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Don't have an Amazon account. Learn more about publishing popular genres on KDP:. I thought the screenshot of sales looked familiar! Key step here for me was step Minimum Viable Product.

I bet many others think this too. But starting with the minimum viable product is brilliant. Totally agreed, Scott! PS: WooThemes is great, no? I enjoyed reading this post. This post has come at a good time for me. I have little technical skill.

10 Ways to Make Money Selling Free eBooks

I need to look elsewhere and actually make use of my talents — writing and editing. Good luck with your book and all the best to you. Thank you for your timely and encouraging post. Best of luck to you!!! Joanna, thank you for not pretending it was an easy ride!

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Sounds like you did it through determination, commitment and vision! This is inspiring! Well done Joanne.

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Looks like I have a few more hours to put in before hitting expert status myself…. I was so glad when I read it did not happen overnight and that it took a lot of work.

How To Make Money With Kindle Publishing On Amazon In 2019

That made it real for me and motivating. Not only was it great content but great marketing with the bundle. Thanks for sharing this experience from top to bottom. No probs, Lisa! Thanks, Sunil! Agreed — ebooks are a great form of content marketing. Best to you, too! I love it how you broke the book down and then bundled the parts.

That is an awesome example of packaging. Would love to know how you managed to keep the sales strong after that first wave of being featured on Hacker News…. Hi, Ankesh!

But you are also absolutely right. There is no such thing as just putting something out there and having that instant success. I like the step-by-step analysis of how you did it. Thanks, Steve. Sort of. Or the marketing strategy followed in a second magical, smoky gust. You can go take a course and write a book on what you learned. Put in your time. Become an expert. That makes for a good ebook. I offered to help him. Gave my copy recommendations. Thought that was it. But Shereef is amazing. It was totally out of the blue. That alone was awesome. Startups of all sizes were begging for an hour of my time.

That was a sweet ego boost. I agreed to review web copy for about 8 or 10 startups. Unfortunately, I received way more requests than I could handle. The only cure is more cowbell. Anyway, a handful of the people I turned down suggested I write an ebook instead. I listened.

I just decided to. It was a strange phase I was going through, like the year when I rocked a pixie cut.

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I procrastinated. I quit. Ended up with pages and yet so much left unsaid. Having a number in the title juices its catchiness. This is the meat of the ebook. Based on their feedback, test the final two with a cheap Google AdWords campaign. A simple way to create a thorough outline is to take all the highlights from your content research and put them on individual notecards. Scrivener is a great writing tool for this kind of work.

You can create digital notecards of all this stuff. Or, set a date you want the book finished by. Divide the number of highlights in your book by the number of days until your target date. Use the Jerry Seinfeld method to track your productivity. Use a tool like Grammarly.

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The premium version also checks punctuation, sentence structure, and even style. You can also give a copy of your ebook to friends and family for suggestions. Have them point out any glaring mistakes they catch. The final, more expensive option, is to hire an editor from Freelancer. A quality cover makes your ebook look professional.

How I Made $1,928 Last Month Self-Publishing on Amazon

It shows you mean business and the content inside is of a high quality. With Freelancer, you hire a freelancer to do the design work. Unlike 99designs, you pick one designer and pay them to do the work. Usually, you contract someone out at an hourly rate, but you can also set a price for the full project. Fiverr: The cheapest option. Some of the people on Fiverr are trained individuals getting started.

Amazon even has a list of companies specializing in ebook conversion. Most people read ebooks over physical books because of the price. This is where ebooks have a distinct advantage. People give higher value to higher-priced items. When all other things appear equal, we automatically assign a higher quality to premium priced items. Use books in the Amazon Top for inspiration.