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Love the busy rhythm guitar playing…if you listen carefully, they never seem to play the chords exactly the same way twice. There some embellishments going on like a B7aug and an E6. I really like the key of C m and the relative E major. All those are top Beatles songs for me! In bar three of this great song I hear a guitar playing some sort of choked off notes that have a bit of harmonic ring to them.

Does anybody know how that was done?

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It sounds like an overdub. The album version is much livelier. It was a bit of a formula song. We knew that in E if you went to an A flat minor, you could always make a song with those chords; that change pretty much always excited you.

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This is one of these. This one anyway was a straight co-written song for George. We wouldn't have actually wanted to sing it because it was a bit The ones that pandered to the fans in truth were our least favourite songs but they were good. They were good for the time.

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The nice thing about it was to actually pull a song off on a slim little premise like that. A simple little idea. It was songwriting practice. Latest Comments. B,n Thursday 4 December SD Saturday 11 July Joe Sunday 12 July Gustavo Monday 21 June Steve Friday 9 October In the remaster version of this song, you can hear the drum in question extremely clearly.

I Just Want to Dance With You

It sounds like the same drum they use on Mr Moonlight. Joseph Brush Sunday 11 October Gustavo Thursday 6 May For sure, there is a different kind of bongo or drum. Charlie Monday 15 October James Ferrell Monday 5 May EveT Thursday 26 June Jonas Tuesday 5 May Johan cavalli Friday 8 May Robert Monday 5 September Jon Thursday 26 July Jon Monday 10 September She started her Festival of Dance journey by first participating as a dancer, then serving as the Executive Assistant, and is now in her third year of being involved in the Festival.

Tara Costello , Lighting Designer Tara is a second year English Major who has played Just Dance and thought: wow, those lights look cool, I wonder what it would be like to design them for real? This is her second year involved in lighting for the Festival of Dance, and she is so happy to be back with such a fantastic team!

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  7. Hareem Haider , Stage Manager Friday Hareem is a future engineer by day, theatre enthusiast by night. She is currently plotting to permanently live in Hart House Theatre.

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    The Festival was an integral part of her experience as an undergrad, so much so that she returned as a performer multiple times even after graduating from U of T. This year, Catie is beyond excited to return to FOD as a stage manager, she is looking forward to give back to this wonderful community that have given her life as a dancer in both undergrad and beyond. A trained musical theatre performer, ballet dancer and opera singer, Samantha has worked both on and behind stage for several community and professional productions.

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    Samantha aspires for a career in finance, eventually hoping to one day produce her own Broadway musical. She wishes to thank Chiara for never letting her throw away her shot. She is happy to be back at Hart House after many years. She has been working on many different parts of the productions to gain experience to continue to work in theatre after graduation.