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  • Le pergamene (Creativity) (Italian Edition)!
  • 1. Break in your shoes.!
  • Training - YOUR BRAIN - For the Appalachian Trail.

The key is to know how high you will be hiking and compare that to where you currently live. Many people focusing on getting the right gear and building physical endurance, but they forget the mental aspect of thru-hiking. That helps build your support network. If you are a solo-hiker, practice being truly alone. Before your hike, go solo camping, even if that means setting up your tent next to your car in a major campground. If you have fears to face, this will be a major stepping stone.

PCT 2019 // How I'm preparing for my first thru-hike

Once you do that, go on a short overnight backpacking trip. Hike a few miles in, set up camp, and sleep alone in the woods. An important note: Even if you are starting with a partner, you need to be prepared to spend time alone. What if your partner bails out halfway through? What if you need some time to yourself? You should test all of your gear and practice with it, so you feel comfortable using it before you go on your thru-hike, make sure you know how to repair, maintain, clean and store your gear while on the trail.

Being self-reliant also means you should need to know how to read a topo map.


Not sure how to read one yourself or want a refresher? REI offers great classes! Walk yourself through all the situations that could occur in the wilderness so you can feel more comfortable and confident with your ability to take care of yourself. For example, visualize how you will respond to a snake biting you. Or would you stand confidently and slowly move away? Read Next. Your email address will not be published.

Pacific Crest Trail

Sign me up for Bearfoot Theory's once-a-month emails! Box number 2 ticked! I have 2 other great trips planned before then. Hey Astrid, thanks so much for your message! You got it! Georganna Seamon knows a thing or two about thru-hikers. Every AT northbounder passes through her gear shop— Mountain Crossings in Blairsville, Georgia —after 31 miles of trial and error. On day three, many hikers are still thinking their pet can handle a Georgia-to-Maine journey.

She tried the AT with her dog but had to send him home.

How Do I Train for a Thru-hike?

The first 31 miles are rough. Seamon spends a lot of time encouraging demoralized hikers, but some still insist on calling it quits.

  1. The 5 Habits of Highly Successful Thru-Hikers.
  2. Physical Preparation for the Older Hiker.
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  4. Those things will turn it around. It sounds silly, but you can lighten your pack a lot by trading out heavy gear for garbage. Here are 11 cheap accessories thru-hikers swear by. Make the most of your time before you blast off. Many first-time thru-hikers abandon unnecessary gear within the first week. Completing your through hike is not about brute strength, it's about efficiency. The less weight you have to carry the more efficiently your body can move. Not to mention, you will reduce the amount of muscle and joint fatigue. This is invaluable for your thru-hike success.

    You knew you wouldn't get tips from Camp Asana without us reminding you of the importance of self-care. Stress injuries are common with long distance hikers and a few stretches to target your calves, quads, and hamstrings each morning and evening can impact your experiences. It's easy to neglect these stretches when you are tired, but that's why we have an entire video series on backpacking equipment uses for your restorative practices in the backcountry. Check out how to use your equipment to help keep you strong.

    These 5 Tips are not all-encompassing by any means, but they are insightful pieces of information to get you thinking about your first Thru-Hike. Make sure to follow us on social media for more tips, humor, and movement advice and adventures. Share this post if you find it helpful for other adventurers to experience.

    Thru-Hiking Tips for Beginners: Getting Started | GORE-TEX Brand

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    Filter All blog. Great Stories Usually Begin out in the Wilderness. Know some of the Pitfall-- Then make plans of action to avoid them While the imagery of Reese Witherspoon traveling the Pacific Crest Trail in the movie Wild feels like enough butane to fuel your camp stove, many people setting out to complete a thru-hike don't make it the entire way.