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For more information see our Cookie Policy. Erin McGuire. He says while emus are fast runners they cannot jump. Mr Foley believes three pheasants were stolen several years ago.

Gardaí investigate mysterious disappearance of flightless bird

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Interesting Emu Facts And Information For Kids

Every second or third day, the female will lay a dark green egg weighing about half a kilogram. After the lady lays her seventh egg, the male will become broody and begin sitting on the eggs. The female will then seek another male for more intimate rendezvous. After her act of infidelity, she may return to lay more eggs.

As many as half the chicks in the brood may be fathered by others. Once the male starts brooding, he will not eat, drink or defecate.

On the prowl....(aka the evil emu)

For the next eight weeks, he will survive on accumulated body fat, losing up to one third of his body weight. Meanwhile, the female may go on to another lover's nest to lay more eggs. In a good season, a female Emu may nest up to three times. Once the chicks hatch, the male will protect them. He will also adopt any strange chick found wandering, as long as it is no bigger than the chicks in his own brood. Despite being an amazing creature, Australians haven't always looked upon with great affection.

At the height of the depression, Western Australian farmers called in the army to fight an "Emu War". Soldiers armed with machine guns mounted on trucks, spent several days trying to engage the enemy.

The Flightless Birds - Kiwi, Emu, Ostrich, Dodo and Others - Periwinkle

But the birds seemed adept at rapid battlefield manoeuvres and were difficult targets to hit. When they did stop a bullet, they showed a remarkable capacity to keep moving. The birds even won the admiration of their enemy. The artillery commander, a Major Meredith, later said: " If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds it would face any army in the world. The dislike of Emus is largely an economic one with graziers regarding the Emu as a competitor for food and water.

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Although Emus indeed drink water and eat grass, they also benefit graziers by eating enormous quantities of plague insects like locusts or caterpillars. As a commercial products themselves, Emus have great potential. They are particularly suitable for degraded, overgrazed properties. Unlike cattle and especially sheep, they do not cause soil compaction or destroy grass roots, and Emu dung gradually helps native vegetation recover.

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Presently there are about Emu farms in Australia, and many more overseas. Emu oil is used for the treatment of muscle aches and sprains.

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  4. Emu skin makes excellent leather, and Emu meat is sold in the niche gourmet market. The Kangaroo and Emu are two animals that can not walk backwards. As a metaphor of the great Australian trait to leave baggage in the past and look optimistically to the future, the two hold the shield on the Australian Coat of Arms.

    If need be, they can sprint at 30 miles per hour. They are nomadic and roam the countryside looking for food. Although they are solitary creatures, emus can live in flocks or pairs. Emus can swim and if they have to, they will cross rivers when they are wandering. But they prefer to just play in the water. On hot days at streams or dams they will sometimes roll on their backs and kick their legs in the air. On the prowl Taken on August 14, All rights reserved.