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A Mayne Attraction Short Story

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Her hair is so long, that she often wraps it around herself and wears it like a dress! A character revising their story. Help from unexpected quarters. Lacy is too old to spy on her parents, but she can't resist, until she learns something which sends her The innocence of children is lost on the childrenIn the story Emily, Stephen and his The innocence of children is lost on the childrenIn the story Emily, Stephen and his sister make a surprising find that changes their family forever. We may dream of childhood as a state of joy and innocence, but children inhabit the Last Right: a short story.

In Last Right a prodigal son, a vanished wife, and a dying patriarch combine in In Last Right a prodigal son, a vanished wife, and a dying patriarch combine in a tale of betrayal and revenge on the Mexican border. The Third Thief: Maia Whitney has returned home for her sister's wedding determined to stay aloof from family dramas. Alas, the disappearance of a valuable Secret Diaries of a Nurse: and other short.

An opinion piece on physician assisted Euthanasia, another diary page Crying in Church and two completed fictions, one Short Stories.

Barefoot Heroine

For those not acquainted with I loved reading it from ash's point of view. It's always nice to know what the others are thinking. Cant wait for the rest of the books to come out. KBBooklover reviewed on on Feb. Makes me really want In the Shadows, although I wish it had included when she reached out to him. That would have been sooo sweet. He really does love her.

Kristin Vayden reviewed on on Jan. As a huge fan of the "Mayne Attraction" series, I was thrilled to have a novella to dive into while I wait for the next full novel in the series. I wasn't disappointed. Ellery's personality shines through in a wonderful new light as you see faucets of her character that you didn't glimpse in the first book.

Ash's point of view is a welcome change and you can't help but feel tugs on your heartstrings as you watch them interact for the first time. Loved the story. I totally recommend it. The first book was fantastic; a great escape into the world of Ellery. She's adorable and needs to be with Ash.

Mayne Attraction: In The Spotlight

This glimpse into his mind just makes me want the second book to get here even faster! I might have already submitted one but it won't show up so Also like the first, I was terribly upset when I finished. Ann Mauren makes her readers want more and I can't wait! This was a great look into Ash's mind and his perspective of an event you see previously in her first book. I loved it and am so excited for the second one!

Heather McCurdy reviewed on on Jan. As with her first book, "In the Spotlight", Ann Mauren doesn't disappoint with this "teaser" for the third book. I can't wait for the second book and THEN the third. If you come across this short story before reading book 1, I highly advise you purchase book 1, "The Mayne Attraction: In the Spotlight" first. If you don't or didn't read this review until too late, go get the book.

The characters will make more sense. Plus, if you are introduced to Ash Ryan this way you might think him a stalker. He isn't. I love seeing the unfolding of this story through his eyes. Take my word for it- go grab the first book, from Ellery's point of view, and start reading. Keep up the good work, Ann Mauren! Victoria James reviewed on on Dec.

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After reading this short, i can truly say i am waiting anxiously for the next two books especially In the Shadows. Ash is impossibly wonderful and perfect for Ellery. I wondered when Ash fell for her and how long he had to wait to find out her feelings were mutual. I am so happy for both of them and I hope this series expands beyond the trilogy hint hint Ann.

I could see this book becoming the next huge book-to-film phenom!