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Veterinarians at the College of Veterinary Medicine for Cornell University confirm that cats are lactose intolerant and lack the lactase enzyme, so digestion of the lactose sugar is impossible and often results in stomach upset, bloating and diarrhea. Now, as we all know, the reason humans are reverting to a plant-based diet is because we are waking up to the fact that physiologically we are not designed to eat meat in the quantities that we do, certainly not with every meal, or even daily.

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Modern science shows us that plant protein is preferable because it comes without the carcinogens and negative inflammatory and vascular effects. Moreover, per calorie, plant foods are far more nutritious, and more beneficial in fighting illness and disease. Indeed, heart disease — the number one killer in the US, and number two killer in the UK — can be prevented and reversed with a plant-based diet.

High saturated fat and cholesterol intake are risk factors for atherosclerosis, and eventually heart disease. National Health Service. Well, cats don't have this problem. While feeding cats a high-saturated fat mash-up of cows, pigs, sheep and other animal body parts might be unnatural, they can deal with it because whether good or bad quality meat, they are obligate carnivores and have no problem consuming animal fat and dietary cholesterol. Amount of fat, or ratio of polyunsaturated to saturated fatty acids had no effect on plasma concentrations of cholesterol, triglycerides, and very—low-density or high-density lipoproteins or the activity of lecithin-cholesterol acyl transferase.

Low-density lipoprotein concentrations were significantly lower in cats fed a high-fat diet containing polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lipoprotein concentration and hepatic lipase activity were significantly higher in cats fed the fat-supplemented diets, and this was unrelated to whether diets were enriched with polyunsaturated or saturated fatty acids. Therefore, high-fat diets probably will not contribute to hypercholesterolemia or hypertriglyceridemia in cats.

So even though the commercial pet cat diet is hardly a natural one, it is closer to their natural diet than a plant-based vegan diet would be — quite simply on the basis that they are meat eaters and can cope with the saturated fat. As for the antibiotics, growth hormones and the rest of it; well, roadkill would be a far better option. Let's face it, keeping an obligate carnivore in your house and letting it go in and out through a hole in the back door, and teaching it not to kill birds and mice and bring them home is hardly natural, is it?

It's not a natural environment, or a natural existence, for a cat. It's not how the cat was designed to live. Cats will go stray and survive, using their predatory instincts to catch prey and feed on scraps. Over time, having not had human contact for a prolonged period, a cat may turn feral. When considering cat health, environment is a key factor too. Studies show that both environment and diet play a big role in the cat obesity and Diabetes epidemic.

With this in mind, it would be somewhat hypocritical for a meat-feeding cat owner to argue that a plant-based feeding cat owner was forcing the cat to do something unnatural. Indeed, both could be accused of that. Cats get certain key nutrients and fats from meat. These include taurine, arachidonic acid, vitamin A and B They can't get these nutrients from plants.

Though, like humans, B12 can be obtained from the environment. Without eating these key nutrients regularly, cats can suffer from liver and heart problems, skin irritation and hearing loss. Cailin Heinze, VMD, a board-certified veterinary nutritionist and assistant professor of nutrition at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, puts his view quite bluntly:.

For dogs, certainly vegetarian and vegan diets can be done, but they need to be done very, very carefully. Some dogs do very well on a plant-based diet, if fed a high protein, nutrient dense kibble. I'll cover dogs in another post — because that's quite complex and is in many ways breed dependent. The comparison does raise a key point in this debate, though: Feeding a dog an omnivore a plant-based vegan diet is not much of an experiment, and can be highly beneficial — particularly for dogs with arthritis and heart problems.

However, feeding a cat a vegan diet is experimental. It's an experiment that has the potential to go quite wrong. Physiologically, dogs are designed to eat both plant-based foods and meat, whereas cats are pure meat eaters. But that doesn't mean a cat can't live a healthy, long life on a plant-based diet, if it meets all the nutritional requirements. A review of evidence published from four studies that have examined the nutritional adequacy of vegetarian diets for cats and dogs was studied by The Centre for Animal Welfare, University of Winchester.

They reached the following conclusion:. It is entirely possible for companion animals to survive, and indeed thrive, on vegetarian diets. However, these must be nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced, and owners should regularly monitor urinary acidity and should correct for urinary alkalinisation through appropriate dietary additives, if it occurs. Those interested in vegetarian companion animal diets should be aware of concerns about the nutritional adequacy of some such diets demonstrated by a number of studies over a significant number of years.

However, to ensure a balanced view, they should also be aware that similar concerns exist about commercial meat-based diets. They should also be aware that, although rarely conducted in accordance with the highest standards of evidence-based medicine, a significant and growing body of population studies and cases have indicated that cats and dogs maintained on vegetarian diets may be healthy—including those exercising at the highest levels—and indeed may experience a range of health benefits.

Vegetarian animals also experience a range of health problems, but these problems are also prevalent in companion animals maintained on meat-based diets. Finally, pet owners should be aware that a significant body of additional studies have demonstrated health problems in domesticated animals maintained on various meat-based diets. Regardless of dietary choice, consumers should be encouraged to check labelling claims of nutritional adequacy, and to ask manufacturers what steps they take, and what evidence they can provide, to ensure nutritional soundness and consistency of their diets.

And as with all companion animals, owners should monitor the health of their animals on a regular basis, including through regular checks of bodyweight, activity level and demeanour. Any significant, ongoing problems should trigger a veterinary examination, which should, in any event, occur at least annually, and biannually after approximately seven years of age. Biannual examinations are also advisable during the first year on a new, vegetarian diet.

Owners should consider screening blood and urine tests during such wellness checks, and in the case of illness. As interest in vegetarian companion animal diets continues to grow, it is anticipated that further relevant studies will shed additional light on the nutritional adequacy of these diets, and on the health of companion animals maintained on them. This review of the literature shows that with careful management it is possible to have a healthy cat on a plant-based diet. However, there still is a chance that your cat won't do well on a plant-based diet. The main concern is urinary alkalinisation.

Cats on a vegan diet can develop abnormally alkaline high pH urine due to the more alkaline pH of plant based proteins in comparison to the acidic pH of meat-based foods which cats have evolved to eat. Calcium oxalate stones can also occur, but these do not occur if the urine is too alkaline, but rather if it is too acidic. Such stones can create irritation and infection of the urinary tract and require veterinary treatment. In male cats who form such crystals or stones, they can suffer more severe consequences than simply irritation or infection of the urinary tract because the stones can actually cause an obstruction of the urethra so the cat cannot urinate.

This is a life-threatening emergency requiring immediate veterinary care. Regardless, there is no country-wide epidemic of vegan cats being rushed into vets with nutritional deficiencies. Take Evolution foods, for example: They have been selling vegan cat food for 28 years and haven't had one recall. And judging by their reviews, there's a ton of cats doing very well on their food. This study published in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association showed two commercially available vegetarian cat foods Vegecat KibbleMix and Evolution canned diet for adult cats to be deficient in several key nutrients.

The Evolution food was determined to be deficient in protein, methionine, taurine, arachidonic acid, vitamin A, pyroxidine, and niacin. Vegecat KibbleMix was found to be deficient in methionine, taurine, arachidonic acid, and pyroxidine. On the face of it, this is alarming. But as with all scientific studies we should consider the reliability of the study and any limitations. The full exchange can be read here. What's clear is that research in this area is limited. Due to commercial interest, funding for research on vegetarian diets for cats is of course massively outweighed by research for meat-based diets.

We don't have a reliable pool of research from which to conduct a meta analysis and draw statistically significant conclusions. For example, take the following cross-sectional study on 34 cats that were exclusively fed a commercial or homemade vegetarian diet, and 52 cats that had been fed a conventional diet for more than 1 year.

The study sought to determine the motivation and feeding practices of people who feed their cats vegetarian diets as well as the taurine and cobalamin status of cats consuming vegetarian diets.

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All cats evaluated had serum cobalamin B12 concentrations within reference range, and 14 of 17 had blood taurine concentrations within reference range. In short, the vegetarian cats in this study were not deficient in B12 and taurine. By design, a plant-based diet is not what nature intended for cats. But as discussed, the same argument can be put forth for the standard meat-based cat diet, albeit one could effectively argue it is easier to meet the nutritional requirements of a cat using the latter.

What's clear is that a cat's nutritional needs can be met through plant-based, mineral and synthetic-based ingredients, but close attention should be paid to the nutritional adequacy of the food source, and owners should adhere to regular vet checkups — as advised for all pets — to ensure optimal health. As a human unspecified frugivore by design who eats a plant-based diet, I have to say I'm not comfortable with going against the biology of an animal and feeding it what is essentially an unnatural diet, even if it's possible to maintain good health.

But in conducting research for this article it quickly became obvious that this is not a one-dimensional debate. There are many factors to consider. The quality and type of meat, the dairy and processed snacks, the living environment, the level of exercise. All these things have the potential to be harmful to a cat's health. To single out owners who put cats on a plant-based diet as cruel people is t he pot calling the kettle black. Millions of owners harm their cats on a daily basis by unknowingly feeding them low-quality meat, and in some cases by knowingly feeding cats dairy products and snacks high in processed carbohydrates.

The meat we feed our cats also contains synthetic substances such as growth hormones and antibiotics. Moreover, many cat owners restrict exercise by keeping cats in doors so they can enjoy companionship, and attempt to reverse natural hunting instincts such as killing birds and rodents. The reality is: a nutritionally balanced plant-based diet, along with the necessary access to exercise and territory to roam is likely to be healthier than a low-quality canned-meat and milk diet coupled with a sedentary lifestyle.

That said, part of me is still uncomfortable with the idea of vegan-plant-based cats; because we are essentially experimenting on an obligate carnivore until we find a version of a vegan diet that is able to keep it healthy and alive for as long as possible. And for what? To ease our conscience?

To prove a point that a cat can be vegan? To make it accessible to own an animal in a more ethical way? Would it not be more ethical to better enable cats to hunt their own food, as they were designed to do? Plant-based food enables vegan cat owners to avoid the moral dilemma of feeding meat to their cats, but at the same time begs the question: are we really doing this for the animals or ourselves? Is it possible to make a food out of plants and bacteria that will keep a cat alive and healthy for as long as a meat-eating cat?

Research has proven that. As long as the diet meets all of the nutritional requirements specific to cats and their overall health is adequately monitored, with particular attention to urinary tract health. However, in addition, cats also require arginine and taurine. Taurine is found naturally in meat but can be supplied in synthetic form. Without adequate taurine, cats may go blind and may develop dilated cardiomyopathy a type of heart disease.

Source: Veganhealth. Diet aside, I'd like to add that a debate should be had on whether it is ethical to keep a solitary, obligate, carnivorous hunter in a domestic environment that seeks to disrupt and curtail its natural predatory instincts. Of course, it would be even worse to do so if you had other animals killed to facilitate the diet of that animal, wouldn't it?

In this regard, both vegan and non-vegan cat owners meet on a level-playing field when it comes to defending themselves against criticism. A health and grow-your-own enthusiast, Peter is passionate about the power of plant-based nutrition and the preservation of the natural world.

Jun 06, at pm. It covers pretty much all the same information and comes to the same conclusion as I have here. The diet of domesticated dogs in no way resembles the diet of a true carnivore or omnivore living in the wild. Regardless of the fact that it contains animal derivatives, in no way does the dried food resemble meat or plant foods as they would be eaten in the wild by wolves or wild dogs. It contains the wrong types of animal and is heavily processed and supplemented.

And so it supports the theory that as long as the amino acid content and other nutrient and mineral requirements are met, then a plant-based dried food of the same macro and micro nutrient ratio would be as sufficient for the majority of domesticated dogs. And indeed many consume such a diet. It goes back to the question we often debate on human health: what is a natural diet? Dogs, like humans, will eat what food they can to survive.

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It is only with the wonderful science we have today and the abundance of food that we are able to identify a specific number of foods that when combined provide optimal health according to the knowledge we have. I saw a lady in the park feeding her dog crisps and white bread sandwiches, and many owners feed such processed foods to their dogs.

Surely a plant-based kibble packed with every nutrient a dog needs is preferable to such foods that lack nutritional substance and are known to cause health problems in humans? And it begs the question: is a mixed animal and plant derived kibble better than a plant derived one, if they both meet the nutritional requirements set out by veterinary standards?

Exercise is a huge factor in health too. There are so many overweight dogs being fed canned and cooked meat every day; seemingly natural but they are in awful health. Dogs are not wolves. We have bred dogs into an array of ridiculous breeds to suit our preferences. My primary concern, before I debate whether a dog can get its amino acid requirements from a plant-based kibble, is the continued exploitation and mistreatment of dogs through breeding and irresponsible ownership.

That aside, There are many aspects of modern pet ownership I am not comfortable with. Our continued interference with nature has caused so much destruction and suffering. Jun 07, at am. I really appreciated this article. A concise, informative and most importantly balanced read. I wish I could say the same for most of the comments. Dec 27, at am. It takes years for nutritional deficiencies to show in cats, like in many humans. The science is very clear that cats are biologically obligate carnivores. We know, based on studies on feral cat colonies, they hunt whatever prey is most available.

Dec 12, at pm.

Books for pre-tween boys (ages 8 and up):

Cats are indeed obligate carnivores, but as long as their nutritional needs are met through the correct macro and micro nutrient ratios then theoretically they will be healthy. A lady posted below who has vegan cats from kittens, 18, 18, 19 and 21 years old. There are vegan cat food brands fed to thousands of cats, so the notion that these cats are all dying of disease is not true. There is no epidemic or studies to support this assertion. And in one study linked in the article vegetarian cats were NOT found to be deficient in B12 and taurine.

However, as I noted in the article, there is a study that shows two brands of vegan cat food were deficient in certain nutrients, but equally there are studies that show the health problems that low-quality meat and meat-based kibble can cause. There is also a cat diabetes epidemic linked in the article , which is linked to diet and exercise issues. So I think what the science shows is that neither diet is optimal for a cat; not standard canned cat food or veggie-based or meat based-kibble.

And in terms of health, exercise also plays a big role, as does environment in general. As you note, cats would naturally prey on small animals and eat raw, organic meat, not factory farmed processed meat full of steroids, antibiotics and hormones. I find that with this debate it can be argued effectively from both sides, because there are considerable flaws in both viewpoints. I personally take issue on both sides. This is a conversation that is really needed for many of us who are concerned with animal rights. They are also left to breed more unwanted animals. So the challenge for those of us doing the rescue work who are ethical vegans is : What to do about the stray cats?

Should I rescue and then feed them other animals, or let them be killed, or starve, or reproduce? Thanks so much for posting this and helping us a little further along the path. Dec 03, at am. Absolutely Trudy. Thanks for your input. Dec 03, at pm. I have 4, now elderly cats 18,18, 19, 21 which I have had from kittens. All fed on a vegan diet and all in perfect health. Nov 19, at pm. What brand of food do you use? It might be useful for others to know. Nov 20, at am. This is great! Can you please let me know which brands or what you feed your cats? Are they all female?

We struggled with this so much. We are at the point where we think we can only do dogs and herbivores rescues due to the ethical issues we have with the food. Everyone here made valid points that cats are mostly carnivore. But we do understand this issue is a difficult one especially for ethical vegans. Each person must do what works for their cat.

If someones cat have no problem with Vegan cat food and they thrive on it, by all means that is the ideal for every vegan family. But if the cat struggles, the best one can do is to meet the cat-child half way. And I think this answers the question. Oct 17, at am. A cat is just a cat. All the cat knows is that its most basic food needs are going unmet. All it will experience is malnutrition. Far out, how stubborn and arrogant are we thinking we can just overcome tens of millions of years of evolution in pursuit of our 21st century ideology.

Oct 17, at pm. A carefully designed vegan diet with appropriate supplementation can do that. A properly cared for and loved cat in a vegan home will be happy and healthy. Humans should not kill animals for food, ours or for pets. Oct 18, at am. Dec 05, at pm. I foster tiny kittens for an animal shelter who are too young to be adopted. I make this choice for myself and only myself. The kittens are most definitely not vegan.

Oct 16, at pm. And you are right, it is your choice. And regardless of what you feed the kittens, they are controlled by the choices you make for them, so their food is your choice as well. Unfortunately, you are making the assumption that the kittens you foster are the only animals impacted by that choice. And the animals that are slaughtered so that the kittens you foster can eat meat do not have a choice as to whether they wish to be food for another animal. As there is evidence that an appropriate vegan diet with the right micro and macro nutrients can be designed for cats, I would choose that option.

I am growing to be quite confused on this opinion, since that simply is not how ethics work. Ethics seem to be about choices made by humans. An animal like a cat is proven to be a carnivore. If you do not wish to involve in the killing of animals to give your pet all the food they need, please do not get a pet. All the choices you make affect and have concequences. Dec 21, at pm. Dec 27, at pm.

You are making an ethical choice, congratulating yourself for that choice and forcing an animal under your care with no agency to make the same choice. Oct 07, at pm. The thing is, the standard domestic cat diet could also be considered animal abuse. But what if that meat is very low quality, full of toxins and carcinogens, and from animals that a cat would never be capable of hunting in the wild — arguably making it biologically incompatible. What if an alternative plant-based kibble was deemed superior for health by veterinary nutritional scientists?

Moreover, there are a high percentage of cat owners feeding their cats processed foods and other dangerous foods such as dairy. Oct 08, at am. Organic and raw cat food also exists. Why not? I am sure there is a human somewhere feeding a cat a diet close to their optimal diet, but I am yet to see an example. Perhaps there are humans who catch mice and birds and then invite feral cats to feed on them, who knows. This is a good point you raise though, and highlights the point that this issue is with humans: when we interfere with animals, be it their diet, reproductive cycle or environment, we create problems.

It is never for the benefit of the species. If someone provides a loving home for a cat and provides a nutritious diet with all the micronutrient and macronutrients required from plant sources, they are not being cruel. You think that this would be less nutritious than the low quality cat foods derived from animal scrapes available in supermarkets? And manipulating geniology??? Cats are living in a house and being provided food regardless of whether it is plant based or not, so both diets are stopping the cat from hunting, so removing the need for their natural hunting instinct.

I repeat that with careful manipulation, cats can be fed healthy and appropriate plant based diets that meet all there nutritional needs. It even has a pantry guide for you and a measurement tracker. It is a place to discuss all things low carb, in private. Ask anything you would like to know. Get the support and friendly help that you need from others who are just starting out, and from those who have lived LCHF for years and know all the tricks for success.

How about you start by just changing your snacks? If you snack 3 x day, you have rapidly improved 21 of your food choices each week. Now you have improved 28 out of Next, your dinner, and then your lunch. Each meal you have which is a good choice is one less bad meal. Ditch the processed carbs! Start by cutting out everything in number 1 , then when you are ready, move onto number 2 and so on. How many carbs you consume depends on your health goals. Your daily carb allowance will be different for someone who is weight stable, diabetic, or someone who has a lot of weight to lose.

All the nutrition panels in my recipes are guides only. There are so many variables with different brands that you choose so if your carb requirement is strict, please calculate your own for accuracy.

Arguing Is Good, Too

From the examples below, you can choose your own weekly meal plan. It will take some time to adjust your appetite, but believe me, it will change. It really will keep you fuller for longer, but to do this, you MUST decrease your carbs otherwise your diet is nothing more than a standard high carb high-fat diet.

So pour more healthy oils onto your salad, snack on nuts, coconut cream etc. Click here for my list of top low-carb snack ideas. Click here for all snack recipes. Congratulate yourself on how you have improved, from when you started and probably all of your 42 food choices a week were so unhealthy. My bread maker, toaster and bread bin are all gone. That was a great day. Wow, how much better your kitchen bench looks! Start by thinking of your regular meals and just think about how you can cut the carbs out. Have a roast dinner but cut out the potatoes and root vegetables but have as many other vegetables as you like.

Instead of crumbed fish and chips, have grilled salmon on a salad with a lemon dressing. Have a hamburger but not the bread bun, load it up with veggies and cheese. Instead of a sandwich, have the fillings on a salad or wrapped in nori seaweed sheet, wrapped in slices of ham or other deli meats.

And instead of cheesecake with a biscuit base and sugar-laden filling, have a base made of ground almonds topped with cream, cream cheese, and berry filling. Save my low-carb recipes, print your favourite ones. Make your own cookbook. Your diet will be more meat and plant-based and far less processed than before. You also receive secret discount codes for subscribers only. You also are agreeing to our Privacy Policy. Hi Libby, Am trying to live a low carb lifestyle but finding it a bit challenging as a vegetarian was even vegan for a year. Have been using this website for dessert recipes as I am still cursed with a sweet tooth.

Noticed with horror yesterday that the low carb desserts and fat bombs are not to be eaten daily have been eating them to curb sweet cravings after meals. How to curb this tendency? Any suggestions specific to vegetarian diets? But the longer you live low-carb try to slowly cut back on how much you rely on sweet foods and always try to choose savoury dishes or snacks instead. This is what I teach in my 4-week course, the stepwise approach really does work you can see more details here.

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As for being a vegetarian, I am developing more recipes as quickly as I can as I seem to have a big following from low-carb vegetarians. I love baked eggplant with cauliflower couscous, curry cauliflower rice, and all my vegetable dishes are on this page. I have a partial bag of almond flour, that will be my last one. I recently joined WW on-line and recently have been very sick. BP started to rise, something I have never had to worry about, hopefully the medication. All is so confusing!!! Anyway, what is the difference in your plan and Atkins.

As I said, all confusing. Any help would be appreciated!! Why not join the FREE support group no money required and learn all the tips and tricks and my stepwise method to get you back on track. Welcome aboard! That would depend on where you are starting from and your health goals. The general guidance is even lowering your carbs, cutting out all sugar and junk food is beneficial.

I hope that helps. I would rather enjoy the fat that comes with my meal rather than adding it to a drink for the sake of reaching a daily fat goal. Fat should be enjoyed until full, not a target we have to reach. Hi Libby. What do you think? Thanks for your time, love your work! Regards, Kelly. Apologies, I missed that one. I love my almond flour bread recipe.

It is the closest thing to regular bread. Especially toasted with butter. Super low carb or Carb free are the only diet that worked me and it was HARD…I became a raging beast during the 1st 2 weeks. But for 3 months straight, I lost about 30lbs. Unfortunately my weight all came back and then some when I started going back to school and eating carbs again due to stress and lack of prepping ahead of time. Now I definitely want to go back and stay low carb as much as possible. BHB salts are a very useful tool to calm the hangry beast and establish appetite control.

If you use 1 tsp to 1 Tbsp of the powder in 4 oz of water when you feel inappropriately hungry, it will raise your blood ketone concentration enough to satisfy your hypothalamus for at least a couple of hours. The blend tones down the acidity of the KetoCaNa product and provides the best overall taste to my palate.

Hey this is good stuff and I am so impressed with this article. And it is very helpful for us. When I try to lose weight it is the best way after reading this guide. I was wondering what your recommended carb-, fat-, protein- and calorie-intake is? I want to get down to I have tried to sign up for the emails and the free download of information and have not received any acknowledgement or emails.

Please advise. I can see you are in my email system, and all the emails have been delivered, but unopened. Go and check your junk folders in case it has ended up in there? I have checked my junk folders and have not received anything.

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I am going to sign up again, not sure why it is not coming through. I am trying to lose a few kilograms of fat as soon as possible. I am new here and I want to start this diet. I have a nexplanon implant. Will it stall my progress of losing weight? What did you say you use now instead of My Fitness Pal? Very interested in trying this!! Far more accurate than MFP. If you are new, come and join my closed Facebook group. See you there. Hi Elizabeth. I was also diagnosed with PCOS 7 weeks ago. I started following a low carb diet and I realised that what you put into your body makes such a big difference.

No bloated tummy, higher energy levels and my skin has changed for the better. It is also important to have water with your meals and throughout the day. This helped me reduce my cravings and kept me going. Dark chocolate is my treat now and again. I have lost 4. Planning your meals is the key to success for this diet! Will low carb really help drop your weight? Is there information on where the the low carb scientifically works? Or the science behind it? Yes, yes, yes it works. Just take a look at my testimonials pag e and join my closed group to see all the amazing changes happening to everyone who lies this way.

This may also be another page you may wish to read. I understand it takes a huge mind shift to change what we have been believed, but trust me, it is the healthiest and most nutritious way to live. Hi my name is Laurie yes low carb works I have been on a low carb diet for 8 weeks now started beginning of March my weight was lbs. I now weigh lbs. This diet if you follow it right you will be healthy and many pounds lighter its the carbs that we over eat that pack on the pounds.

Just check out the low carb sites they will guide you I say at below 50 carbs a day if you eat the right foods meat,oils, veggies and fruit you will not be hungry one other thing eat only when hungry. Good Luck. Watch a documentary entitled, The Perfect Human Diet.

It is what finally convinced me low carb is the way to go. I am grateful for stumbling upon this website…I think my biggest challenge will be removing my favorite International Delight Coffee creamer from my daily cup of coffee…I can do that gradually. I do have weight loss goals but my main goal is to avoid Type 2 diabetes. Thankfully I have been working out regularly since the beginning of the year.

Again many thanks I will be visiting your site often. God Bless you! Has anyone every tried adding extract flavouring to your cream for those of use that love flavoured creamers in our coffee. The options of flavours are endless…….. Flavoured creamer without all the extra carbs!!! I also need to lose weight. Thanks for any thoughts you may have! Many people starting out go by the rule of 5g carbs per g. I totally empathise with you about fearing the fat.

I slowly reduced my carb and slowly increased my healthy fats until I got to a comfortable level which may be different for everyone. So eat healthy fat until full, eat meals until no longer hungry, and remove processed food from your diet and you almost become low carb by default. Does this lowcarb eating work if you take hormone pills.

You really need to ask your doctor for medical advice but what I can say is most people here have experienced amazing reduction in their symptoms of menopause and other hormonal issues such as PCOS. This is a great article to read. I am new to the low carb way of eatting. I am having to make a change due to diabetes 2 levels. I have always fallen back on breads, sweets. But I have to do this for me. My health. How many carbs can I have a day to lose weight? Even beginning to drop your carbs is beneficial, how much and how quickly you do it will depend on medication.

Read up on why fruit, potatoes, and whole-food carbs in general are NOT fattening and other low-carb fallacies :. I would agree with many, but not all of your points. By removing processed food from our daily diet, we almost become low carb by default. Nutrient dense, low-carb whole foods are encouraged but not to be overdone. Lower carb diets reduce insulin resistance and inflammation. Lower carb diets, with healthy fats, gives a better blood lipid profile and lower TG which is the best predictor of heart health. There are so many benefits from eating nutrient dense lower carb whole foods.

By going low-carb, you naturally nix most processed food. But there are plenty of healthy, slimming, whole-food, high-carb foods fruit, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, etc. They clearly are. Kind of like Paleo. The link above is a video to my YouTube channel that helps understand Phase 2 of the Atkins diet or low-carb lifestyle I want to thank whomever is in charge of doing this website because I found a lot of information on here to be quite useful and I appreciate the fact that we can open up and share our ideas with each other I recently lost over a hundred pounds doing this and I just want to show other people with it also I have a Facebook group called healthy living for a healthy life so come join and check this out I wish everybody luck on this adventure of losing weight and becoming more healthy have a beautiful day thanks again.

I stumbled on your site via FB. I follow a lot of the advice you offer already. I typically eat scrambled eggs with turkey, a piece of wholebread toast and coffee for breakfast, salad and breast of chicken with vegetables for lunch and something similar chicken or red meat or salmon for dinner, with 2 snacks of 3 rice cakes with gr.

I wanted to ask, if I want to continue to lose fat, should I: 1 go full keto? On Saturdays and one meal on Sunday I eat whatever I want, from pancakes with Nutella for breakfast with mi kids, pizza, burgers with their buns,… Today, Sunday, I ate lasagna and cheesecake for dessert. Many thanks for the advice and greetings from Spain. If I do ever splurge, it is possibly eating too many low carb goodies I make myself.

I just have completely lost the taste for junk food. As for weight loss, eating lasagne and cheesecake, pizza, burgers and nutella can easily undo all your hard work for the entire week. Why not try to have a cheats meal rather than a cheat day? Part of the ethos of going low carb is to eat unprocessed food so I have recipes for all of these foods you still love and can enjoy them AND stay low carb. Try my sugar free nutella , low carb waffles , FatHead pizza , bunless burgers , cheesecake. This for me, is groundbreaking as someone who has dieted all my life.

Oh, by the way : We are prematurely killing our beloved pets with carbs. Cooking for them is kinda fun, for that matter. My cat lives on grain free pet food. I plan never to go back to eating the crud that is being foisted on us. If a 54 year old fatso can drop from to in 5 months, you will be fine. Congratulations, this is an awesome result.

A loss of lb is incredible. And in 5 months — simply wonderful. Well done x. Denny K. Is that all you ate? I have to lose…. Congratulations, come and join me in my Low Carb Support Group. Am sooo excited to have found your website and even more excited to discover that you are a Kiwi! New World? And with items like nuts and seeds etc am I OK to get those from the bulk bins at the spmkt or should I be buying them packaged from the health food aisle?? Appreciate your advice, am writing my shopping list as I type this!!

Yay, another kiwi has discovered my website xxx I tend to shop mainly at New World and buy seeds, nuts, almond meal etc when they are discounted. I also buy my veggies form the fruit and veg shops when I am near them, I find the supermarkets to be incredibly overpriced generally. Good luck and enjoy all the new recipes here.

Yes I have a couple of Asian fruit and vegie shops that I like, as you say spmkt prices are ridiculous…..

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I have started eating the meusli for breke and made the zucchini bacon slice for work lunches this week. Am really looking forward to a coconut cream curry for dinner tonight, yum! If you want to lose weight, then cut the carbs down until you start dropping. It is the most intuitive way of eating for me for over 3 years now. I know the banana not great but really miss real fruit. Frozen berries for most of the year not really doing it for me. You made me smile with the food leper reference. Love it. As for snacks, there is a page here and here to look at and here is my snack finder.

Boiled eggs, avocados, pork crackling, nuts, fat bombs, calamari, granola bars, cold meats … I hope these give you some ideas. Eventually the goal is to stop snacking, but in theme time, these might help you out. I was on long acting insulin at 44 units twice daily. Short acting insulin three times daily at 25 units each. It was through the lchf eating changes I was able to get down to 5 units twice daily of the long acting and 3 units of short acting twice daily. Quite a difference in med changes. Cholesterol readings went from over down to little over A1c from over 9 to 7.

All in a 30 day period. I had only been doing lchf for 30 days when tested. Lost 13 pounds. Stressful times hit me and started eating again. Just now getting back to lchf eating because I know this works. I need this for myself. I felt better, got around better, was much happier. It took time and constant monitoring to reduce my insulins under medial supervision. Was told to keep doing whatever it was I was doing by my pimary care as well as my endocrinologist. Newbie here. Extreme insulin resistance T2 diabetes.

Need to lose 50 lbs. I cannot give medical advice and recommend you need to be under the supervision of a health practitioner to adjust your medication as it is required. No way, see your results. Watch your numbers. Then come up with a plan with your doctor. Can anyone let me know where to get them, please? Is there anywhere online that would supply them?

Can anyone else help answer Margaret? Holland and Barratt stock most of what you need,certainly psyllium husk. Most UK High St have a shop. I have been LCHF for 4 weeks 20g or less carbs daily track everything but my blood ketone 1. Cld these be interfering? Is 90g protein too high. Female 60 20mg to lose mod active. I feel very fatigued How can I get my blood ketone up? Thank you plse can you email me. Hi Patricia, take a look at this post from KetoDietApp which explains ketone levels brilliantly. Went locarb 2 yrs ago after my son lost lbs with it. After 9 months 60 lbs.

Several med. And kidney stone Dr. Want to go back on it but afraid. Any thoughts on this? Here is a good article to read with some extra links in there. The links and articles appear to be pointing the finger towards soda more than anything else.