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Viral destruction Mystic 3 is a Zombie Apocalypse in a can; when cast on a dead creature, it gets up as a zombie and attacks the first creature it can reach. If that creature is knocked out or killed by this attack, it must make a will save or be subject to the same effect. This chain reaction of zombie murder continues until someone survives an attack, is revived before they can make an attack, makes a will save to resist the effect, or a number of creatures have been affected equal to the level of the Mystic who cast the spell. This spell would be cool for creating a horror scene, but not very useful… except for the fact that it can be cast at close range as a reaction.

Your soldier falls over before their turn? Use this spell to give them one last attack and, depending on positioning, a chance to move to a position where you can hit them with a mystic cure. These unwieldy weapons render your hand totally useless while using them, but come with a nasty surprise; each claw can carry three doses of a poison, drug, or medicinal compound. On a successful attack you can choose to inject this compound into your unfortunate victim.

A nasty set of gear available at level 6, 11, 16, and 20 , Disintegrator Weapons work by dissolving matter in much the same way acid would. The Heavy Weapon version has the same progression, but has the line effect allowing it to blast straight through rows of people. The pistols are weaker, but still start out at a 1d10 and max out at 3d Soldiers can choose a special Gear Boost, Caustic Burns, which boosts the bonus critical damage by an extra 1d6.

The major weakness to all of this is that all the damage from these weapons is acid based; run into a creature with acid immunity and your disintegrator weapons are useless.

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Great for fighting anything with regeneration, though. This fusion adds a disintegrate effect to your weapon, turning anyone slain by it to dust. Very thematic, and potentially very useful, though it seems to work best with single shot weapons or melee attacks. Super affordable and fun for Vesk and Shobhad players, Grim Trophies impose a -2 penalty to weapon damage on foes you successfully render shaken in addition to the normal penalties.

Fun for intimidate builds and the like.

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This is very interesting; the Weapon Spikes upgrade allows you to effectively glue one handed basic melee weapons of light or negligible bulk to your armor, allowing you to deal additional damage while grappling. You can also attack with them if you have a free hand. This is very interesting if you have Improved Unarmed Strike. This ring makes your bite attacks deal lethal piercing damage, and also grants you a bonus version of Weapon Specialization that adds double your level as damage to these attacks.

A shame you need to bite people for it to work, though. Looking like a jaundiced Danny DeVito, the Ferran are inhabitants of a high gravity world that vanished into a black hole decades ago.

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Ferran are short, squat, and on the brink of extinction; their moon base on Ratheren is just one disaster from wiping them out, and their population is dwindling. Ferran are small sized creatures with high con and intelligence reflecting their sturdy forms and scientific traditions but low dexterity. If a Ferran moves at least ten feet during a round, they add bonus damage equal to their level to the first melee attack they make. Cue squads of Ferran Blitz Soldiers launching themselves across the battlefields at high speeds and knocking over Devourer Cultists like bowling pins.

Humanoids with eel-like skin and, the Woioko are split into two distinct subspecies, triggered when rising sea levels destroyed their terrestrial civilization. Floatborn reside in arcologies above the waves; they gain bonuses to Charisma and Dexterity but a penalty to constitution and gain a bonus to culture and diplomacy checks due to the shifting alliances between their floating nations. The Woioko racial entry is confusing compared to those of the Lashunta or other races with unusual dimorphism or subspecies, so I hope when these races are reprinted that Paizo polishes them up a little.

Tune in for more Starfinder news this December, when the third entry in Dead Suns is released! This is it, folks! The final installment of the Alien Archive series. The Diaspora was once a pair of twin planets, much like the rest of the Pact Worlds system. No one remembers precisely what those planets were like, as at some point before the Gap, Eox decided to blow them the fuck up. The Sarcesians are the survivors of that catastrophe, surviving thanks to their ancestors advanced magic and technology.

Sarcesians resemble towering angel figures, with solar sails for wings. They can use these wings to fly between their cresh worlds or other space platforms , and they can ever survive unassisted in space for an hour. What is very interesting, however, is their access to bonus skill points. Sarcesians are poised to make excellent operatives, it seems. Completing the John Carter metaphor that Akiton leans super hard on, the Shobhad are four armed giants skilled in all forms of combat.

A race from the Veskarium, which stands in sharp contrast to the brutish and towering Vesk, the Skittermanders pictured above are small sized, brightly colored balls of fluff, with six arms and a hyperactive metabolism.

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The Skittermanders are comically agreeable, not even noticing the Vesk were conquering them, and cheerfully accepting it once the Veskarium announced control of the planet. As Vesk codes of honor prevent them from harming a foe who does not resist, this has served mostly to infuriate the higher ranks of Vesk command. Skittermanders love helping people, almost compulsively, and are often found in clerical positions. Urog are second only to Barathu in terms of alienness in the Alien Archive. They also get bonus skill ranks, much like a Sarcecean. Still, electric space slug scientists who can sense enemies with electromagnetism and who can glide around the ship like a slow hovercraft are about as alien as you can get.

Verthani resemble humans in many ways, save for their extreme height, pure black eyes and pigment shifting skin. And propensity to augment themselves. The first space travelers in the Pact Worlds as far as we know , the Verthani are traditionally a caste based system; Augmented Verthani engage in heavy augmentation, Pure Ones eschew it, and God-Vessels brand themselves with holy symbols.

In modern times, the caste system has fallen out of favor, with many Verthani accepting at least some augmentation. They also gain access to Skill Focus as a bonus feat, and can double up on augmentations in their body to a degree. They make excellent technomancers, mechanics, and operatives.

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Still look kind of freaky, though. Another mysterious race, the Witchwyrd are renowned as traveling merchants, and have been traveling the stars for ages… perhaps longer than the Verthani. Yet unlike a typical progenitor race, not only are they still around, they seem more focused on profit than simply being spooky and mysterious. Or perhaps those are the only Witchwyrd we see. Because they are quite mysterious; while the name of their homeworld is known, no one has ever been there aside from a Witchwyrd. No one knows how long they live possibly millenia , how they eat they seem to be able to consume magical force, but also love spicy food , or even how they pay their employees Witchwyrd have very strict non-disclosure agreements.

A race from outside the Pact Worlds, the Wrikreechee are humanoid mollusks who have only just joined galactic society. Many Wrikreechee are scientists, and excel in cooperative environments. Their mollusk-like physiology also makes them excellent at using cover, as they can curl up into tiny mollusk balls without losing their ability to shoot. They have a pair of baleens on their arms which they can use to feed, or to aid in grapple checks, and which according to Paizo was a major inspiration for the race.

Tune in in December for an overview of the Elebrians of Eox that are still alive, of course , and tune in this coming march for an overview of The Pact Worlds, a detailed guide to the Golarion System with a ton of new races and class options. This next section of the Alien Archive leaves the fantasy interlude behind in favor of some cool looking aliens… and a few remixes of old favorites. Identifiable by their long, cape like fins and comfort in Zero G environments, the Kalo are a purely aquatic species; incapable of breathing air.

Fortunately, the ubiquity of life support equipment in the Pact Worlds makes this a non-issue, though it does mean that Kalo are far more at home in aquatic campaigns where they can use their swim speed and stealth bonus than terrestrial ones. Their enhanced senses and high wisdom do make them excellent Mystics, however. The metaphor falls apart once you get to their large, almost insectoid eyes, however.

Maraquoi are highly perceptive, with blindsense, low light vision, and a bonus to Wisdom. Their tail also functions as an additional limb for holding weapons, or as an extra grip when using their racial climb speed. Maraquoi are a highly communal species, due in part to the complexity of their reproduction. Should one of these sexes be absent, the whole process is impossible. This means that Maraquoi are often reluctant to leave their tribes as even a single absence could lead to extinction in smaller cases , and have a racial taboo against killing… one which is strained by the rise of mercenary culture in the Pact Worlds, which has drawn many Maraquoi with promises of wealth and power.

Many of them practice complex rituals to honor fallen foes as a way of carrying on their old traditions. Nuars take the classic minotaur trope their affinity for mazes and updates it to the world of sci-fi; they are highly intelligent, have a mastery of spatial reasoning which in addition to keeping them from getting lost, also makes them excellent pilots , and even have their own special class of technology; Maze Cores.

These transforming devices act as two different pieces of equipment such as two different types of ranged weapon , shifting between them as a swift action. With it, you can have a weapon that changes damage type based on the situation, a computer that changes its modules based on your current needs, or a cell phone that is also a gun. Reptoids are those secret alien overlords Are they overlords?! Are they spies?! Others claim they secret control all of the Pact Worlds. The key ability of the Reptoid is Change Shape; an ability which allows them to take the form of a single, specific humanoid… for 10 x level minutes, which really seems ineffective for a disguise, especially considering their Pathfinder versions could remain in disguise indefinitely.

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Depending on when a Ryphorian is born, they develop into a different physical adaptation; those born in the summer are dark skinned and hairless, while those born in the winter are almost completely covered with light colored fur. Those born in between have a mix of features, and are highly adaptable to extremes of temperature. Today, biotechnology has made this dimorphism largely a choice for Ryphorians, though most are naturally Winterborn due to the current season on Triaxus.

Ryphorians form the bulk of the Skyfire Legion; elite mercenaries who along with their Dragonkin partners protect fledgling worlds from invaders, aid the Starfinder Society, and help benevolent ventures across the galaxy. Drow; one of the tabletop mainstays at this point.

Where Starfinder Drow differ, however, is their role in the galaxy. Their new homeworld of Apostae is filled with ancient technology of unknown origin, and they only partially control the planet to begin with. That means that their primary economic role in the Galaxy are as arms dealers; salvaging and reverse engineering tech from Apostae to sell across the galaxy.

In Pathfinder , they were the ancestral enemies of the Lashunta. Now, though, the ant-people and the Sexy Star Trek Aliens have mellowed out. Formians, like Shirren, have limited telepathy and blindsense. They also have plates that protect them from sonic attacks, and natural weapons like a Vesk. Interestingly, every PC Formian is assumed to be of the warrior caste; a sterile female who towers over their small sized peers.

They can fix a broken item only to break it WORSE afterward as a move action, and get an inherent bonus to engineering checks. When you think of an alien, you probably picture a gray. Big headed, small humanoids with huge black eyes who never speak except telepathically. They can phase themselves out of reality, and are known for kidnapping and probing people. Haan are giant insects, similar to roaches or beetles, whose culture forgoes technology in favor of a nomadic life, surfing their home planets storms on bubbles of webbing.

The Haan who choose to leave home and use technology are mourned as dead, never to return. Many become criminals or adventurers as a result. Ikeshti are creatures similar to lizardfolk, but have a truly bizarre life cycle. Their children are little more than mouths, eating voraciously. Afterwards, they settle into adolescence until age , in which they being rutting and become incredibly violent.

After mating, the two mates fight to the death, with the survivor assuming a gender specific role in society; males become brood-minders, raising the young. Females become congregants, who often become business women, politicians, or adventurers. Ikeshti PCs, as a result, tend to be adolescents or congregants. A rare subset of Ikeshti are the Riveners; those unable to find a mate, who become gigantic monsters that care only about battle. Mechanically, Ikeshti are agile, intelligent, and hard to pin down, able to climb, shed their skin, and provide support fire to their allies with their own blood.

Today is the day! Alien Archive , the official Starfinder Bestiary, has been released! Where the book shines, however… is in its selection of playable alien races.

Right off the bat, we have something about as far away from humanoid as you can get. Barathu are floating, jellyfish-like creatures with the ability to instinctively rewrite their genetic codes. Barathu also have the racial ability to merge with other Barathu to form discrete entities, and may Barathu organizations are actually enormous hiveminds of such creatures.

The playable Barathu are juveniles; more individualistic, but unable to properly assimilate or master their adaptational powers yet. The result is a bizarre, shapeshifting jellyfish person who can periodically adapt to a wide variety of dangerous situations, and may or may not be able to secrete pharmaceuticals if you feed them UPBs ask your GM, kids. A semi-monastic species of psychic supergeniuses, Contemplatives are… brains. Often serving as scholars, scientists, and secret financial masterminds, Contemplatives are some of the most intelligent species in the Pact Worlds. One of the cooler abilities of the Contemplative in addition to being another race with a basic fly speed is their Applied Knowledge ability.

Once per day, when making a save or attempting a check against a creature, they can use one of their academic skills like Life Science or Mysticism instead of their normal bonus, provided the creature could be identified by that skill. A Non-Pact Worlds species! Draeliks are a species who live within the lawless Kurzach Nebula, and dedicate themselves to lawlessness… and the pursuit of entropy. Nihilistic, yes, and evil in the way a criminal can be evil, but not like… universe destroying. Creatures of Light and Darkness : forgotten!

Nine Princes in Amber , except maybe for that first chapter: forgotten! Fred Cassidy is considered a likeable guy by most of his fellow students, but a thorn in the side by his alma mater. When his rascally uncle ceased active metabolism the exact situation is somewhat complicated , the old fellow left Fred a sizable annuity … which would end as soon as Fred earned his first degree [2].

Shortly thereafter, a pal named Paul Byler drops by to deliver what turns out to be less of an explanation and more of a beating. The original star stone was a gift from a recently encountered galactic community. In the course of diplomatic nice-nice, we gave them culturally significant items the British Crown Jewels and they gave us culturally significant items which included a machine whose purpose is unknown at the beginning of the book and very clear by the end of it, as well as a gem called the star stone.

As Fred soon learns, Paul is neither the only nor the most scary of the people on the trail of the missing copy. He is certainly not the most determined. This is a cheerfully slight little adventure but it moves along very nicely. Zelazny has a rare talent for feeding the reader just enough information about the background that it all makes sense, without providing so much that the narrative stumbles to a halt.