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    Im eBook lesen. In den Warenkorb. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 2. The Study of Linguistics 3. Conclusion 6. References 1. Introduction The study of linguistics is a large branch of knowledge that deals with language and communication systems. Omitting historical developments and debates on theoretical issues that belong to the study of linguistics, the science itself includes the following branches: The lexicon, which is part of the present discussion and which I refer to later on; Grammar, a systematic account of the structure of a language; Phonetics, which attends to the sound of language and Phonology, which deals with sound patterns; Morphology, that means the structure of a language; Syntax, concerning the sentence patterns and the question whether a sentence is grammatical or not; Semantics, the study of meaning; and a branch that is also included in linguistics and occupies linguists called Language Acquisition.

    Lexical Phonology The theory of lexical phonology is a major contemporary theory of phonology developed in the early s by K. This is figured in the following diagram by Kiparsky a : illustration not visible in this excerpt Lexical phonology model The diagram shows that the different stages of morphology and phonology are organized in levels, they are level- ordered, so the derivational and inflectional processes of a language appear in a series of levels or strata.

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    Development and Stages of Pidgins and Creoles towards Decreolizatio Der geheime Lehrplan in der Erwachsenenbildung. Age as a Factor in Second Language Acquisition. Laden Sie Ihre eigenen Arbeiten hoch!