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To stop people finding out that Britain was helping the Communists, the agents were given false identities and provided with accommodation and training at remote country houses in southern England, including Beaulieu. Only a few survived the war as most were caught, interrogated and executed.


Based on extensive research, Bernard O'Connor tells their human stories enmeshed in a web of political intrigue and diplomacy. Exploring issues relating to national security, military, law enforcement, as well as corporate private affairs, Hank Prunckun uses his experience as a professional to explain both the theoretical basis and practical application for real counterintelligence craft. Each chapter contains key words and phrases and a number of study questions and learning activities that make the book a comprehensive tool for learning how to be a counterintelligence professional.

In Why Intelligence Fails, Robert Jervis examines the politics and psychology of two of the more spectacular intelligence failures in recent memory: the mistaken belief that the regime of the Shah in Iran was secure and stable in , and the claim that Iraq had active WMD programs in The Iran case is based on a recently declassified report Jervis was commissioned to undertake by CIA thirty years ago and includes memoranda written by CIA officials in response to Jervis's findings.

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The Iraq case, also grounded in a review of the intelligence community's performance, is based on close readings of both classified and declassified documents, though Jervis's conclusions are entirely supported by evidence that has been declassified.

In both cases, Jervis finds not only that intelligence was badly flawed but also that later explanations analysts were bowing to political pressure and telling the White House what it wanted to hear or were willfully blind were also incorrect. Proponents of these explanations claimed that initial errors were compounded by groupthink, lack of coordination within the government, and failure to share information.

Policy prescriptions, including the recent establishment of a Director of National Intelligence, were supposed to remedy the situation. In Jervis's estimation, neither the explanations nor the prescriptions are adequate. The inferences that intelligence drew were actually quite plausible given the information available. Errors arose, he concludes, from insufficient attention to the ways in which information should be gathered and interpreted, a lack of self-awareness about the factors that led to the judgments, and an organizational culture that failed to probe for weaknesses and explore alternatives.

Evaluating the inherent tensions between the methods and aims of intelligence personnel and policymakers from a unique insider's perspective, Jervis forcefully criticizes recent proposals for improving the performance of the intelligence community and discusses ways in which future analysis can be improved.

In , a frustrated President Kennedy turned to the Pentagon for help in carrying out subversive operations against North Vietnam- a job the CIA had not managed to handle effectively.


Under the cover name"Studies and Observation Group," SOG would, over the next eight years, dispatch numerous spies to North Vietnam, create a triple-cross deception program, wage psychological warfare by manipulating North Vietnamese POW's and kidnapped citizens, and stage deadly assaults on enemy soldiers traveling the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Written by the country's leading expert on SOG, here is the story of that covert war-one that would have both spectacular and disastrous results. Charles Whiting is an armored reconnaissance veteran of World War II and has become one of the world's most prolific writers on the conflict.

In the years since he has extensively interviewed many German veterans of the Third Reich's espionage and covert operations efforts.

Churchill and Stalin's Secret Agents : Operation Pickaxe at RAF Tempsford

De-classification of British and American archives, some made public as recently as October , now make it possible for Whiting to assemble an unprecedented account of German espionage in World War II. Whiting combines exclusive interviews, recent revelations, and his own vivid writing style to provide a fascinating portrait of these operations, which included the stealing of the U. Norden bombsight, the campaign of deception preceding the Battle of the Bulge, and successful spying operations against U. This oligarchy helped fund the Nazi regime and then saved thousands of Nazis to work with the Central Intelligence Agency.

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It is clearly stated that the final possible date for an attempt in this moon-period is 5 April. Considerable pressure is brought to bear, even implying that they operation should be attempted after the end of the moon period, the agents prepared to be dropped anywhere in the Danube valley east of Linz.

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The Soviets regard the crew and aircraft as expendable. The schedule for the Air Party is an indication, no more than that, of the aircrew strength at that time. I can think of no other reason for these two to be listed in isolation. I shall endeavour to add the full lists for the advance party and the main party of the ground staff as soon as practicable.

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  • Story and illusions from an ‘abandoned’ airfield?
  • The Advance Party of Squadron moves to Tempsford. Smith as his deputy. The party of 40 includes a pair of representatives from each of the many Ground sections. The move of the Main Party to Tempsford, including the aircraft and crews, is to be carried out on 14 March, and is to be completed by Romanoff has an all-Czech crew. Add to Basket.

    Churchill's and Stalin's Secret Agents: Operation Pickaxe at RAF Tempsford

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