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A most difficult question! I have too many books I consider great. I will say anything and everything by Langston Hughes, for his optimism against all odds, and for being a true jazz poet. And then perhaps Jack Kerouac who I see in Hughes's light whose On the Road propelled my adolescent self into the curious world of writing deliberately but with a good dose of spontaneity and "undisturbed flow from the mind.

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I think there's a level of insurgency, broadly defined, that makes a book great. A passion for newness, also; to make new and renew the one reading. I continue to harbour curiosity about the relationship between identity and exile. I see it as a book about learning how to swim, essentially; how to navigate the various and often difficult depths of living whilst remembering the value of enchantment along the way.

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Stay tuned! The views expressed in the Writer-in-Residence blogs are those held by the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Open Book.

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Toggle navigation. We're thrilled to welcome Adebe as our March writer-in-residence at Open Book! Open Book: Tell us about your new book, Terra Incognita. OB: Is there a question that is central to your book, thematically? OB: Did the book change significantly from when you first starting working on it to the final version?

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ADA: The process of writing Terra Incognita was at least two years, with most of being the time where I sat and wrestled with what I envisioned as the final product. OB: What do you need in order to write — in terms of space, food, rituals, writing instruments?

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ADA: A room of one's own is necessary for me and I think many writers would agree. OB: What do you do if you're feeling discouraged during the writing process? Email submissions will not be accepted.

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Submit your events accordingly to ensure that they are received in time! Visit poets. With this panel, the Feminist Caucus wants to take a look at what feminism looks like today. The Caucus was formed in the early s, and worked hard to make the League better for and more inclusive of female poets. This panel will take a close look at the original mission statement of the Feminist Caucus and discuss, share, and analyze real-life experience with feminism: discussing intersectionality, diversity, advocacy, and more as it relates to feminism in poetry and literature.

That was the real magic behind what he did. Adebe DeRango-Adem. Finally, Terra Incognita is a collection that delves into the malleable borders of identity and questions what it means to move physically and spiritually, for our bodies to arrive and depart, our souls to relocate and change their scope.

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Andrea Thompson. This anthology of poetry, spoken word, fiction, creative non-fiction, spoken word texts, as well as black and white artwork and photography, explores the question of how mixed-race women in North America identify in the twenty-first century. The anthology also serves as a place to learn about the social experiences, attitudes, and feelings of others, and what racial identity has come to mean today.