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In older periods andirons were used as a rest for a roasting spit ; and sometimes included a cup-shaped top to hold porridge.

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Sometimes, smaller pairs were placed between the main andirons for smaller fires. These are called "creepers". Andirons and fire dogs are devices made of metal and rarely ceramic which support the firewood. They normally stand upon short legs and are usually connected with an upright guard. The guard keeps the logs in the fireplace as they burn and settle.

This guard, which may be of iron, steel, copper, bronze, or silver, may be simple, or elaborately ornamented often with patterns or heraldic ornaments, such as the fleur-de-lis , with sphinxes , grotesque animals, mythological statuettes, or caryatides supporting heroic figures or emblems. The word andiron was borrowed into Middle English from the Old French word andier also found in medieval Latin in forms such as andena , anderia , anderius.

The origin of the French word is uncertain.

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But in English the word soon became associated with the word iron through folk-etymology , producing the form andiron. Sometimes this was further folk-etymologised as hand-iron.

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Due to the reanalysis of the French form l'andier 'the andiron' as one word, the French term later became landier , giving rise to English forms such as landiron. The term firedog seems to arise from the perceived similarity of an andiron to a dog lying by the fire. In English, however, this form may also have been influenced by French: another French term for an andiron is chenet , which originally meant 'little dog'.

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