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Melancholia is more favorable than mania in pregnancy, but after labor mania gives the better prognosis. The forms of mental disturbance commonest in puerperal insanity are mania with or without delirium, melancholia , and dementia. He passed through one of those terrific crises of melancholia which at long intervals threatened his reason. His melancholia started in about that time, and he began to suspect everybody, including me.

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Melancholia is a condition of abnormal sadness without disorder of intelligence or memory. RELATED WORDS discontent , pain , distress , agony , desolation , despondency , discomfort , grief , suffering , despair , torment , affliction , woe , anguish , sadness , depression , unhappiness , abjection , dreariness , dole. Director Lars von Trier. Lars von Trier.

Manon Rasmussen. Genres drama science fiction.

Longing for the End of All

The feel bad movie of the year! I think Von Trier's next movie should be about puppies. Not quite. The film feels, above all, as an attempt to fix the evident…. I would like to hold hands with kirsten dunst as the world ends. One of my new favorite movies of all time.

Brady Corbet is in this lol. Got to the hour mark before the disc failed on me. Borrowed from Esplanade Library. Excellent plot devices. Great acting all around. Pessimistic worldviews.

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