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It actually depends on the collection and the season. I organised sales for my very first one and I may have to do it again I would like to set up an online merchant site for un-sold previous collections. Cela se fera certainement mais il me faut un peu de temps pour le mettre en place! This will happen eventually but I still need more time to launch it properly. M: To conclude, could you please tell us what are you main projects in the near future for Madeyya Haute Couture? For instance, would you like Madeyya read-t--wear collection to be available in the main department stores?

Madeyya: For me, the most important thing right now is the freedom I have to create! This is the reason why, as I previously said, I decided to have my own label. This allows me not to depend on the department stores and their orders which, at times, may be very specific. But, should the word of mouth keep working at it currently does Madeyya may be available in a famous department store in the coming years and that, in itself, would be a fantastic form of recognition! Every city has a fashion week and so does Edinburgh with the first Edinburgh Online Fashion Week, which went live on Monday 22nd October It was filmed in a beautiful location with wonderful clothes and a great backstage crew to perfect it.

The creative director and the man with the idea of creating this online fashion week is Gary Anderson. Gary wanted Edinburgh to be one of the cities to have its own fashion week but for the whole world to see. Edinburgh Online Fashion Week is divided into four categories, which started with designer and high st reet, bout iques, independent designers and then graduate designers.

Each day three shows were filmed with no audience and plain background, so the focus was just on the clothing. The location used was the Quatermile One, perfect with the metal like floors and modern feel. The hair was beautifully put together by Dickson Reid Hairdressing, make-up was stunning and funky by Lauren Gollen Make-Up, styling was trendy and well put together by Laura Blyth creative styling and The Garment district. The vibe from backstage was energetic and hardworking, especially the dressers with their full dedication into organizing the outfits for each model with the styling team.

A complete success! Un concept de boutique-villa unique aux Emirats. My Little Angel: Where Angels Pass By Surrounded by big golden mirrors, in the seven rooms that make up the shop, are displayed hundreds of small adorable clothes for children from prestigious Haute Couture designers. Kenzo imposes its colors, whereas Burberry requires its traditional print: a signature on perfectly cut dresses. As for the little guys, they will be mostly dressed in Hugo Boss, and from December in Armani; but of course the other collections also offer more choices.

Nestled in the heart of their protective cases, even the baby bottles are original at Dior. The tiny shoes are aligned like refined trophies and the gifts for newborns are of infinite delicacy. Even the accessories matter in this refined universe: from the small exquisite bags to the Lilly Gaufrette spot tights to the perfumes, everything is irresistible. Indeed, the concept of the shop meets the expectations of the Emirati women.

Coming mostly out of great families, they needed a different place than a mall that brings together luxurious brands in an almost private space.


But also a story of friendship between her and an Emirati woman she met in Switzerland, where she was already working in the luxury world! Quickly enough, the business is moved in this villa situated on the 30th Street. The clients follow, surprised by this new concept that answers to their each and every need: good quality, availability of staff, a choice of clothing that meets demand and tastes. Because of the calm and intimate atmosphere the women feel at home in this shop where many chances of encounters are made possible.

In fact, private fashion shows are organized twice a year to showcase the new collections, whereas the seasonal sales up to. Par ailleurs, son imagination est sans limites. Pour les accueillir, le magasin doit fermer au public pendant quelques heures. Aussi peut-on souligner cette belle initiative. A second shop has already opened in Al Ain and another one is set to open soon in Dubai.

Madame en Retard rattrape son retard by Roger Hargreaves

But more interestingly, one has to listen to Hayat when she talks about her particular way of working with the princesses, who are among her customers. It is a very special approach. To welcome them, the shop has to close to the public for a few hours. Rare are the concepts that bring forward the meeting of European knowledge and Arab traditions in a convincing manner. Thus, this wonderful initiative should be highlighted. Elle eut un fils Roland Petit.

Rose Repetto was a French designer of Italian origin, born in Milan in She had a son, Roland Petit. As he often came back tired and with sore feet from his dance classes, he asked his mother, a good seamstress, to make him sleepers. So, in her little workshop, Rose created in without knowing it a universal success! In , Madam Repetto launched her first add.

Product description

Triumph guaranteed that lead her to open her first boutique in the prestigious Rue de la Paix in Paris, in Today, this model is still the second most sold shoe on the market after the ballerina. He became the ambassador of the brand and the publicity followed without any faux pas! The renowned ballerina lady passed away in in Paris. Since then, the Repetto House took the back seat until Jean-Marc Gaucher took over and gave it a breath of fresh air: partnerships were signed Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto. In ,. En , Repetto signe un partenariat avec Karl Lagerfield. Repetto signed a partnership with Karl Lagerfield.

In , the Repetto Atelier opened up for the general public, and each woma n ca n create her personalized and unique ballerina according to her taste and colors shades of lamb skin are available , all this following the traditional craftsmanship. Facing an immense success, the factory expanded and produced , pairs of ballerina shoes a year. The big secret: The leather sole i s st itched i n side out and then returned offering to the ballet shoe suppleness and comfort.

Step one: the start-up to staple the back of the sole to a mold. Step two: cover it with a satin body the top of the pointe. Step three: fold by hand the 18 or 22 pleats needed depending on the size of the tip of the shoe. Step four: the body of the shoe is stitched on the sole with a reverse sewing machine. Step five: reinforce the pointe by lining it with a linen cloth soaked with a secrete mixture a well kept secret… and fix a little strip underneath the inner sole in order to keep the sleeper straight. All these details take around 22 minutes to make.

Comes then the drying, which takes 48 hours. The company works day and night to reduce the noise that the ballerinas make on stage, in order to enhance the lightness of the movements for example the Carlota model. In this very colorful world of glamour, Repetto follows its path and remains a manufacturer of exclusive luxurious products: dance accessories, for which the company is proud to be the world leader, but also leather goods.

No doubt that the little ballerina that sleeps inside us will join the dance world, and with your feet in the ballet shoes, your life will turn into a real ballet! With The Poetry of Time exhibition, the Maison unveils its enchanting universe. This is how the Poetry of Time came into being, a watchmaking world made of dreams and enchantment, collections in which each timepiece, like a work of art, tells a tale. Capable de propulser Adding yet another paradox to its list, the city of Dubai treated itself to one of the most magnificent fountains right in the heart of the Emirati desert.

The Dubai Fountain, capable of spraying , litres of water into the air, is above all a well-engineered machine equipped with some 15, highpressure water jets. Just like soldiers of the water spray, little water robots make the water dance in rippling and lascivious waves, while the shooters and the super shooters, just like marksmen, shoot water up to 75 m high. Just like capricious divas, they only start performing by the end of the show, because it takes some time to build up the pressure.

During the opening ceremony, they had installed extreme shooters that propelled water up to m high above the heads of the astounded spectators. Our fountain, one quarter.


Far more than the technical exploits and the record-breaking again and always! In a city that some might find cold despite the warm temperature! How come a high school girl in the Emirates chooses to spend her vacation with a humanitarian association instead of having fun with friends? What makes Marion, 16 years old, rush towards the most poor and destitute? How did she settle on joining Madagascar last summer to help the street children?

During the summer it welcomes young volunteers who are ready to serve the most in need. This is how. Marion found herself in Antsirabe, second largest city in Madagascar with a population of over people, that keeps constantly growing because of the rural exodus. The average salary there is dhs a month, which represents less than 2,50 dhs per member of a family of 7 this corresponds to the local average. This leads to a situation of poverty where the education of children is neglected.

At the beginning of their stay in Madagascar the young French volunteers are granted a few days to adapt and enjoy a small vacation. On the program: Excursion to Mangily in the southeast of the Island and the discovery of the Isalo National Park to get to meet the lemurs, big mascots of the country. Tourism, indeed, but nonetheless a supportive and ecological action.

Rice and zebu, the domestic cattle, represent the staple diet in the island, so stomachs can sometimes be put to a tough test. In July, it is winter in Madagascar and second-hand clothes are bought to protect against the. However these unexpectedly come with unwanted guests: Fleas! But if one wants to adapt, there is no choice but to accept all this. With the arrival of the young humanitarians in Antsirabe, repair work begins. They have two missions: On the one hand rebuild the facade of a school and repair 4 classrooms, on the other go to meet the street children.

The people received by the association range between 12 and 19 years of age. And because they have not been granted a proper education, they have fallen way behind in their studies. It takes times for them to get used to each other. During breaks from the repairs, activities such as board games, cooking, flute playing and dancing are organized. But when an evening party is arranged, the happiness of being all together helps to fight against the fatigue.

Its youth keeps smiling despite the hardships it encounters. Nous dansons ensemble, et il me noue un bracelet au poignet. Night had just fallen and we were returning from a long day of work and fun at the school site. The cool air of the evening already began to blow as we met up, all wrapped up in our scarfs, with the young Malagasy members of the association, who were all covered up in their sweaters.

Huddled together, we walked down the dark roads of Antsirabe until we reached a school playground.

There, French songs and Malagasy dances, fits of laughter and complicity filled the air around the bonfire, where the spirit of joy reigned. At one point, a young Malagasy boy approached me, he was wearing bright red Doc Martens and his name was Tentel. We danced together and he tied a bracelet around my wrist. Suddenly, my friend Georgette called me. She was the one who welcomed me and introduced me to the Malagasies. I went to her, surprised by her sudden affection and she took me in her arms and gave me a bracelet of her own.

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I have till now, thanks to Tentel and Georgette, a physical memory of their kindness around my wrist. This evening will remain one of my best evenings; an intense and truthful moment I spent with these youngsters, whose hard past did nothing to affect our warm relationship. This new company saw the light of day a few weeks ago and offers an authentic high-end bedouin experience.

The adventure begins at 15h00 with our rendezvous in the Dubai Marina given by chauffeur Eric. This magnificent reserve is situated on royal land, with controlled access. Au plaisir de tous les photographes, ils prennent la pose… et nous aussi! The meeting point for all the participants is at the entry to the park. On board the classic- and oh-so-photogenic- Land Rovers, right out of the 40s and 50s, the ride begins.

There is no dune bashing or spectacular feats, but rather a pleasant exploration of the park. Barely a few seconds after our departure, we catch sight of a gazelle who does not seem in the least surprised to see us. A little further off, the convoy stops in front of a superb f lock of oryx with their long, straight horns, silhouettes bursting off the golden dunes. To the delight of the photographers they pose for the cameras…and we do too! Towards the end of t he t ra i l, we stop i n the heart of the desert where a falconer waits to tell us the story which links the Emiratis to falcons and to present an ext raordinary show to us.

It should be u nderl i ned t hat during the time when t he Bedou i ns were living in rudimentary encampments, falcons were of capital importance since they captured the prey that nourished the whole family. With the help of bait- usually a quail- the falconer lets his bird go and makes it fly quickly around him, at a top speed that can get up to almost kilometres per hour. Our eyes are riveted on this magnificent bird to keep up with him!

And it is at this moment that the show begins. With the sun gradually setting on the dunes, it is time to head to the Bedouin camp. On our arrival, dozens of. After washing our hands in rose water, we experience a real immersion into the universe of the Bedouins. Seated on little palm stools, it is time to taste emirati food. Several plates appear, like Shorbat Ada lentil soup , Harees, homous, salads and the famous Ghouzi. Cooked over the fire for many hours according to the traditional method, the lamb is perfectly spiced and tender.

Arab bread must not be forgotten, made in front of us on a circular plaque. Dessert is served with coffee and dates. At the camp, it is also possible to have body henna applied and to smoke shisha. A belly dancer closes the voyage in the desert. Isabelle, with her great understanding of human relations, has devoted her whole energy to chair an important association of francophone in Abu Dhabi. Their major goal is to reunite all those who have shown a particular talent or skill.

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However the three women cho ose t hei r ex h i bitor s carefully. Nous school in Abu Dhabi. Most of the exhibitors, who were also very satisfied with this first day, will be present for the Second Craft Market already scheduled for November. As spread by word of mouth, it will have around fifty stands that regroup amateurs and professionals from all over the world. Our three craftswomen look forward to a large number of visitors. The event is reserved exclusively to craftsmen and craftswomen who offer items produced in the UAE.

W hen entering Drouant with Chef Louis Grondard, he worked hard to eventually forge his maturity and his discipline. He asserted himself in t he wake of this renowned chef that he deeply admires, before taking off by himself to run the Scribe kitchens. In , a first Michelin star is rewarding his hard work and his creativity, which was confirmed in thanks to a second Michelin star. In , the Hotel Le Meurice entrusted him the. He achieved the ultimate accolade in with his third star.

It is the result of 22 years of work, passion and a desire to be accurate and demanding in each moment. Yet it also marks the beginning of a new life. This third star is a tremendous responsibility and it is now up to me to make it shine. More than ever, I want to progress and perfect my work in order to offer our clients real consistency and a true gastronomic signature.

Hard work and rigor are his magic words. His talent lies in reinventing dishes from traditional cuisine by giving a unique interpretation mixing precision and surprise. He gets his inspiration from local products to create links between classic and modern inspiration. Really involved, he leads on the French creative cuisine that he respects and accommodates with delicacy and devotion.

Open for dinner, STAY provides distinct dining experience within a comfortable yet stylish black and white decoration. STAY surprises guests with signature dishes showcasing revamped traditional cook ing met hods. And when Yannick is in the kitchen, stars shine. And, cherry on the cake, all dishes are paired with the perfect wines. An unforgettable experience.

The first tip that we can give you to discover Venice in a new way is: avoid hotels and rent a small apartment that overlooks a narrow canal far away from the main touristic attractions. Going down. You can find in this town more gardens than in most of the other big European capitals. You have to dare push open the door to the cloister of the San Giorgio Monastery or adventure yourself a little bit further from the centre and roam through the alleys of Giardini Pubblicci.

You can also go meander through the tall grasses of Torcello. If Vivaldi is present wherever you go, his music is by far the only one you could listen to. We recommend that you stop by two very different places. The Venice Jazz Club, situated 30 m from the Ponte dei Pugni and hidden between the Campo Santa Margarheta and the Campo San Barnaba, offers you one evening, tinged with nostalgia and filled with the deep tones of the saxophone. Otherwise the Palazzetto Bru Zane, the centre for French romantic music, which purpose is to focus on the discovery.

Free from its hordes of tourists, the city becomes completely still, lulled by the lapping of the water … A complete different Venice! This sublime decor must be why the hotel hosts, during the fashion season, the latest creat ions of demanding couturiers. In the twentieth. It also forged strong ties with artists such as Salvador Dali. Ideally situated on the Rue de Rivoli, opposite the Tuileries Gardens, t he hotel enchants wit h not on ly its set t ing but wit h its architecture and t he qua l it y of its f it t i ngs a nd services.

Recent renovations retain the old world atmosphere and respect the identity of the building. In Philippe Stark set to work on the ground floor, creat i ng a ha r mon ious g rey toned background and installing in the Dali Restaurant poetic surroundings which would not have displeased the eccentric Dali; Superior Suite. In Charles Jouffre oversaw the redecoration of the bedrooms, limpid and luxurious backgrounds but with, at the same time, the most up to date technology so necessary nowadays, so that spending a night at Le Meurice is a marvelous experience.

It offers, in the Centre of Paris, a haven of peace of m2, all harmonious tints and celadon green, gold and bronze blending with natural shades and curving architecture, symbolic of wellbeing. Lobby - Fire place. Further enticements Finally, since spring , threestar Chef Yan n ick A l leno has put real gast ronomy back into pride of place at the Le Meurice, abandoning the creative cuisine he has been offering for five years, for si mple hea r t y d ishes. Guests appreciate the carefully selected wines chosen by chef sommelier Estelle Touzet as they appear during the meal, in perfect harmony with the food.

From the table to the pantry, from the bedroom to the bathroom, the colourful stripes of the Basque linen radiate joy.

Bor n of t he f lax, which used to be cultivated by local farmers, Basque linen takes its origins from the cow mantle saial a striped piece of cloth used to cover the animals and protect them from the effects of the sun. The wider the stripes were, the wealthier the owner was!

Jean Vier, a specialist in woven natural fibers — pure cotton, pure linen, cotton linen blends — has rejuvenated and modernized his collect ion, bringing a French Southwest breeze of happiness to our homes! Elles sont partout les rayures, allant souvent par sept, comme les sept provinces basques5. Jeande-Luz, St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, Bayonne or Paris or online at www. Jean-de-Luz, open since Surprising events come from strokes of happenstance: a professional inward look for one, a memorable lunch with the other,.

Yes, but it has to be something different from the others… that ref lects us, that means something. Men books and 33 Little Miss books. The first of the Mr. Men characters is reported to have been created when Adam asked his father what a tickle looked like: Hargreaves drew a figure with a round orange body and long, rubbery arms, which became Mr.

After Hargreaves died of a sudden stroke in , Adam continued writing and drawing the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters in new stories. However, in April , Christine sold the rights to the Mr. Men books have himself drawn in them. He appears in: Mr. Small Little Miss Star. Chronological List. Alphabetical List. Available Only List. Men and Little Miss] Hardcover.

French-English Dictionary (35,273 Entries)

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