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In former times this knowledge exchange would have taken decades, today it takes two years, tomorrow one day. That there are interfaces, which transfer without loss? That there is super software that allows seamless processing from the design phase right up to construction? These technical aspects, which are usually the focus of BIM, are not, and never have been, really important. While the technical equipment steering BIM projects has become better and is generally recognized and accepted, while there are more and more basic principles, guidelines and organizations addressing the topic, and while the technical aspects are becoming less problematic - the planning partners are blocking on the cultural level, on the cooperation level.

Information exchange is essential for cooperation, however it is alarming just how unwilling some planning partners are to share information that has been compiled with the others. Instead this information is buried in documents and when asked,. In the search for a solution, there have been more and more calls recently for BIM as the magic cure-all, even from the highest ranks. Surprisingly, it is precisely this expertise. The ever-rising demands for comfort, sustainability, security, energy, etc.

Naturally there are always more talented and less talented planners, but in and of themselves, the technical disciplines meet their challenges very competently complicated but solvable , but there are still shortcomings in the consolidation of the results complex and still unresolved. Naturally the specialized engineering knowledge of the technical disciplines will continue to constitute ones own actions. For this co-operation, soft skills, emotional intelligence and, above all, the will to cooperate are relevant. All of these are skills that are rarely found in curricula, at least.

From this point of view, there is a blatant lack of skills in many planning teams. The fact that real cooperation and the merging of knowledge brings about far better results than single solutions ever could, is often overlooked. A further cultural barrier results from overreaching and price wars. While competitions are used in architectural planning to try to evaluate costs as well as quality, this is practically non-existent when it comes to awarding building contracts.

In the case of public procurement, there are instruments to measure quality selection and award criteria. However they are avoided due to the risk of objections; the primary determining factor remains, in fact, the price: how do I achieve the desired result at the lowest price. How to achieve the best quality with the available resources continues to be a rather rare question. That would require that one trust the person doing the construction work. And how can one trust someone who they have first negotiated down during the bidding rounds; knowing that they will try to take advantage of supplements to cut their losses.

Not without good reason has claim management almost developed into its own professional field. This basic attitude of distrust leads to the holding back of information and a conscious lack of transparency. And these two are antipodes. This culture of separating responsibilities and segregating tasks is present in our contracts; in our incentive schemes and in our fee systems; in the norms and in the way in which we carry out competitions and calls for bids; brought in and firmly cemented there by numerous lawyers.

In the building industry in Germany achieved approx. Therefore one could employ approx. This calculation alone should be sufficient motivation to establish the BIM method. Instead one hears over and over about the high costs of BIM and the redistribution of effort towards the front, which is not aligned with the fee models. Yes, at the beginning one has more expenses, and teams that are working together for the first time based on the BIM method are not faster. However, after three projects, one becomes approx.

Change, shift: The building industry is not isolated; it is equally impacted by all social, political, corporate and economic changes. All of these separate forces already influence us now; in cooperation, they will dramatically change our society and our business. Mobile Our IT devices are become ever more mobile, smaller, lighter. Thus all information can be accessed on a building site. Due to the resulting mobility, it is also simpler to unite project teams in one location. Mobility can be used in different ways. Cloud At the same time, as devices become smaller, the computationally intensive processes are being outsourced, which in turn allows the devices to get even smaller.

Calculations are no longer carried out locally, but in a computer cloud and one only gets the results back. The constant availability of data on multiple devices is already a given and it already works quite well, as the example of Google drive shows. In addition the gap between absolute and up-to-date information is constantly shrinking, which means that decisions are being based less and less on outdated information.

In order to do our work, we constantly need decisions and information. As a result of feedback, the initial position could change again due to new information, thus making my work necessary again. One can plan for and consider these dependencies, or ignore them and continue after the corrected subsequent decisions have been made.

When information is centrally available, the delay is reduced, my starting position is more upto-date, feedback is given promptly and the ability to influence increases. Big Data We are producing an increasing amount of data and more detailed data. If one already has the data centrally, one can draw new conclusions alone from the accumulation of information and the gap between absolute and up-to-date information continues to shrink. One can also include multi-criteria values by looking at aspects that would normally not be considered together, due to the diversification of specialized planners.

An example: Architecture is usually created without feedback from building physics. The latter reacts to the specifications and requires the observance of certain values for the various building components. Taking the building form, the location, the position and the global and local radiation as well as the average yearly temperature at this location into consideration can cause the ideal U-value to deviate dramatically from the norm. Being able to put things into context and being able to make good decisions as a result of such detailed values are the most important arguments for BIM.

Data mining and the central collection of information facilitate learning for all organizations. Social Sharing information means that one can communicate about and evaluate the content. Or particularly successful results can be given a rating. When someone formulates a similar task on the next project, they can automatically be referred to existing, positively rated documents People who used this document also liked this. Feedback, quick responses, evaluations — all of this is common in many areas of social media. We do not have to invent these mechanisms for the construction industry; they already exist.

We simply have to make use of them. There are many good and important approaches to positively shape the future: yes, we have to invest more in training; yes, we have to integrate future generations and make the building industry attractive for the future in order to attract good people; yes, we have to establish lifelong learning. Yes, we need standards and norms to establish the methods such as BIM and perhaps we even need political signals. And it starts today, here, now, for each individual. Interesting how things shift: we waited a long time for functional interfaces and German manuals, only to realize that the start and the change ultimately lie with us.

We are working towards making better information more readily available than ever before, so better decisions can be made based on this information. This is a road worth traveling and road on which we will naturally have to develop new business models as well. Was geschieht konkret in einem Strategiekreis?

Die beste Strategie eines Menschen ergibt sich aus seiner eigenen Geschichte. Sie waren selbst einmal Mitglied in einem Strategiekreis. Was hat es Ihnen gebracht? Oh lacht , viel mehr, als ich in meiner damaligen Bescheidenheit erwartet hatte. Ich habe lange als Architektin gearbeitet und war damals in vielerlei Hinsicht unzufrieden. Der Strategiekreis hat mir geholfen, den roten Faden in meinem Leben zu erkennen.

Heute bin ich Partnerin in meiner eigenen Firma und ich liebe, was ich tue. Was ist das Besondere an einem Strategiekreis? Jede Frau bringt bei jedem Treffen ihr eigenes Thema ein und tauscht sich mit den anderen Frauen aus. Unsere Aufgabe besteht darin, die Teilnehmerinnen auf das jeweilige Thema zu fokussieren. Wir bieten unseren Kundinnen keine standardisierten Rezepte. Stattdessen arbeiten wir mit jeder einzelnen Teilnehmerin an ihrer ganz individuellen Strategie. So etwas braucht Zeit und es braucht einen kontinuierlichen Dialog.

Wann und wo findet der Strategiekreis Architektinnen statt? Die aktuellen Termine finden Sie auf unsere Website: www. Mehner, what exactly is the Strategy Group of Female Architects? Elke Anna Mehner: The Strategy Group of Female Architects is a community of freelance architects who support each other in developing individual strategies to build lasting customer relationships and establish sustainable business models.

I now know that I am a kind of mirror in which people can see who they are and who they want to be. I have worked as an architect for a long time and was, at the time of joining, dissatisfied in many respects. The strategy group helped me to recognize the central theme in my life. Today, I am a partner in my own company and I love what I do. In concrete terms, what happens in a strategy group? When it comes to turning our professional dreams into reality, we are often our own worst enemy. If we want to exercise influence over the development of our future, it is important to recognize whether our performance actually serves our objectives.

Just as you need a mirror to see your physical image, so we need a counterpart through whose feedback we recognize our own impact. In the business world, however, such feedback is taboo. The outstanding value of the strategy groups lies in the honest and respectful feedback offered, through which the members provide mutual support in recognizing the impact of their own performance. Neither personal nor business growth happens overnight, but rather unfolds over time.

Therefore, continuity is an important aspect of our work. The members of the strategy groups meet every 6 months for a three-day exchange. Each woman presents her insights on a topic of her choice at every meeting, and exchanges views with the other women. It is our task to keep the participants focused on the topic.

We do not offer our customers standardized recipes. Instead, we work with each participant on her own individual strategy. Something like this takes time and requires a continuous dialogue. For those who find that a semi-annual meeting is not sufficient, we have developed our mentoring program, through which we continuously accompany our customers.

Why do women benefit from not having men present? In my experience of the strategy groups, when men and women come together in a room, it is often necessary to overcome a few obstacles before communication can flow smoothly. The differences in communication can restrict our attention so severely that we lose sight of the essentials. Whilst some women prefer a mixed strategy group, others may prefer to exchange ideas in a group consisting solely of women.

With our special 10th anniversary offers, we aim to meet both sets of needs. When and where does the Strategy Group of Female Architects meet? We have come up with something special for the Strategy Group of Female Architects. The founding members have the privilege of deciding on the venue together.


The current dates can be found on our website: www. Do women need different strategies than men? You yourself were once a member of a strategy group. What advantages did you gain from that? Oh, laughs a lot more than I would have dared to expect at that time. The strategy group has led me to where I Now the two have come together in the form of the first Strategy Group of Female Architects, which Elke Anna Mehner will launch in - exclusively for women.

Dabei sind die betriebswirtschaftlichen Erfordernisse meist einfach nur hinderlich. Auch wenn wir immer wieder Ausnahmen erleben: Der oben zitierte Architekt hat diese Seite der Medaille wohl sehr treffend formuliert. Da ist die Gruppe der vorausschauend Agierenden.

Auch formulieren sie eine zumindest mittelfristige Unternehmensstrategie mit klaren Zielen. Daneben ist weit verbreitet die Gruppe der hinnehmend Reagierenden. Die Wirtschaftlichkeit des eigenen Unternehmens wird meist nur am Gesamtergebnis beurteilt und selten analysiert. Potenzielle Nachfolger suchen nach Instrumentarien zur Unternehmenssteuerung. Stundenkosten der Mitarbeiter. Dazu werden Stunden- und Kostenauswertungen bzw. Gleichwohl ist sie eine zwingende Notwendigkeit, um einen Blindflug vermeiden.

Die Erfassung auch noch der letzten zehn Minuten ist sicher nicht entscheidend. Die Stunden sind allerdings nur die eine Seite der Medaille. Oftmals werden die Stundenkosten gar nicht oder nicht richtig ermittelt, Gemeinkosten sind nicht ausreichend genau auf die produktiven Stunden verteilt oder unproduktive Zeiten werden nicht erfasst.

Sogar der Verkaufssatz wird vereinzelt verwendet. Begeisterung macht sich in ihm breit. Auch der Kunde ist ganz angetan. Der Kunde vertrat — wie meist — die Meinung, dass die Leistung im Auftrag doch bereits enthalten sei. Sie kennen dieses Dilemma sicherlich. Die Frage dabei ist: Will ich vor allem Zumindest bei nennenswertem Umfang. Der Ursprung ist der Vertrag.

Klarer Vertrag, klare Freundschaft. Wenn unklar ist, ob eine Leistung geschuldet wird oder nicht, kommt es eher zum Streit. Oder die Honorarforderung ist eben nicht durchsetzbar. Calculation in and of itself is an annoying chore for many architects and engineers. William Frenz and Evelyn Saxinger explain why it makes sense nevertheless and how to approach it properly. The business requirements are usually just a hindrance in the whole process. Although it is clear to the owners that no sustainable planning and design work can take place without entrepreneurial thinking and reasonable business implementation, these remain, for many, an irritating necessity.

Although there are many exceptions to the rule, Mr. Frenz has very aptly verbalized this unpopular part of the process above. Controlling: can be really exciting Architects and engineers can be divided into two different categories of entrepreneurs. On the one hand, there are those who are proactive. They are open to a transparent accounting system. Timekeeping and the determination.

They also formulate a corporate strategy with clear objectives, at least in the medium-term. On the other hand, there is a widely disseminated group of entrepreneurs who tend to accept and react. They are more sensitive to current external influences. Turnover in particular, is often in the foreground for these entrepreneurs.

The profitability of their own company is usually only assessed based on the overall result and is rarely analyzed. Often timekeeping and the determination of a clear hourly rate play a subordinate role. In business for 30 years, they have built up their companies and gathered a lot of experience. They often live on their good names and depend, in particular, on their excellent entrepreneurial gut feeling, a very important skill of the experienced entrepreneur.

So it is completely understandable if the basic attitude is: this is what has always worked. There is no reason to change anything. However, once the first steps have been taken towards working out the basics of using a controlling system, the reservations against the provision of figures based on facts usually begin to crumble. In addition to the question of whether such a self-image and behavior lead to potential opportunities being passed up, business succession is a major challenge in these companies.

So far their economic success has been dependent on who owns the company. Potential successors seek instruments for corporate management. They need transparency and early warning systems, since they cannot rely on the aforementioned success factors of the former owners. The first step During our seminars on this topic at the Associations of Engineers or Architects, some participant or other will muster up his courage and want to methodically and organizationally promote controlling in his own company.

The more diverse and demanding the activity, the more difficult the time recording. Nevertheless, it is an absolute necessity to avoid flying blind. Having the support of appropriate software is an essential factor It is also important to find the right balance; knowing that it is not crucial to record every single minute. After all, it is also the basis for the decision on the type and design of future deals.

In other cases, only a single company expense ratio is used for all employees. Even the sales rate is only used occasionally. It is not always fully understood that the hours of fuel, and the hourly rate of the engine determine the facts regarding the economic success of the work. Here too, when we work out the basis for determining the hourly rate with our customers, they realize how much ambiguity actually prevails within their own company. Some employees enter hours, others only partially; many do not know what exactly they should register, or which information about the substance of their activities would be useful.

Additional services: when your own demands become the problem Engineer A planned everything clearly and feasibly. In conversation with the customer, he suddenly has an idea of how the job can be done more elegantly. He is filled with enthusiasm. The customer is also very impressed. As he begins with the revision, it becomes clear to him that this is in fact the sixth draft.

And the fifth had already surpassed the agreed scope of performance. As it happens, the new idea would be architecturally ingenious! But even at the previous planning stage, there had been a heated dispute over an additional service. The customer was of the opinion — as is usually the case — that this service had been included in the contract. The contract, admittedly not completely clear, was open to interpretation.

A renewed addendum could possibly be a threat to repeat business. But the customer had actually said that the new idea would be great. So should the architect work overtime and raise the issue of the remuneration arrangement after submission of the new plan? The customer would hopefully be so impressed by the excellent solution, he would retrospectively approve the additional expenditure. Through the proper allocation of costs to projects, the compilation of fees and invoices as well as the determination of performance levels, a system gradually takes shape; a system that creates transparency at both project and company level, and provides.

Everyone knows this dilemma; the realization of profession and quality are driven. However, the hours are only one side of the coin. The related expense is expressed in the cost ratio — i. This in turn is made up of salaries, an allowance for non-billable hours and for overheads. Often the hourly costs are either not determined correctly or not determined at all, overheads are not sufficiently accurately allocated to the productive hours, or unproductive times are not recorded. This raises the question: do I aim to simply attain my own achievements, or do I also want to earn decent money on the project?

For many architects and engineers, it is a repeated challenge to consciously position additional services as requiring additional payment. In this case, personal inhibitions are equally as impeding as the fact that the client — usually for lack of knowing better — generally presumes such additional services to have been part of the originally agreed fee. What can help them out of this dilemma? What is important? The contract is the root of the solution.

If you have a clear contract, your relationship is clear. Where it is unclear whether or not a service is to be paid for, a dispute is likely to arise. Or it may be that the fee demanded is just not feasible. Often the contents of the contract — and therefore the scope of the performance owed — is not always known or clear to everyone involved in the project. Therefore services that are additionally billable are often not identified as such early enough or even at all.

This calls for regular training and development of. The more frequent and sustainable the training, the better. Once this basis has been established, the parties from the project leader to the simple employee — require an efficient way of identifying such services as they occur: in other words, no later than when they record their hours.

This should be done, as far as possible, without also having to make a final decision, in order to avoid stress. Those responsible must be able to access and decide on the services that have been identified in this way. Of course, additional services identified in this way should be commissioned prior to execution if necessary, this can occur during execution or promptly thereafter.

One sure way to lose fees is to invoice for any additional services only upon completion. At least to a significant degree. This is because nobody wants to pay much more than expected without warning. However, if additional services are rendered on goodwill without additional charge, the client should be informed.

True to the motto: Do good and tell people about it! Wilhelm Frenz, graduate in banking administration, und Evelyn Saxinger, graduate in business administration, are specialists in economical corporate management and strategy. Their company, Frenz and Saxinger Unternehmensberatung, based in Germering near Munich, is familiar with the special concerns of the planning sector. Both are also engaged as lecturers in the training programs of engineering and architectural associations. In recent years untermStrich has evolved into a holistic management information system.

However, our many customer dialogues and training events have taught us that not all companies benefit from the full potential of the software for direct corporate control.

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For the implementation of STEP. We would be happy to inform you in detail about the content and implementation of our optimization checks. Ein ganz neues Netzwerken auf der Managementebene entsteht. Die Profession wird abgegrenzt zum Beruf, der nur den Lebensunterhalt auf Dauer sichern soll. Klare Arbeitsteilung, richtige Delegation und Vertrauen in meine Mitarbeiter sind seitdem meine Leitlinien. Und ganz wichtig: Ich habe auch viel Know-how zur Umsetzung in meinem Alltag mitgenommen.

Aufgaben werden noch besser vorbereitet, nur einmal gemacht und schneller entschieden. According to Wikipedia, management can be understood as the concrete organization of tasks and processes; whereas a manager is a leader who establishes the organizational and technical framework in order to achieve sustainable and optimal commercial results. As passionate as one is about the technical details of projects, management is the core responsibility of owners and managing directors. This message is heard in the industry, and its impact is constantly experienced in everyday life as well.

The implementation, however, is usually difficult due to the lack of an easily feasible strategy suitable for day-to-day operations, which is needed to be able to establisch an effective tailor-made management system for the office. The two The speakers, who are all experienced consultants in the industry or work as planners themselves, convey tailored impulses.

Office-specific work practices are put to the test and concrete measures for improvement are formulated. The varied age range and experience level of the participants, who come from small and large offices with various fields of specialization throughout Germany, is particularly beneficial. In all cases the questions for management are quite similar, thus a lot can be learned from each other collectively.

The personal experiences and suggestions, from which everyone can profit, are particularly beneficial. People working in this area have various educational backgrounds, many of which are commonly self-taught and received in-house training to meet the demands of the planning fields. The goal of this training seminar is to bring all of the participants up-to-date on the latest standards in the management of offices and projects. The strengthening of internal and external communication also plays a central role, in particular media expertise for project work and marketing.

Thus an entirely new network arises at the management level. An explicit priority of the training workshop is the formulation of individual job profiles for the office manager position, which is new to the trade. This transitions tradesmen as well as planners into executives. What was formerly presumed to be mindless administration is redefined as a controlling component of modern management. That is the central link between the training workshop for employees and the strategy workshop for managers.

Both tools work individually; together they can create additional synergies. Therefore the two qualification tools not only focus on the transfer of know-how from experience and theory, but also on the described exchange of experience with and between like-minded peers. In everyday life the transfer primarily takes place through a preliminary SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats in addition to an action plan that is created in the workshop.

Each participant formulates and presents his or her concept and the other participants and the coach give personal and professional feedback. A differentiation is made between the profession and the occupation, which, in the long run, is to make a living. Like his forefathers, he personally dealt with everything himself. This led to heavy workloads; there was no time for the strategic orientation and business development.

Since then a clear division of job responsibilities, proper delegation and trust in my employees have been my guiding principles. And especially important: I took a lot of know-how with me and implemented it in my everyday life. In addition to the administration and preparing the accounting, she is, along with the newly introduced team leader, now responsible for the controlling, project management, as well as fees and performance tracking.

She brings the business know-how the team leader brings the technical expertise. Once a month a management meeting is held with the owner, the office manager and the team leader. Her understanding of modern office management has grown enormously. To achieve success one needs competent employees as well as good tools.

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Thus the management processes for the office and projects have increasingly been organized with the office software untermStrich since its introduction in The software supports and further promotes the optimization of our processes. Der Kunde des Unternehmers ist sein Nachfolger.

Eine, die man sogar trainieren kann. Im Prinzip stimmt das auch. Dennoch haben viele strukturelle Probleme, mitunter enorme Reibungsverluste in der Projektabwicklung. Dann ging es anders: Die Strukturentwicklung bekam als Zukunftswerkstatt einen eigenen Projektstatus. Ziele: Routi So sind aktuell drei Planungsteams am Start. Dazu gibt es ein virtuelles Team Baumanagement. Direktoren und Ge-. Jetzt haben wir drei an verantwortlicher Stelle, die das auch einfordern. Diese Einsicht braucht in der Praxis konkretes Know-how.

Basis des Changeset-. Es gilt, ein Boot den jeweiligen Change auf dem Kreis nach vorn zu bringen und dabei die Stakeholder wichtige Beteiligte ins Boot zu holen. Widerstandsbehandlung ist dabei das Zauberwort. Situationen werden auf einem Bodenbrett oder einem Tischbrett aufgestellt und mit Hilfe einer Computersimulation dargestellt.

Direkt und kompakt. Noch so eine Weisheit. Das sollte Inspiration genug sein. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to manage the office with the goals of creating substantive value as well as entrepreneurial-added value — as a continuous and well thought-out development process. Strategic change management is thus a core competency for architects and engineers; one that can even be developed. In this way one is well prepared for the more or less big changes in everyday life, as well as the comprehensive overhauls.

In order for this to work really well, management has top priority. Nevertheless, many firms have structural problems including enormous inefficiencies in project execution. The biggest problem in everyday life — and also a primary obstacle for a successor — is the strong owner centralization!

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This limits efficiency; the procedures are too characterized by the individual and inflexible. Therefore, changing the work culture Already in its second generation with highs and lows , measures were naturally taken over the years to establish an appropriate organization. A lot was accomplished, however many things also fell by the wayside to dayto-day business. Then things changed: structural development became its own project as a workshop for the future.

The goals: break out of routines, continue to develop proven know-hows, embrace new ideas and adopt processes. Since then a core group made up of the two managing directors and experienced employees has served as the pioneer and catalyst - from workplace equipment to process management, from the introduction of communication protocols to CAD optimization, and the establishment of an internal KZA academy. All employees are involved in the development process through the mentioned core group and, where necessary, in working groups.

Suggestions for improvement are systematically incorporated and adapted into everyday life. Today change is a normal part of the work culture. At the moment three such teams are being launched. Should the company grow, more teams could be formed; should the workload decrease, some teams could be eliminated or outsourced. In addition there is also an office management team. The planning teams of designers, planners and construction managers are led by directors.

They are responsible for the teams, are involved in the management of the office and also represent the office with power of attorney. The director title signifies the authorized office representation internally and externally. In addition there is a virtual construction management team. The construction managers, in principle part of the respective planning team, are coordinated by the director of construction management.

The executive personnel have all been promoted from within the firm, including one individual who gained experience in an international group in the interim. They all had to apply for their positions and prove their leadership. Directors and managers now guide the work and the fate of the office together. Although there is still no explicit succession provision, the office is succession-ready. We now have three people in responsible positions, who demand it.

In addition they bring important initiatives, for example through their own personal experiences. We have built structures for ourselves where there is no turning back. Through methodical reflection and purposeful communication, we are learning a new way of office management — with a high approval rating from the clients, by the way. After intensive research by the CAD working group, the firm made a large investment into 3D planning software, hardware and training courses.

For the comprehensive implementation of life cycle planning with BIM, many billing-related issues and contract law conditions still need to be established. Experience thereby comes from the ranks, thus from the office. We already see now how working methods are changing through drawing plus information generation. This insight requires concrete know-how put into practice. It involves moving a boat the respective change forward in the cycle and getting the stakeholders important participants on board. In doing so, resistance management is the magic word.

Eight steps are available as a key tool for effective leadership.

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Situations are set up on a base board or a table board and represented with the help of computer simulation. Everything that one would otherwise have to look up in books is clearly shown on the board. The correct sequence of measures, including the employees, becomes graphically clear. By trying out various options, we have expanded our scope of action enor-. The selection was then easier for us; practice has since proven the assessments to be correct.

Naturally one cannot plan and predict the future of a firm in detail. Therefore the succession is, as far as possible, the desired sequence of something before — and not a random product of supposedly unforeseeable and perhaps economically difficult circumstances. I feel deeply honored and humbled to receive an award for something that is a personal and life-long passion. Microservices sollen keine gemeinsame Datenbank haben. Warum eigentlich? Und was ist mit der dabei entstehenden Redundanz?

Das Digital-Strategy-Framework beschreibt unterschiedliche digitale Treiber und deren Auswirkungen auf eine Vielzahl von Einflussgebieten innerhalb einer Organisation und die Konsequenzen hieraus. User Experience UX wird immer wichtiger. Alexander Casall arbeitet seit ca. Jedes Softwareteam schreibt Code, aber einige produzieren weniger Bugs als andere. Jedes Softwareteam baut neue Features, aber einige sind schneller als andere.

Sie arbeiten zusammen. Neben dem Programmieren gilt seine Leidenschaft effektiver Softwareentwicklung und der Motivation von Entwicklern. Historically, J2EE servers were huge monolithic beasts. While the second generation of the platform, called Java EE, improved a lot, there are already production-ready solutions to bring even more flexibility to run enterprise Java applications. Many major vendors, including IBM, Red Hat and Payara, strive to provide lightweight and extensible runtimes to power microservices, cloud deployments and reactive architectures already.

Their individual efforts are naturally followed by an open collaboration within the MicroProfile. I invite you to join the adventure with me and follow the quest for a new generation enterprise Java platform. Afterwards, we will have a closer look at the MicroProfile. Lots of coding and demonstrations using Payara Micro included to illustrate the concepts. Ondrej Mihalyi is a Senior Service Engineer at Payara, software developer and consultant specializing in tweaking standard and proven tools to solve new and challenging problems.

He loves working with Java EE community and would welcome anyone to contribute to Payara Server, as well as to any other open project in Java EE ecosystem. Negotiating the API contract is a great way to achieve a common understanding of what they want. Giving us the capabilities to work on all ends right off the start. His current technical expertise focuses on combining cloud solutions, microservice architecture, API design, DevOps all while finding simplicity in complexity. Daniel Roth is a Developer of the core part of the as-a-service product at SAP Hybris with a keen interest in next-generation technologies.

He has been working on enterprise applications, cloud services and DevOps topics in the last years. Unsafe verwendet und was es mit VarHandles in Java 9 auf sich hat. Rechenzentren verteilt ist. Und das Coolste dabei: Unsere bestehenden Services werden gar nicht viel davon mitbekommen.

X JSRs. He has worked with Java technology since JDK 1. Welche architektonischen Konzepte und Best Practices haben die vergangenen Jahre gebracht. Webanwendungen werden auf allen Ebenen vom Frontend bis hin zum Backend angegriffen. Die Theorie besagt, die organisatorische Ebene von Arbeiten an der Architektur und reinen Entwicklungsarbeiten in agilen Projekten nicht zu trennen. Verschiedenste Herausforderungen wie technische und architekturelle Rahmenbedingungen sowie Verantwortlichkeiten sind zu beachten.

Zu jedem Szenario in diesem Spektrum werden die Vorbedingungen und Konsequenzen diskutiert sowie Praxisbeispiele referenziert. Heute leitet er die Agile Unit von Accenture im deutschsprachigen Raum. An increasing amount of vendors is offering cloud services for various aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

We investigate the possibilities, considerations and limitations when building a system from such services. This also leads to the question to which degree human cognitive performance can in general be mimicked by utilizing services with specialized capabilities. Matthias works in the field of Machine Learning since He utilized Machine Learning for Brain-Computer Interfaces, portfolio optimization and text analytics.

He leads the field of Artificial Intelligence for Accenture Emerging Technologies in Germany and is concerned with the its application in enterprises. Twitter: mittie. Im heutigen Zeitalter von verteilten Cloud- Anwendungen und Microservices wird schnell klar, dass die Autentifizierung und Authorisierung der Benutzer keine leichte Aufgabe darstellt.

Sebastian Daschner arbeitet als freiberuflicher Java Consultant, Softwareentwickler bzw. Nach kurzer Zeit mussten wir aber feststellen, dass uns beide Schuhe nicht so recht passten, und wir sind daran fast gescheitert. Building a strong, closely linked culture is critical to the success of any organization. However, there are many challenges that have to be overcome in the process of building that culture. How do we address the ability to collaborate across different groups, be it developers, testers, or project managers, to help provide a better quality application for end users?

Damien Walsh discusses how this is done at each of the product lifecycle stages and how the communication will effectively improve quality. In this session, Damien talks about software quality, the benefits of collaboration and swaying the naysayers. Discussion points will include:. We are all on the software quality journey and we all share in the responsibility of delivering better products to our users.

As the Sr Sales Engineer, Damien facilitates conversations to help teams better understand how to implement development, performance and testing processes to improve the quality of software. He is responsible for assisting account manager, partner and customers alike in finding the best ways to achieve their end goals. With over fifteen years of experience, working in roles from support to consultancy to an advisory role across EMEA and APAC, Damien has been involved in various projects in different sectors providing advice, support and implementation to customers.

Wo also liegt das Problem? Aha-Effekte garantiert! Die digitale Transformation ist einer davon, oft aber auch Standardisierung und Effizienzsteigerung. Kotter spricht davon, dass nur etwa 30 Prozent der Transformationen gelingen. Und vieles mehr. Allerdings hat das auch seinen Preis. Es gibt nicht eine Rechteverwaltung, sondern prinzipiell hat jeder Service seine eigene. Egal ob es sich um Neuentwicklungen oder Migrationsprojekte handelt, oft stellt sich die Frage nach der richtigen UI-Technologie. Braucht kein Mensch! And if things are ready to get bigger you will see how you can make use of T-Systems bare metal on demand platform starting with small data to grow to big data and if end up with huge data.

You will also gain insight into the road map of hybrid solutions, combining the capabilities of public clouds like Microsoft Azure with the secure private possibilities of AppAgile. Before starting in he was running CAD operation at a leading German manufacturing company. He provides a wealth of expertise in server consolidation and server centralization which he sold and implemented for many Fortune customers in various verticals financial industries, manufacturing, whole sale.

He sold and implemented SaaS architectures based on private cloud computing environments and storage clouds. Negotiated contracts for such environment SLAs, commercials, asset and staff transfer with customer and vendors. Sold and implemented many complete desktop, network, datacentre outsourcings. During his career Thomas lived for almost four years in the US Chicago were he successfully sold and implemented ICT and System integration outsourcings. But still DevOps often is seen way to small. DevOps is not only more collaboration between Development and Operations. Uwe Friedrichsen travels the IT world for many years.

As a fellow of codecentric AG he is always in search of innovative ideas and concepts. His current focus areas are resilience, scalability and the IT of the day after tomorrow. Often, you can find him on conferences sharing his ideas, or as author of articles, blog posts, tweets and more.

Infotainment systems and electronic control units are being implemented by these automakers that leverage connectivity through Bluetooth, WIFI, and cellular baseband networks for that connectivity creating an attack surface as a result of security being an afterthought to design and functionality. The vulnerabilities discussed in this presentation are exploitable and were found over the past few penetration tests performed of European automakers, and electronic control unit ECU and infotainment manufacturers who retained Alissa Knight to perform this testing.

Solutions for how to address these risks and treat them to an acceptable level will be discussed as well as mitigating controls to treat the risks that are inherent in the cellular networks that the automobile, ECU, and infotainment manufacturers have no control over fixing. With previous roles in penetration testing, incident response and forensics, and now IoT penetration testing, Alissa is currently focused on working with automobile, ECU, and infotainment manufacturers in understanding their new attack surface to help secure their connected systems.

What is Neural Network? Why is Deep Learning so important? What are the challenges for introducing those technologies to production services? In this session, we will look at the answers for those questions and how Google has been successfully deploying large scale neural network on services such as Google Photos, Android and Google Search. Before joining Google, Robert collected over ten years of experience in Software Development and Architecture.

He has driven multiple full-stack application developments at SAP with a passion for distributed systems, containers and databases.

Strategieumsetzung - Ein neuer Weg zum Erfolg!

Lothar Wieske ist Cloud Architect. Most nontrivial software systems suffer from significant levels of technical and architectural debt. This session will explain a practical approach to code organization and architecture and also introduce a domain specific language that can be used to enforce architectural rules during all stages of the development process. Alexander von Zitzewitz is a serial entrepreneur in the software business and one of the founders of hello2morrow, an ISV specializing in static analysis tools that can enforce architecture and quality rules during development and maintenance of software systems.

He worked in the industry since the early s and focusses on the role of software architecture and technical quality on successful project outcomes. Are the authors of these books right? Or should we be skeptical of these claims?

Internationalisierung des Rechts und seine ökonomische Analyse

And how will humans find meaning and fulfilment in a world without work? These are the questions addressed in this talk. His research interests are eclectic, ranging from the philosophy of religion to ethics and legal theory. His main area of research is the philosophy of technology and the impacts of emerging technologies on society. From to he is the lead investigator on the Algocracy and Transhumanism Project, which looks at the future of governance and values in an era of advanced artificial intelligence.

The project is funded by the Irish Research Council. Preisvorhersagen, gezielterer Kundenservice und Empfehlungen sind nur einige Beispiele. Jeff Dean von Google geht davon aus, dass nur 10 Prozent der Google-Entwickler dieser Herausforderung bereits gewachsen sind. Christian Meder ist CTO bei inovex. Seit mehr als einer Dekade ist er in der Open-Source-Community aktiv. Die Session gibt einen Ausblick auf Java 9 und seine interessantesten Features. Sie ist u. Muss das so sein? Wir sagen: definitiv nicht! Und zeigen es auch. Somit muss entsprechendes Spring-Know-how mitgebracht oder aufgebaut werden.

Der Vortrag stellt die wichtigsten Testfallermittlungsverfahren theoretisch und praktisch an Beispielen vor. Dabei konnte er seine Kenntnisse sowohl im klassischen als auch im agilen Umfeld erweitern. Jan Delgado is working as IT architect for Accenture. Before shifting focus on architectural work, he developed software on large system integration projects. Currently he is helping clients to design and build microservice architectures and bring their devices to the cloud. He likes to program micro controllers to set up non-common application and held IoT workshops on that topic.

Aktuell begleitet Hr. OpenShift beinhaltet eine Docker- und Kubernetes-basierte Containerlaufzeitumgebung. As such, he is responsible for solution design across the whole Red Hat portfolio. Before joining Red Hat in , he had worked in technical presales roles at IBM, as specialist for the Middleware portfolio and as software client architect for utilities. Wolfram is passionate about connecting technical capabilities to business value and hates to write in the 3rd person about himself.

He holds a Dipl. In the rare case he happens to experience any free time, he quickly drowns it with side projects such as having a family with two kids, riding a motorcycle and group fitness programs. Diese Keynote geht auf diesen neuen Architekturansatz, der bereits von nationalen und internationalen Konzernen aufgegriffen wurde, ein und zeigt am Beispiel einer AngularAnwendung, wie dieser Ansatz realisiert werden kann und worauf dabei zu achten ist.

In diesem Talk ordne ich die Verwundbarkeit aus Sicht eines Security Professionals und Pentesters ein und zeige Ihnen, wie ein solcher Angriff funktioniert und warum es ein Problem auf breiterer Basis ist, als nur eine Hand voll Bibliotheken betreffend so wie es leider in manchen Medien behandelt wurde. Andere wiederum sind in Extremsituationen vielleicht zu direkt und riskieren, es sich mit Kollegen oder gar dem Vorgesetzten dauerhaft zu verscherzen. Welche Kommunikationsstrategie wende ich bei wem richtig an, um erfolgreich meine Ziele zu erreichen?

Yasmine Limberger ist Dipl. In der 2. Yasmine Limberger ist erreichbar unter: yasmine. Mehr Infos auch unter: www. Dieser Vortrag soll aufzeigen, wann Pipeline as Code Sinn ergibt und wann nicht. Demonstriert wird dies an Beispielen aus der Praxis, die z. Sein Fokus liegt auf verteilten Java-Applikationen, wobei er zugeben muss, im letzten Jahr mehr Zeilen produktiven Infrastrukturcode in Python, Ruby und Golang implementiert zu haben.

Zudem liegt sein Schwerpunkt bei den Herausforderungen der Persistenz in solchen verteilten Applikationen. Bremst Ihre IT den Fachbereich aus? Seit seinem Studium ist er fasziniert von allen Aspekten der Softwareentwicklung im Allgemeinen und flexiblen Softwarearchitekturen im Speziellen. Vorsicht: Pragmatismus und Praxiserfahrung! Each microservice is a small server application which has to be implemented including authentication, authorization, billing etc. This adds a lot extra work and duplication inside the product.

For organizations it is important to reduce this extra cost by providing a platform taking care of this generic functions. What are the requirements for a microservice platform, which functionalities should be provided and how could a solution look like. Having been working for about ten years within the area of system automation and provisioning, he has worked on both big monolithic JEE applications as well as modern microservice architectures. Da wie oben dargelegt weder in den Strafvorschriften, noch in der Anklageschrift, noch im Verfahren, noch im Urteil bestimmt bzw.

Die Garantie der Wissenschaftsfreiheit meint keinen Wissenschaftsbegriff, der wissenschaftliches Erkenntnisstreben einseitig in den Dienst einer metawissenschaftlichen Doktrin zu stellen sucht oder Wissenschaft schon a priori von vorneherein als Funktion zur Durchsetzung bestimmter Interessen zu definieren sucht. Das betreffende Sitzungsprotokoll vom 9.

Ohne Bestimmung des Leugnungsgegenstands kann nicht festgestellt werden ob und ggf. Was dies konkret sei, welche Handlungen dies konkret seien, ist nicht bestimmt. Die inkriminierten Vortragspassagen lauten im jeweiligen Zusammenhang:. Die Urteile gegen Holo- [Versprecher]. Und das ist ja — darauf will ich hinaus — es ist unklar, was eigentlich geleugnet wurde. Weil es ja gar nicht verbindlich definiert ist. Auch das [eine solche Verweisung] gibt es nicht. Und da sind wir eben am Problem. Da wird ja das wahrscheinlich alles drinstehen, die Details.

Das ist nicht der Fall. Das ist sehr allgemein. Es ist keines genannt, in dem Gaskammern waren. Und auch zur Endsituation. Denn es steht im Urteil nicht drin — weder in den alten Urteilen noch in den neuen Urteilen steht es drin. Man will es ja wissen. Es ist ja wirklich so. Man will nicht einfach irgendetwas leugnen, was bewiesen ist, sondern man will wissen, was war. Das ist der Punkt! Er bekommt keine Antwort. Das Ende des Vortrags lautete:]. In der betreffenden o. Zum Beispiel in folgender Vortragspassage:. Das ist nur ein Beispiel und auch nur aus einem der vielen Bereiche der Medizin — einem der vielen Bereiche, in dem solche Dinge vorkommen.

Journalisten, die als untragbar angesehen werden, wenn sie eine andere Auffassung von den Geschehnissen des Instanz verurteilt.

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