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Reactivation will enable you to use the vocabulary trainer and any other programs. Send us feedback. Are you missing a word, phrase or translation? Submit a new entry. Compile a new entry. A free ticket is granted for the priest companion of the pilgrimage on presentation of the celebret. Putzer and van Baaren observe this pilgrimage up-close , and yet from a distance, attempting to follow the movement in both senses of the word , to grasp the feeling that fosters a sense of community, and also the allure of Hinterseer, who seems to unite young and old in his fan community.

Die architektonische Pilgerfahrt heute. The architectural pilgrimage today. The Rostock convent is named after the founding relic, a splinter from the cross of Christ, which Margaret is supposed to have brought to Rostock from her pilgrimage to Rome. Though I still live in the same place, I am looking back at those days nostalgically and as if I lived them in a very far away land that still exist as it was.

They don't have smart phones, one of the kids in the neighborhood his dad owns a "computer" and from time to time he allows the neighborhood kids to touch it. A new revolutionary ice cream just hit the market: One kid says his cousin just got back from Japan and he saw the last episode of Case Closed where Conan got back to his grownup body finally.

Some kids say the new Sony console Playstation 2 is purchased by the thousands by Saddam Hussain to be used for rocket control, and we the kids are getting these powerful console pretty soon. Gosh, I feel this land still exists very far away, that I can travel to it by car and might stumble upon my 7 years old self playing football in one of the old neighborhood's streets. I have been in a long still-going Pilgrimage my whole life and so you are, my dear reader without realizing it. Funny how many things change dramatically without us noticing them for they are happening slowly, tell we step back and notice, like my nose getting bigger, I didn't notice it till I looked back at my elementary school photos, or maybe the rest of my face got smaller.

I didn't do the Pilgrimage to Mecca, the time has not come yet. But looking at the Pilgrimage done in the novel I feel nostalgic, like I've done it before. Is this feeling invoked by my life Pilgrimage I talk about above? But a pilgrim wearing a "I love NY" shirt and jokingly saying to his mentor that the problem solving meditation he just learned revealed to him how Agatha Christie wrote her novels.

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That, I will never forget. It's not the question of whether end justifies means, it's that means matter the most.

Both films are beautiful and mystical. Well, the 2 week journey made on foot by Paulo Coelho ended for me this evening. To tell you the truth, after reading this book, I'd like to experience it myself But enough about me, let's get straight to the reviewing process. This book is the authors first one. In it, he writes about his pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Despite the fact that the journey was filled with many unpleasant things injuries, exhaustion , bad weather conditions and so on Not to mention everything he learned from his guide Petrus, who accompanied him along the way.

Many people complain, that parts in this book are written in a way that only Paulo can understand the full meaning, but this doesn't mean the book isn't worth reading if it can't be fully understood. This book isn't one of those that can be grasped with your first try as all the other books by this author.

I'll admit that I didn't understand everything, but I'm not disappointed either because I know when I'll open it again, I will find out something new. That's what I like the most about Paulo's books, that they aren't a one time thing. To sum everything up, this is a great read, that every person should try out.

An inspirational story of a person searching for himself. May the spark that drives us to live never fades away. Love, faith, belief - embrace these virtues! I finished another Paulo Coelho book. I like the writings of Paulo because of the life in it. The Christian imageries he uses whole along his novel makes it more lively. I also was travelling all along with him to this pilgrimage to San Tiago. I too was fighting with the legion when he fought with it. He found his sword now it is my duty to find mine to find the purpose of it. Sometimes this type of novels gives us a power to fight a good fight.

The we are living this earth demands a lot but in I finished another Paulo Coelho book. The we are living this earth demands a lot but in a world full of voices we forget to listen to the voice of silence. The novel was teaching to listen to the inner voice. This is my fourth experience with Paulo Coelho he is always inspiring me and go with full power. He is taking his own saint Paul in his writings. Many times the words of Saint Paul came alive in this novel. A great work, I recommend this to anyone who needs to go ahead with much inspiration and motivation.

View all 3 comments. I adore this book. It is a network of pilgrims' ways serving pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle Saint James the Great in the cathedral in Santiago Spain. Paulo is on this pilgrimage to gain insight and acceptance into the spiritual path he has chosen.

He must do this to gain insight into the simplicity of life. The journey transforms him as he learns to understand the na This is the account of Paulo Coelho's spiritual journey along the Camino Santiago de Compostela, known in English as the Way of Saint James. The journey transforms him as he learns to understand the nature of truth through the simplicity of life. Many people have taken this journey over the centuries.

Each having his own path to follow, his own lesson to learn. Each pilgrimage is different, each lesson is different.

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But take care to remember that if the rose ever falls from your hand, You shall forfeit your life, But not for long! A breath of spring shall lead you as a rose, Back to your homeland. Choir of the Fairies: We dance, we dance In the lovely night, Till from slumber the day Awakens in the morning light, Till the flower from the dew Drinks new life Far upward, full of the joy of song, The lark soars. Go to the single-text view Tenor Solo: Thus they sang; then it was already dawn, A bird sings in the morning slumber, The world awakens to new joy, To new pain, to new sorrow.

And in a flash the fairies' airy swarm Has disappeared, - Only a silvery stripe in the meadow Betrays where they were. The beautiful rose-child opens, Her eyes, as if still dreaming. A freshly fragrant morning wind Scatters apple blossoms in her hair; A little rose, glowing in the morning light, Blooms full of meaning on her breast. Rose: Where am I? Is it real, is it a dream? No, no, it is no magical image; As a maiden walking upon the earth I shall become happy through love. Tenor Solo: She quietly climbs the hill, There before her gaze The wide valley presents itself resplendently, Bordered by woodlands.

She soon reaches the door of the first house She enters and graciously asks For shelter. Go to the single-text view Rose: I am a poor orphan, Whose loved ones have died.

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Martha: Do you have some references, some paperwork To show that one could trust you? Rose: Oh no! If my pleading does not move you - Martha: Pity bears sour fruits. If one has the likes of you in house, Peace and quiet generally tend to flee. Get you gone! Rose: O kindly take me in, I will reward you for what you do for me With my heart's blood.

Martha: It is easy to promise much with [mere] words. Go, knock over there on my neighbour's door! Go away! Go to the single-text view Tenor solo: It was the rose's first pain. Seeking comfort she looked toward heaven And onward in the evening glow The flower-queen quietly wanders. A lonely, unpretentious house Her eye now spies again. Leaning against the graveyard [wall] Beautified on all sides by lilacs; Through the open gate stand cross and stone Transfigured by the golden evening light.

She enters, there stands an aged man, Bent is his silvery head, He digs - the spade in his hand, A grave into the green land. Rose: For whom is this grave here, deep and small? Gravedigger: For our miller's little daughter. Rose: Oh poor sister, deeply mourned! Does true love bring such suffering? Gravedigger: Who loved deeply and was betrayed, Death was his lot - He will be healed of his pain Only in the motherly bosom of the earth.

Before we realize it, The grave covers The good and beautiful things Life gave us. Rose: Oh sister, deeply mourned! Gravedigger: May the sod rest lightly upon you! Chorus: We give you back to the earth, Our hope, our joy. Rose: Sleep softly! Chorus: Pain walked with us out to the grave, Pain walks with us into the house of mourning! Rose: Rest softly! Go to the single-text view Tenor Solo: The last clod of earth has rolled down [into the grave], That last tear has been dedicated [to her]; And quietly homeward wandered those who Had accompanied the miller's child to her final resting-place.

The gravedigger, too, leaves the graveside, Only the maiden still kneels at the grave. Already twinkles from the deep blue heavens The stars' golden, shining swarm. The moonlight listens through the foliage of the lime trees, As if it were trying to find something dear. The wandering girl rises to her feet, And walks towards the gate of cemetery. Gravedigger: Where are you going? The night grows damp.

Rose: I am guided homeward by the glory of the stars. Gravedigger: Child, imagine it is the wish of your father: Spend the night in my cottage, The little that I have, I will bestow upon you, my child. Rose: I thank you - with new love of life Your friendly words fill my breast - I will follow you, until the morning light breaks I will, my father, be your guest. Gravedigger: You see that my walls are without ornament. Rose: The little wreath there hanging from a white ribbon? Gravedigger: I count that as my greatest treasure; My dear wife, who rests out there [in the graveyard], Wore this wreath in her blonde hair, When she became mine before the altar.

But let the dead rest - They have peace now. May God send angels to guard us During our sleep this night. Rose: May it [the guard of angels] protect you, as it protects all the righteous.

Die Pilgerreise Nach Dem Berge Zion

Gravedigger: Sleep well! Go to the single-text view Rose: Thanks be to you, Lord, in the starry realm, You led me as by a father's hand, And into the cup of sorrow fell A drop from Heaven, sweet and cool. Now may rest grant to me, the tired one, That, strengthened, I may gaze Toward the new day, whatever it brings.

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    • Don't let yourself be led astray, Return to us, Do not set your hopes on happiness! Only here with us, In the kingdom of the fairies, Happiness dwells, But pain and suffering [Dwell] in the human breast. Little sister! Don't you hear in your dreams Our greeting? Don't you feel in the moonlight Our kiss? Do you imagine that upon the earth Permanent happiness dwells? In the tear of pain The gaze of joy dies.

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