

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    After fishing the estuary for years they explored dozens of different type of boats capable of accessing the shallows. Eventually we got out to the rock jetties and we both caught our limits of speckled trout and redfish. Brassett said he was convinced from that day. They later purchased the custom pontoon boat that would be used to transport their fleet of kayaks. It was the beginning of what would soon become Calmwater Kayaker.

    Wray and Brassett are always dreaming of ways to improve and rig out their fleet of kayaks.

    Southern Sleigh Ride

    After Hurricane Katrina devastated the areas the access to one of their favorite beaches was closed. So they invented a watercraft the pair dubbed "The Kayakamaran. This catamaran-type boat enabled them to get across very choppy open water and access their beaches. The problem was eventually worked out. During the next two hours we picked up several more trout, a black drum and flounder. But the big redfish we sought had not yet made an appearance. But then it happened.