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He finally set me down, glancing at the clock. I grabbed my bags and my half-empty cup of coffee on the way out, not saying goodbye. Beautiful my phone number. Ohne danach zu fragen kam er zu mir ins Bad. Dann stellte er zwei Flaschen Wasser auf den Tisch. Du bist dehydriert. Ich sah, dass er seine Kleider gewechselt hatte. Denn er hatte sich wieder einen Anzug angezogen und sah frisch und ausgeruht aus.

Meine Augen ruhten auf seinem tadellosen Anzug. Als ich ihn ansah, bewegten sich meine Augen zu seinem Spiegelbild. Seine Augen permanent auf meine Brust geheftet trat er direkt hinter mich. Sie waren hart wie Kieselsteine, und straffer als zu dem Zeitpunkt, da ich sie mir angesehen hatte. Er knetete sie fest und meine Augen schlossen sich. Du bist einfach zu viel, Bianca". Der Schlitz war unglaublich eng. Er konnte zum Teufel noch mal alles auf einmal machen. Ich schrie auf, rieb mich gegen ihn.

Mir war nicht bewusst, dass ein Orgasmus so sein konnte, so schnell hervorbrach. Und so kraftvoll. Als er seine Finger aus mir herauszog fing er meinen Blick im Spiegel auf. Ich schaute absolut schockiert, als er sie jetzt zu seinem Mund bewegte und sie sauber leckte. Ich versuchte, seine immer noch starke Erregung zu greifen. Er fing meine Hand auf, da er wusste, worauf sie abzielte. Zieh Dich an. Das Ding sollte verboten werden. Ich werde mit dieser Pseudo-Krawatte noch einige illegale Dinge mit Dir anstellen", sagte er in seinem ernsten Ton.

Ich lachte nur. Stephan wird mir dabei helfen. Aber das passiert heute Morgen nicht. Ich komme nicht wieder bis ich mich in Dich vergraben kann. Spontan, kniete ich mich vor ihn hin. Mein Gesicht bewegte sich nur ein paar Zentimeter von seinem Unterleib entfernt. Er packte meine Haare ein bisschen grob. Ich mache nichts dergleichen. Sie war Und mitten in meinem Gesicht. Es war kein Problem, sie in meinen Mund zu nehmen und damit zu beginnen, gierig an ihr zu saugen. Eher das Gegenteil. Ich habe noch nie etwas so sehr in meinem Leben gewollt. Nach diesem Akt. Wir werden ein andermal reden.

Ich habe gesehen, wie wichtig Dir Deine Arbeit ist. This topic describes how to use Active Technologies reports for Adobe Flash Player for enhanced report presentation, more in-depth data interaction, and faster analysis. The reports and dashboards described in this topic are enabled to use the full capabilities of Active Technologies.

They are called Active Technologies reports or active reports, and Active Technologies dashboards or active dashboards. An active report delivered as a self-contained Adobe Flash file an SWF file that is Adobe Flash Player compatible provides faster analysis of large data sets and interaction with the active report.

The output is compiled into an Adobe Flash file an SWF file that is Adobe Flash Player compatible with the data embedded at the time that the procedure is run. You can open the file with the Flash Player installed on your machine, and have all the active report functionality without the need of connecting to the server.

The following image is an example of the active report for Adobe Flash Player output and the active report menu options available. For example, you can generate a chart to view the interactivity embedded in the report, show or hide the chart legend, and use the chart icons to change the chart type, as shown in the sample image. From the Report menu, select Output.

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The Report Options dialog box opens. Click Apply. The Features and Format tabs of the Report Options dialog box are identical to the active report options. Click OK to close the Report Options dialog box. Click Run to view the report output. The default file name may appear similar to WFServlet? If you have trouble locating the Flash files, you may need to clear the browser cache if the file does not appear.

Paste the Flash file into any other directory. Tip: Be sure to keep the page and Internet Explorer open to avoid clearing the cache file. If you double-click to open the SWF file and receive a message that the file type is not associated with any programs on your computer, choose the Select the program from a list option and select Internet Explorer as the program. The Adobe Flash file opens in Internet Explorer, displaying the embedded data from the active report and all its functionality.

The Save As dialog box opens. Select the Save in location, enter a File name, and click Save. If you double-click to open the SWF file and receive a message that the file type is not associated with any programs on your computer, choose the Select the program from a list option and select the appropriate internet browser as the program. The Adobe Flash file opens in the selected browser, displaying the embedded data from the active report and all its functionality. The Filter and Highlight menus appear individually when you use the active report for Adobe Flash Player output format. Click Filter or Highlight, and then the operation.

The Filter Selection or Highlight Selection dialog box opens. You can change the operation after you select it. Enter a value or values, depending on the operation that you select. Values are entered either by typing a value in a text box or selecting a value from a drop-down list. Tip: Hold down the Ctrl or Shift key when selecting multiple values in the Filter or Highlight dialog box.

Click the Add Condition drop-down list if you want to enter additional filters or highlights. The AND logic considers all filters, and all data must pass all filters, in order to be included in the report output. The OR logic considers filters independently and includes data that meets any of the applied filters in the report output. Click Filter or Highlight. Once you apply a filter or highlight, and minimize the selection dialog box, the selection dialog box appears as a button Filter Selection or Highlight Selection in the bottom of the window.

You can click the button to access the dialog box. If you close the dialog box, all filters and highlights are cleared from the report output. By default, a Pivot Table groups the selected column as the vertical sort field and the selected row as the horizontal sort field. The Pivot Tool enables you to select multiple group fields in the Pivot Table generated. Click and drag the columns into the desired sort field. In the following image, active report for Flash is selected from the output format drop-down list on the Report Painter toolbar.

In any column heading, click an arrow to display a drop-down menu. From the menu, click Pivot Tool, as shown in the following image. You must include a column in the Group By and Measure sort fields a Measure typically defines how much or how many. The Across sort field is optional. You cannot use multiple Measures. The Pivot Table is generated in a new window based on the sort fields selected, as shown in the following image. The same column cannot appear in both the Group By and Across sort fields.

You can drag columns between the Group By, Across, and Measure sort fields, but you cannot drag the columns back into the Columns section. If a column already exists in the Measure sort field, an additional column that is dropped into the Measure sort field replaces the existing column.

The Measure sort field displays Sum for numeric fields and Count for non-numeric fields by default. You can click and drag the desired columns into the sort fields.

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Once you define the report, you can display the data as a chart or Rollup Table. Important: In order for you to generate all the charts described in this topic, your environment must have access to or a connection to a WebFOCUS Client hosted on a web server. The supported charts in disconnected mode are the default bar, pie, line, and scatter charts.

It also describes how to present the selected data in chart format, or in tabular format as a Rollup Table. Run the active report. In any column heading, click the arrow to display a drop-down menu. The Columns list includes all available columns in the active report. You can drag and drop columns from the Columns list into the Group By or Measure sort field.

The Charts tab allows you to select the desired chart type. The Data tab displays the result of your report design as a Rollup Table. Left-click and drag the desired columns from the Columns list into the Group By and Measure sort fields. The following image shows a report that has been designed on the Series tab.

To change the chart type, click the Charts tab and then click the chart type of your choosing Bar, Pie, Line, Scatter, or Other , as shown in the following image. When you point to a chart label, the complete descriptive name of the chart is provided. The chart type in the output window dynamically changes to the chart type selected. The chart image in the tool window is highlighted to indicate the chart type selected and displayed in the output window. The following image shows an output window with the selected data presented as a pie chart.

From the output window, you can change the chart format to one of the available types. The selected data is displayed in tabular format. Click the arrow on a column heading to display a menu of your data sort options, as shown in the following image.

Du bist das Glück: Handbuch zum neuen Bewusstsein

You can use multiple Group By and Measure sort fields. Group By is the column used for the X-axis, and Measure is the column used for the Y-axis. You can use only one Measure sort field as the Y-axis when using a pie chart. The same column can appear in both the Group By and Measure sort fields. You can drag columns between the Group By and Measure sort fields, but you cannot drag them back to the Columns section. Headings for the chart are generated using the field name, or column title name. To display the hidden columns in the Rollup Table, select Show Columns from the active report menu, and select the column name that you want to display.

Working With Charts A chart often conveys meaning more clearly and effectively than data displayed in tabular form. A chart enables you to visually communicate quantitative information. On a chart, you can give data a shape and form, and reveal patterns and relationships among many data values. Erstellen eines Reports in ReportPainter.

Klicken Sie auf Filtern oder Hervorheben und dann auf den Vorgang. Klicken Sie auf Filter oder Highlight. Das Sortierfeld Across ist optional. Die folgende Abbildung zeigt einen Report, der auf dem Tab Serien entworfen worden ist. English to German: Awake the magician in you General field: Other Detailed field: Esoteric practices Source text - English The secret tricks to awaken the magician in you Last year we conducted a truly magical workshop called: Remote CHI The science of distance healing We had written a booklet on this subject and wanted to show people how easy, powerful and also how much fun it is to support the self-healing powers of others — at a distance.

We are still getting letters from people who have been able to profoundly help their loved ones with this method. We created Remote CHI to offer everyone interested the chance to hone their extrasensory skills and healing powers for the benefit of others — especially their loved ones. You will also receive our raved about sleep program in this package! For me, Remote CHI is magic at a distance. I find it is the most enjoyable, playful way of conducting Universal energy. I guess I had numerous lifetimes as a magical being and this is why this subject is so dear to me in this life.

It all starts with the intention! We all tend to overthink, overcomplicate most things that we do. And I feel this usually makes our lives harder and less enjoyable in all areas. Whenever we are connected to our hearts, being playful and enjoying ourselves we are creating magic. When things are good, they usually get better … and once we are stuck we usually get even more stuck! Time to wake up the magician inside of you! Here are the first 5 steps of power you need to take in order to tap into your magical potential Speak your truth. Quit pretending or pleasing others.

Take care of yourself, say what you need to say and learn to communicate authentically and clearly. Watch your speech — are you coming from love or are you coming from blame or judgment? Ask for what you want. It simply means that you need to ask someone else. Keep your agreements. Honor your word, keep your promises. Not only towards other — also to yourself. Set a goal, commit and go. Stop making excuses for yourself.

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Take responsibility for your experiences. You are the only one to blame or honor for what you are experiencing. Associate with like-minded people. Stop hanging out with whiners and people who drag you down. Connect to people who inspire and motivate you — think of yourself as a role model for yourself and others. Where and how can you be the best version of yourself? Magical Boomerang Whatever you send out comes back to you! Your intentions must come from love and having the best interest of all involved at heart. Train your face and brain to be a reflection of joy!

So Keep your space clean and tidy — honor your home and workspace and also our cars are reflections of who we are! This is your only vehicle in this life — take care of it! From yourself and help others achieve theirs. Remember: If you ever feel tempted to work from other motives such as coming from a very egotistical interest or worse: your intention harms others you will receive a karmic boomerang sooner and with more intensity than you can imagine.

Articulate your spells like your goals Be specific, clear, straightforward and concise! The clearer you state your goals, the better they will be understood and received. Be genuine about what you are going for and communicate your spell in the simplest form possible. If your spells arte too general, your energy is too spread out and the results will be dimmed. Start with the who?

The first 2 are easy to define: Who are you casting this spell for? Name them! What is it that you want? A new car, heal from a disease, meet your soul mate? This is where you want to be as specific as possible: Which type of car, what color, what model? Which disease, what are the symptoms you want relief from? With disease it is essential that you get the lesson or message your body is trying to convey to you. Because if you just work on getting rid of the symptoms, you might be missing out on a great learning experience and will instead provoke the need for a new lesson that usually only gets more intense… The when and the how can often be tricky to formulate.

Now comes a part that most people forget to do. A spell is only really complete when you write it down. I like putting it in our meditation room, near a crystal or figurine of an angel etc. The Universe is there for you, conspiring to make the best happen for you! Indulge in gratitude and a sense of being cared for. You are love and you are loved — there is nothing to be scared of. Schreiner deliberately allowed a lot to pass him by. He filmed his small archaic community as it were with archaic means.

He has picked up where he left off in his closely related film I Cimbri after having not filmed for a long time. The power of his work has remained equally strong. Beautifully captured light in the endless grey tones between black and white may well have something timeless. We listen closely to the amazing old language and the occasionally dramatic life stories.

Stories sometimes with angular philosophies of life and peasant poetry, but poetry it certainly is. Schreiner would appear to have withdrawn for a long time in the landscape and among the people who populate his films. Chopping wood instead of making films. It seems to have had the desired result. Capturing the peace, the way of life and reasoning in the isolated mountain community is recorded with an incredible amount of respect and sensitivity. One season more or less seems less relevant. Pilz and Schreiner of course only form an exceptional fringe within Austrian documentary, that with names such as Ulrich Seidl, Michael Glawogger and Nicolas Geyrhalter is itself exceptional enough to have a clear profile in an international sense.

And that certainly makes the journey worthwhile every year. And yes, the mountain comes to Mohammed. Bellavista is coming to Rotterdam. Gertjan Zuilhof, Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam. Heimat als Schicksal. Ihr geschnitztes Gesicht, sagt Giuliana, sei "wie von Picasso", kaputt und kubistisch verzogen: Spiegel der Seele.

The view may be pretty but life is hard in the Austrian documentary Bellavista, about a mother and daughter who run the titular hotel in a mountainous Italian village. They are among the few last speakers of a local East-Tyrol dialect, something that even further isolates them from the others. Austrian director Peter Schreiner collaborated with Giuliana Pachner on the story of her life and that of her mother and village. The film opens with a shot of Giuliana at her favourite spot in the mountains, where she comes to think, sleep and just be herself. The tone, more that of a written voice-over than a spontaneous realisation, is typical of the film that features many women speaking directly to camera as they go about their daily chores.

Bellavista revels in the majestic exteriors of the Alps, the painterly interiors of the homes in the village and the weathered and lived-in faces of the women some in extreme close-up , with the wonderfully detailed black and white photography courtesy of the director lending many of the images the air of postcards from a bygone era.

Giuliana herself is an accomplished photographer as well, and in her own work as in the documentary, she seems to want to own each moment and even make it last beyond her own time. As the film progresses and we get to know Giuliana and the villagers better, it becomes clear that the family has suffered quite a few tragedies in and around the hotel. These revelations feel a bit scripted rather than arising naturally out of the conversations between the women and the director who is heard but remains offscreen.

Two of her brothers are on the local cemetery, a place where Giuliana hardly finds any peace herself. Was unentfremdete Arbeit bedeutet — die Herstellung eines Strumpfes, der passt und deshalb! Diese Idylle fragmentiert der Filmemacher Peter Schreiner ganz bewusst. Seine Kamera schneidet aus und an und verweigert so das Gesamtbild. A subtle and poetic portrait of three woman in the Italian mountain village Sappada, where a slowly disappearing East-Tyrol dialect is still spoken.

These moving experiences acquire a universal significance against a background of Alps, rain, snow and sun. Peter Schreiner is not a prolific film maker. He takes his time for everything. Before he turns on the camera, he likes to spend some time at the place where he envisages his next film.

Just as Ogawa and his crew spent months in Japan helping his film characters grow rice, Schreiner settles down among the inhabitants of his films. Here, people speak an East Tyrol dialect that is threatened with extinction. What follows is a thoughtful, serene and sensitive encounter with three women from Sappada, each with a tragic and resilient story to tell. There are two older women, Bernardina and Erminia, who have had to perform heavy manual labour.

And there is the much younger Giuliana, who rebelled by studying linguistics abroad, yet had to return to work in the local hotel. She has resigned herself to her fate; two of her brothers committed suicide. The attentive Schreiner records experiences that are as private as they are universal. EUR Add to cart Hassle free checkout solution. Compare Price We are searching over overseas shopping platforms to find you the best offers.

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