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Simultaneously, she could be a tom-boy and rough house the guys having learned how to be a husky from Apollo, the greatest teacher of canine behavior I've ever seen. In three weeks he had her out of herself and knowing exactly what and how to do what she needed to do. A wonderful teacher. Throughout her life her gentle and talkative nature endeared her to everyone she met.

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It got to the point that for some of the visitors to the run every husky I had was named "Ivanna" proper gender notwithstanding!! She was strong with a will of iron and held her own among the boys often sitting on top of the flat roofed dog house surveying her realm. When Children approached the run she would hop off the roof saunter over to the fence climb up onto the fencing and stick her fox-like muzzle through the chain link to sniff the kiddies' faces always managing to get an affectionate and gentle lick into a nose or a cheek or even a pair of lips or two.

In her later years she never lost her vigor but could hold up with the best of them. In the last two years her coat began to gradually change color. It started toward the end of spring of two years ago as red highlights among the black coat that began to deepen and spread until she became totally red-haired the only thing that remained black was the dome of her head and behind her ears, the rest of her was red and white, She was beautiful, slim, well proportioned and strong in body, spirit and mind. Willful she often had me at wit's end when I would call her to come in from her perch and her ice-blue eyes would throw me a frozen stare and she'd stand there as if to say she didn't understand my "dialect".

She did what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. Indeed a real princess in her own right! She was joy, an inspiration, she was my very first dog that I ever owned I never had one as a child the family couldn't afford one. I got her for company and protection having to live in a huge rectory alone in a changing neighborhood where the crime element was moving in. The other huskies were added to the family as company for her all the rest were rescues.

She became the alpha-female and along with Apollo as her Dad and Hero as Granddad they set the tone for a pack that in my estimation was memorable. She taught me much about loyalty, unconditional love, the necessity of working cooperatively for the good of the pack, accuracy in reporting details she was very good at doing that with her chatter whenever I returned from a mission visitation and how to enjoy life to the fullest.

She danced and pronged like an antelope in the run when she played with the boys and she danced into paradise when she fell asleep for the last time in my arms. She has left her pawprints indelibly in my heart and forever is part of the fabric of my life. I was privileged to have her for the time I did and I am privileged to share with you some of the memories I have of her.

I hope by this short tale you too are touched by her specialness and your life is made a bit brighter because of her memory. It was my privilege to know what little of her as I did.

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Would that I had been able to know your pack in the vitality of their youth, you have indeed been blessed with some wonderful, precious friends. Pax vobiscum, padre! Your stories of your huskies should be in a book. Few know their huskies so well and have the insight to share their stories in a fashion that keeps it interesting, amusing, and learning a lesson of one kind or another. I so love reading your every word about them. What a wonderful relationship you have enjoyed with them. Such wonderful words coming from the Editor-in-Chief are high praise indeed!

I'm honored you would consider my writings in such a manner. Your suggestion gives me pause for thought. The problem is carving out sufficient time to do a thorough job. They are mutts, a combination of huskies and hounds bred for the northern trail.

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They have double coats meaning they shed in springtime and tough feet. Ours are sweethearts who love belly rubs and leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. Some chase sticks, and one even has a pet rock. They howl for all sorts of reasons, and usually are eager to pull the first time we put them in harness.

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Their world revolves around us, and we live for them. On the human side of the Iditarod, there is a common misconception that men have an advantage. It is true that fewer women run the race than men, but the sport is truly gender blind. Women do very very well on the dog sledding trail. Iditarod bears no resemblance to a long camping trip, for anyone. Q: What are you working on now? There are a variety of critters in this new story—migrating birds, quarter horses, and of course, sled dogs. Q: Anything else we should know? A: My highest hope for Fast Into the Night is that it might strike a chord in those who have never considered adventure in any form.

My dogs certainly pulled me into a territory fraught with challenge, and together we found our way. By honoring my huskies and our journey, I hope to inspire an adventurous spirit in others. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Wonderful historic photos illustrate this volume which sled dog lovers and working dog lovers alike will enjoy.

Siberian Huskies fanciers will appreciate the big photo of Leonhard Seppala's victorious All-Alaska team, for example, while Alaskan Malamute lovers will appreciate the photo of Muk, a "pure malamute" belonging to Hudson Stuck, the Episcopal archdeacon of the Yukon who traveled thousands of miles by sled dog team in his ministry. Click here to order Gold Rush Dogs online. I had the pleasure of meeting Pam Flowers -- and her sled dogs -- during my trip to Alaska in August She is a small, quiet-spoken woman -- with an incredible iron will.

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She and 8 Alaskan huskies traveled across the top of the world from Barrow, Alaska, to Repulse Bay, Canada , in the early s, setting a number of records in the process. This new book -- for young people and adults alike -- introduces you to lead dog Douggie and his seven teammates, and narrates many of their hair-raising adventures in the frigid north. You will often find yourself holding your breath, wondering how Pam and her huskies will find a way to reach safety -- again! And you will discover Pam's indomitable spirit and quest to succeed, no matter the odds, a message she takes today to school children all over North America.

Click here to order Alone Across the Arctic online. C licker training has been hailed as the greatest breakthrough in dog training by many enthusiasts, while others are not at all sure. If you are trying to decide for yourself if this training method has merits for you and your dog, this paperback edition of Clicking with Your Dog could be just what you need. Author Peggy Tillman has translated all the theory of clicker training -- for which editor Karen Pryor is so well known -- into an easy volume to use, illustrated to provide step-by-step instructions.

Click here to order Clicking with Your Dog online. The Portable petswelcome. Grayson and Chris Kingsley Click to order this book. T he Portable petswelcome. More than ever, our dogs are part of our families. As a result, more people want to take their dogs with them when they travel, especially when the family goes on vacation. And the same is true for other pets such as cats, ferrets and more. Need a motel that welcomes dogs or other pets? Lodging options in both the USA and Canada are included, listed by state or province.

Or maybe you're looking for a campground where dogs and pets can join in the fun. They're in the guide too. And if you plan to leave your dog or other pet at home, there are listings of petsitters and kennels as well as veterinarians. If you travel and have a dog, this book belongs on your bookshelf!

The site notes that their research continues, with work now underway on finding amusement parks that welcome dogs, cats and other pets. Click here to order this book online. The book introduces kids to all the different kinds of dogs and their many different jobs. The stories of real dogs who do the many kinds of jobs gives the book added appeal.

Adults can enjoy the book too. She thought she might be a dog kennel owner, and she was a teacher for several years. She's had as many as four dogs at a time. T he scientific quest to understand human origins is a popular topic with the lay public as many of us are curious about who we are and where we came from as a species. In this illuminating and well written book, Bryan Sykes goes a long way toward satisfying that curiosity. Sykes provides an extraordinary picture of the origins and global migrations of Homo sapiens sapiens, modern humans, us.

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