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One thing's for sure though, you won't see Norwegian salmon on a menu in Russia for quite some time. Read more: 1, Years of Cod Trade. Your email address will not be published.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. You might like. He now works as a freelance writer for technology companies in Scandinavia. Not that our winemaking friends mind. It always amazes us just how much they cut off. Then amazes us even more how much grows back so quickly. It burns hot and quick but gives a subtle flavor.

Use any white-fleshed fish for this dish. We use Normandy mussels but any will do. Small clams also work well.

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Put the wine in a large soup pot with a lid, bring to the boil and add the mussels. Cover the pot so the mussels steam open. Take off the heat and remove the mussels with a slotted spoon. Pour the mussel juice into a Pyrex jug and allow any grit to settle out. Our last few days in Japan were spent in the small hot spring town of Shibu Onsen up in the Japanese Alps. On the way there from Osaka we split the journey up with a few hours in Matsumoto to visit its castle and grab some lunch.

The castle was spectacular and well worth visiting but unfortunately the restaurant I really wanted to eat in wasn't open so we settled for some fried chicken and a beer near the train station before continuing our journey north. Shibu Onsen is famous for its nine hot spring baths that are only available to town residents and guests of the town's traditional Japanese inns via a special key, but there is also a famous snow monkey park where the primates enjoy their own hot spring fed bath only a few miles away from the town.

In the morning after our first night in our inn its owner drove us up to the start of the path leading up the valley to the park. Despite there being signs at the visitor center advising that seeing the monkeys wasn't guaranteed they were out in force, no doubt due partly to the fact that the park staff feed them daily.

Something fishy going on.

After taking a forest walk back to Shibu Onsen we visited a sake museum and then decided to have some lunch before soaking in some of the town's hot springs. Soon sat on the floor of a cosy small restaurant I quickly spotted something on the menu that was a little bit unusual.

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Basashi is raw horsemeat and it was the dish I had been hoping to try in Matsumoto so I was pleased to see it on the menu and ordered myself some. The day before we flew home we made our way back to Tokyo on the bullet train and then caught a local train to Narita where one of Tokyo's two airports is located. Arriving at our hotel Lillian wanted a nap so I jumped on a local train and headed just out of town to have one last attempt at catching some tanago in a drainage canal next to Lake Inbu-numa.

I caught a few fish, mostly small bluegills, but sadly I failed to catch any tanago.

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I did add two new species to my trip tally before light started to fade and I headed back to Narita. With an early flight to catch in the morning we went out in the evening for one last meal in Japan. We decided to try an all you can eat buffet and enjoyed unlimited gyoza, noodles, chicken curry and fried vegetables at a small restaurant called Spiral Staircase which was close to our hotel.

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  8. The meal came with a massive glass of Asahi and was a great way to end our trip. I loved Japan. It was such an amazing trip on so many levels and there were so many things I haven't mentioned in these reports. This is a fishing blog after all. That being said I probably didn't do as much fishing as I would have liked and it was also tough at times but despite that I managed to catch a respectable sixteen species with fifteen of them being new.

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    Here's what I caught. Several of the saltwater species I caught were identified using the following book which I would highly recommend if you plan on fishing in Japan. It was bought and sent to me by someone who lives in Japan so getting a copy isn't straight forward. I'd also like to quickly thank Masa for the advice he gave me while I was in Osaka and Adam for putting me in touch with him.