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For one thing, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau — the brainchild of Senator Elizabeth Warren — is, by all accounts, having a major chilling effect on abusive lending practices. And early indications are that enhanced regulation of financial derivatives — which played a major role in the crisis — is having similar effects, increasing transparency and reducing the profits of middlemen.

There, too, Dodd-Frank seems to be yielding real results, in fact, more than many supporters expected. What was really lethal was the interaction between size and complexity. Financial institutions had become chimeras: part bank, part hedge fund, part insurance company, and so on. This complexity let them evade regulation, yet be rescued from the consequences when their bets went bad. And it required that financial institutions in general put up more capital, reducing both their incentive to take excessive risks and the chance that risk-taking would lead to bankruptcy.

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You can see this in cases like that of General Electric, a manufacturing firm that turned itself into a financial wheeler-dealer, but is now trying to return to its roots. Select the Hint button 4 on the bottom left to get a hint in HOS and in the main quest. Inventory items will be marked in all CAPS in the strategy guide. Chapter 1 — Gendarme Examine the trunk and open it; take the amulet A which will be added to your bottom left toolbar as your hint button. Examine the opened carriage to access a HOS. Find the items listed. Place the axe handle on the handle to get the axe 1.

You will earn an AXE. Examine the log and use the AXE on it C. Push the carriage out of the way. Open the gates D. Go forward to the narrow street. Go forward through the newly-opened gates. Back out. Rotate the rings to complete the picture. See screenshot for solution V.

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Go forward. Examine the stained glass window to access a HOS Y. Place the helmet on the armor to get a knight 1. Go forward through the hole in wall of the church. Examine the dragon D. Back out twice. Go forward twice to the city square. Arrange the symbols to match the code. Go up the path to the monster house.

Attempt to go forward into the house R. Place the half of a binocular with the other half to get a binocular 1. Go to the monster house. Examine the cut window to trigger a puzzle. Arrange the masks in the correct order. See screenshot for solution Z. Take the MASK.

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Enter the house to the hall. Go to the church. Go to the hall in the monster house. Examine the cleaned vanity to access a HOS. Use the key on the drawer to get the clock hands 1. Examine the clock H. Place the correct items with the figures. To solve the puzzle, place the items with their owners in the following order: Red, yellow, blue, green, and white I. Go up to the attic. Select the organ grinder K. Return to the attic. Go into the kitchen.

Chapter 3 — Alicia Speak to Alicia; take the cursed card. Select the cauldron V. Go to the narrow street. Go to the kitchen. Examine the opened cabinet to access a HOS E.

Use the can opener on the can to get fish 1. Use the knife on the lemon to get a lemon slice 2. Back out and go upstairs. Use the violin on the organ grinder G. Go back to the attic. Place the books in the correct order to complete the picture. See screenshot for solution L. Go up the newly-opened path to the clock tower. Speak to the horseman P.

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Examine the bear and note the medallion S. Go to the clock tower. Examine the opened doorway to access a HOS. Place the 2 weights on the scale to get a balanced scale Dread Central. Euro News. Twitch Film.

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