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First Prev 7 of 14 Go to page. Amberpup said:. Big thx for all your hard work, especially from me since I picked-up some Ars Magica books recently and thought about a campaign where the young magi are summoned to help restore a German covenant that has fallen into Winter by it's last sane inhabitant.

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So heavy on a lot I've read above. Aquantis Registered User Validated User. I love reading about folklore stories I haven't run across before and all the variants. This is a rough outline of categories for my hypothetical book: 1. Weird Locations 4. Amberpup Registered User Validated User. Out of curiosity, what aspects of German folklore are you especially interested in?

Some more thoughts about the category: - The Devil Probably the single most common entity to be mentioned in German folklore. A few key points to remember: 1. The Devil is powerful, but helpless in the presence of faith and the Saints. You don't have to be a priest to banish the Devil - a genuine invocation of God, Jesus, or the Saints will do the trick to banish the Devil.

Märchen und Sagen - Botschaften aus der Wirklichkeit (Doku)

Any deals with the Devil can be reneged through sincere repentance. The Devil is not particularly smart and can be tricked in bets. Even priests use this from time to time, by having the Devil help with the construction of churches! The Devil comes in a multitude of guises. In fact, a few stories claim that faeries are the souls of unbaptized heathens or children which means Christian missionary activity in Europe was essentially a Faerie Genocide.

Список работ по оборотням Дж. Блэка - Оборотни, миксаморфы и культ животных

Faust , but also groups such as the portrayals of Venetians in the Fichtelgebirge region who were commonly believed to have magical powers. This also includes the treatment of Jews in German folklore - which was bad. Plenty of these stories ended up as triggers for a pogrom, and quite a few others were probably used as a pretense for murder "No, it wasn't any of us who killed and mutilated that Jewish moneylender - it was the Devil himself, coming to take his own!

It has also become apparent that I need a category for largely "mundane" but still interesting stories, like the Dog Children and the knight drowning in the lake. Finally, there could be a subchapter on treasures all of their own. More stories! When her father was slain by a heathen she died out of despair. Because she had not put her trust in God and prayed fervently, she was doomed to walk through a tunnel to the old castle on the other side of the Mangfall river. A well-behaved child that prays fervently, loves God, and never upsets their parents could release her, but no such child has ever come here.

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German male poets

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Meaning of "Schützenwiese" in the German dictionary

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Wilhelm Konrad Hermann Müller

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