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Bumping into her ex-fiance shatters Millie Wilson all over again. Now that she's back in Montana to care for her dying father, her real burden is the secret she's never divulged to Hunter McKaslin. Millie can't blame Hunter for his Willa Conner learned a long time ago that love is only in fairy tales. Left widowed, pregnant and penniless, Willa's last hope is the stranger who answers her ad for a husband. Austin Dermot, a hardworking Montana blacksmith, doesn't know what to Former Alaskan sled-dog musher Ben Grayson is still grieving the tragic loss of his dog team.

So much that he put the reins -- and his dreams -- away. Now a photographer, Ben's covering the Gold Rush Trail sled-dog race. He's surprised his heart i A place to heal That's all Brooke McKaslin yearns for. She's returned to Montana on family business, hoping to leave her past behind. And to shield the secret she carries.

She's not planning on staying long -- until she begins working for repor With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The ded While summering in Wild Horse, Wyoming, Dr. Adam Stone's young daughters gain an immediate hold on veterinarian Cheyenne Granger's heart.

And the tall, handsome newcomer brings with him quiet whispers of fairy-tale endings. But Cheyenne had given up When contacted by her long-lost grandmother, Lauren McKaslin wanted to reconnect with all the warmhearted Montana McKaslins. For too long, she'd relied solely on herself. But mistrustful lawman Caleb Stone stood in the way of her dreams, and his ques After suffering amnesia, Jack Emerson, wakes in a small Montana town with no idea who he is or what his life was like.

His only clue to his true identity is the beautiful woman at his side. A woman he apparently traveled to Montana to marry. Tate Winters seeks a bride for Gertie's sake, not his own. But as his reserve thaws before Felicity's sunny optimism, this new family learns that together On the journey to her new life, Sara Mercer decides to make one pit stop to see the daughter she gave up for adoption four years ago. She only wants to catch a glimpse of the child she has longed for, but mother nature has other plans.

When a blizzar Grateful when she's hired as the Davises' maid, Ruby Ballard vows to help save her family's farm. There's just one problem: the boss's handsome son, Lorenzo. He makes her forget family duty, forget her lowly place, even forget her friends who are in Wrongly imprisoned, Caleb McGraw is finally free -- but the bitterness he holds still makes him feel trapped. Until he sees the beautiful Caroline holding a little boy with eyes just like his own. Discovering his long-lost son is just the start of Ca The Sheriff and the OutlawPolly Brown was nothing like typical women whose only dream was to marry and start a family.

The daughter of a notorious outlaw, Polly grew up wearing six-guns and learning to ride horses and cook over an open fire. But whil Hank Callahan didn't intend to murder anyone, but when he left his house to investigate a potential theft, he accidentally shot his friend, Richard, leaving the man's widow and child to struggle on their own. After being run out of town, Hank returns Where Do Lonely Hearts Go? The chance to rescue abandoned horses has given Eloise Tipple the fresh start she needs.

Special forces soldier Ben McKaslin returns home with a bum leg, a bad attitude and his career in tatters. Then, in one defining moment, an emergency has him leaping instinctively to the rescue -- and locking eyes with the captivating woman he left b The Lawman's Lady Safe, predictable Angel Falls, Montana, is Lila Lawson's home -- but she secretly wishes it had adventures like the novels she loves to read. Then the new deputy stumbles into her father's mercantile, gravely injured, and Lila gets But slowly the pilot revealed his true nature -- he volunteered for an early-morning medical emergency flight, he fixed her fence, made her c To fulfill a sick boy's wish, rodeo star Tucker Granger surprises little Owen in the hospital.

But no one is more surprised than single mother Sierra Baker. She figures the carefree champion for a different kind of man. One who doesn't spend hours ta At least that's what rancher Autumn Granger thinks when handsome Ford Sherman sweeps into town and sets his sights on her.

A country cowgirl, she can't possibly b Now that she's escaped the matchmaking and scheming of her East Coast finishing school, she can follow her dream of becoming a teacher. And perhaps get to know Shane Con A tiny town full of churchgoing, marriage-minded men? For Karenna Digby, freshly abandoned at the altar, Treasure Creek sounds like a dream come true. Until she's stranded at the ranch of the one bachelor His Cowgirl Is Back Rancher Justin Granger hasn't seen his high school sweetheart since she rode out of town with his heart.

Now, "too good for this small town" Rori Cornell stands on his doorstep, seeking a job as his cook and housekeeper. He can't Melody Pennington fled to Montana for a new start as a mail-order bride. Gabe Brooks, handsome older brother to the man she was supposed to marry, helps her settle in. But what Melody doesn't expect is to fall for the rugged, closed-off lawman who s When help arrives in the form of army ranger Mark Hawkins, the best friend of her late fiance, they both feel God's hand at work.

And even if her unexpected betrothed seems honorable and kind, can she trust his motives Joseph Brooks suspects his mother of bringing a pretty young lady to town--as a mail-order bride. But Clara Woodrow is not that lady! Enchanted by her and determined to have no other, Joseph must use the magical last few days of spring to make Clara No small talk. No personal questions. No lies. And no pretending he's ready to give his heart to anyone. Anyone like vul Widow Molly McKaslin won't marry for less than true love. But does handsome town doctor Sam Frost want a wife, or a housekeeper for his daughters?

With the help of two little matchmakers, Molly might end up with the family of her dreams Lexie Evans is not looking for a relationship with Pierce Granger. And that's just fine by the handsome soldier. Neither one has time for romance, but they can both commit to friendship, right? Then, after months as pen pals, Pierce visits Lexie's fa Ready For Single Fatherhood? A heart full of love for the orphaned boy he saved from a war-torn country? Adoption forms filled out? Yet M. An abandoned girl asks bounty hunter Rafe Jones to track down her long-lost mother for Christmas.

The holiday wish breaks through his hardened heart, and he easily finds Cora Sims in Montana Territory. She's definitely the woman Rafe has been looking The sight of quirky Lucy Chapin. Something about the woman creates warm and fuzzy feelings within confirmed bachelor Spence McKaslin. So he'l Someday My Prince Will Move In Next Door? New neighbor Chad Lawson seems too perfect. Worried, her loving family supports her time-out from romance. Yet, as Reb For widow Joanna Nelson, life presented constant hardships.

Evicted from her home, she and her two children sought refuge, which led them to rancher Aidan McKaslin's property. The kind but embittered cowboy couldn't turn her away, and their agreement And his wife, Danielle McKaslin Lowell, had tried everything to spark his recollection of her and their young children, but he could look at Savannah Knowles arrives in Montana expecting to marry Nate Brooks, but he has never heard of her!

Can this quiet man find room in his heart for lonely Savannah? Montana Territory in was a dangerous place--especially for a blind woman struggling to make her way through an early winter snowstorm. Undaunted, Noelle Kramer fought to remain independent. But then a runaway horse nearly plunged her into a rush Moving to Chestnut Grove was the best thing to happen to Mom and me. It's so neat that a few months ago Mom didn't know she had a half brother--you!

return of the cowboy doctor mills boon love inspired historical wyoming legacy book 3 Manual

And I can tell she likes Jon When contacted by her long-lost grandmother, Lauren McKaslin wanted to reconnect--with all the warmhearted Montana McKaslins. For too long, she'd relied solely on herself and her faith. But mistrustful lawman Caleb Stone stood in the way, and his que He said he was happy at his mountain retreat, but Aubrey didn't believe it for a minute. His eyes signaled a k Though she wanted a family of her own, love seemed so unreliable to busy bakery owner Ava McKaslin. Baking and honoring her faith were all she had on her life's to-do list.

Until she hired Brice Donovan as her contractor. And her best-laid plans flew A Love To Treasure Lawman Jack Munroe didn't want to see the truth about his troubled little girl, especially when she was caught shoplifting in Katherine McKaslin's Christian bookstore. Being a single father was hard on a man's faith and patience, When a misunderstanding caused millionaire Colton Nichols to be taken for Santa Claus by neighbor Amanda Richard's young son, Colton was determined to keep his distance. But the Christmas-wish letter Jeremy sent broke his heart -- Jeremy asked only t When the tall soldier entered the Christian bookstore, Kelly Logan nearly fell over.

Could it be Mitch Dalton, the classmate she'd once had a crush on? Skinny Mitch had matured into a heart-stoppingly handsome man. And he wanted her to help him find Responsibility was nothing new to Paige McKaslin. She had raised her siblings and her son. And though duty was her guiding force, even in matters of the heart, she never stopped counting her blessings -- her faith and her wonderful family. Then the M When waitress Rachel McKaslin reluctantly let Jake McCall move into the apartment above her family's diner, she never dreamed the handsome tech sergeant would be so charming.

Soon into their joyful courtship, Jake surprised her by proposing. Now, Rac Summoned on a dangerously snowy night to deal with two stowaways, Sheriff Mac McKaslin discovers they are none other than a homeless young widow -- Carrie Montgomery -- and her baby. But will the sheriff send them out into the cold Special forces soldier Ben McKaslin returned home with a bum leg, a bad attitude and his career in tatters.

Then, in one defining moment, an emergency had him leaping instinctively to the rescue -- and locking eyes with the captivating woman he'd lef The dissolution of Claire Hamilton's marriage left her heart as cold as the Montana snow. She resolved to stand alone -- against a blizzard of murder accusations, violent attempts to seize her land, and the hungry wolves of winter. Until Joshua Gable You all know that I didn't ever plan to get married again, but I just found out that my son has a twin brother who was accidentally adopted separately.

So Jared Kierney and I are getting Who was Duncan Hennessey? A big and burly mountain man, a half-breed some said, he seemed not unlike the bears he'd saved Betsy Hunter from -- wild, powerful, a force of nature.

The Bride Audiobook by Maya Banks

But as she tended the wounds this loner had suffered because of her, Be After Heath Murdock chivalrously shielded Amy McKaslin from harm, the grateful single mom rolled out the welcome mat at her bustling family diner. Although something in the wistful waitress and her son called out to Heath, it would take much more tha Man and wife -- facing the rigors of high country ranching.

That was the simple, solid ideal that Daniel Lindsay willingly offered Rayna Ludgrin. But she'd lived a grand passion, he knew, and he could promise only a quiet, steady brand of love! There was no hope. Then, out of nowhere, a car pulled up. It was Ryan Sanders, the charming fo Dillon Hennessey was a man like no other Strong yet caring, determined yet kind.

The McKaslins of Wyoming

But he was still a man, Katelyn Green reminded herself, and therefore not to be trusted. Hadn't her own husband abandoned her in her hour of need? And yet the whisper Nursing a broken heart and wounded spirit, Kendra McKaslin vowed to make a fresh start -- alone. But then everything changed when handsome sheriff Cameron Durango showed up at her run-down riding stable to give her some much-needed business. Seeing t Michelle McKaslin felt as if a higher power had intervened when she rescued an injured stranger and gave him the job of handyman in exchange for room and board.

There was just something about this tough-yet-tender drifter that made her believe she'd When he'd first popped through the shrubbery, nurse Kirby McKaslin had found her new neighbor brazen and obnoxious. So she was more than surprised to find Sam Gardner volunteering to pilot an early-morning medical emergency f Montana's wide open plains were as empty as her newlywed heart.

Rancher Nick Gray, once Mariah's girlhood crush, wanted a mother to tend his children, not a wife to warm his bed. Still, she'd made that bed; now Mariah had to lie in it. Yet could she Trusting the Lord to guide her to safety, Alexandra Sims traveled across Montana, never expecting to find the love and family she'd always craved. Good things like that didn't just happen -- they were gifts from God. Alexandra trust Jaded jet-setter Noah Ashton arrived in Montana with the sole purpose of making sure his beloved grandmother was not marrying a man out to steal her fortune.

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However, when he experienced a life-threatening crisis, the last person he expected to lean Young widow Sarah Redding swore that if Providence sent her another man to love, he would definitely have to love her back. Then into her life rode Gage Gatlin, a rugged jewel of a man who could offer her everything -- except his heart! Gage Gatli Small-town mechanic Zachary Drake had no illusions about his longtime friendship with winsome, wholesome Karen McKaslin -- even after she called off her wedding to the local pastor. Zach simply intended to lend a grease-stained hand and a sympathetic Linnea didn't dare dream of her future.

Though she happily cared for her elderly mother, she secretly yearned for more. But no man, especially not one as fine as Seth Gatlin, could ever love a woman with a life as tainted as her own! Seth's hea Contrary to her matchmaking Nanna's belief, Hope didn't long to land a husband -- and her old pal wasn't looking for a wife. But that didn't stop Hope from secretly wondering what if? What co Night Hawk was tender and courageous, and never asked her to defy the unspoken laws of her people. But as darkness fell Miranda Mitchell wasn't looking for a hero. In fact, this eastern miss was well ahead of the bounty hunters until she saw handsome doctor Trey Gatlin coaxing his reluctant niece onto a departing train.

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But the man's tenderness tugged at her heart lik Malcolm le Farouche felt his blood race at the thought. Yet, was rage or passion the reason? He knew only that though Elinore of Evenbough would share his bed by royal command, the warrior-trained beauty was NOT to be trusted The past was finally behind them, and the future meant a home and the welcoming arms of a loving father in search Last Chance At Love The lonely bearer of a shameful secret, Libby Hodges needed to make a new start in Montana Territory as Jacob Stone's mail-order bride and mother to his little girl.

Hoping to meet a loving husband, she found instead a m We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: titles. Once In A Lifetime. The McKaslin Brothers - 4. Special Delivery. You've Got Mail - 4. My Heart To Keep. The McPhee Clan - 0. The Bounty Hunter's Bride. Timber Valley Brides - 2. High Mountain Bride. Timber Valley Brides - 1.

His Forever Bride. Timber Valley Brides - 3. A Place In The Heart. The McPhee Clan - 9. One True Thing. The McKaslin Brothers - 3. Priority Male. You've Got Mail - 3. A Reason To Believe. The McKaslin Brothers - 2.

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