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Whether it's Jon telling Sam that he has dreams about the crypts, and that he's afraid of what will awaken within them when they become too dark, or Ned feeling like he's being watched by the Kings of Winter's eyes of ice, George has taken plenty of time to prepare us for the stone Starks under Winterfell coming back to life. The Tower trembles; to the tomb of kings doom approaches. The Dead awaken; for the hour is come for the Oathbreakers: at the Stone of Erech, they shall stand again and hear there a horn in the hills ringing.

Whose shall the horn be?

Who shall call them from the grey twilight, the forgotten people? The heir of him to whom the oath they swore. From the North shall he come, need shall drive him: he shall pass the Door to the Paths of the Dead. If you said ' Game of Thrones ' you'd essentially be right even if it is actually from Lord of the Rings , mainly because the terminology is so similar horns, oath-breakers, doors, being from the North but it's actually a description of LOTR 's Army of the Dead, a bunch of ghost warriors who come to save the day in Return of the King.

So this theory predicts Winterfell will have its own spooky army of Starks including Ned who'll come and fight the Night King's army. Digital Spy does not currently subscribe to this theory. This isn't so much blatant foreshadowing as dedicated fans being really clever. Basically, Game of Thrones geeks have noticed the parallels between the Azor Ahai prophecy about a 'Prince who was promised' who will wield a sword of light to destroy the Others, and the Night's Watch vow: "I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls.

I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn. Maybe… but it would be a bit of a damp squib. We're going to keep this one short and sweet, because we've banged on about Azor Ahai over , and over , and over again. But here's one thing we hadn't considered until just now We've long assumed that the 'Prince Who Was Promised' title comes from the fact the prophecy promises a prince will return. But what if it's cleverer than that? What if it involves a prince who was involved in a promise?

Something like Lyanna's pleas re: young Jon. We've gone into pretty intense detail on George RR Martin's pitch for the A Song of Ice and Fire series, which is different enough from what the series actually ended up being unless we've totally missed the Jon and Arya romantic subplot on the show to not count as a spoiler — but there is stuff here we can analyse, especially in terms of who Martin's said will make it to the end.

In the original pitch Jon, Daenerys, Tyrion, Arya and Bran are the five main folks who make it to the end of the story. Notice anyone missing? Yep, Sansa — which kind of negates the first theory on this list.

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Michael gives Atipax, a fictional pharmaceutical, to his brother, Patrick, in order to keep him calm and help him sleep. Parents need to know that The End Games is an action-packed adventure set in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. Characters are attacked by undead "Bellows," becoming monsters themselves if bitten. In addition to the monster-killing, there is a lot of gunplay between factions of human characters, including one group led by a murderous priest.

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The language is strong frequent uses of "damn," "hell," "s--t," "bastard," and "piss" but "f--k" is very rarely used. The mayhem may be too intense for younger or more sensitive readers. Add your rating See all 1 parent review. Add your rating See all 1 kid review. When the zombie apocalypse arrives, Michael tells his mentally fragile brother, Patrick, that the mayhem is only a Game, that nothing bad will happen to them if they play by the rules and obey the instructions of the mysterious Game Master.

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The Bellows begin mutating, and those who lead the various factions of humans begin acting in odd ways. Will Michael be able to maintain the web of lies he has spun, or will the truth come crashing down on everyone he loves? Michael's attempt to protect his beloved brother by insisting that the end of civilization is a game that they can ultimately "win" gives the events in the novel a greater poignancy than is usually found in this kind of horror novel.

Although the dialogue sometimes becomes repetitive, the action is relentless, and there are plot twists that most readers will not see coming. Families can talk about lying, even to ease someone's anxiety.

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What are some of the unforeseen consequences that can come from telling lies? How do governments maintain authority during a disaster? How are power vacuums filled when society collapses?


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For Your Family Log in Sign me up. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Want personalized picks that fit your family? Set preferences to see our top age-appropriate picks for your kids. The End Games. Now those were stories, they were having adventures. All sorts of amazing things could happen. Martin studied journalism at university — he went to Northwestern in Illinois — continuing to write and sell short stories through his time as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war he did alternative service with Volunteers in Service to America , a chess tournament director and a teacher.

In , he turned to writing full time, publishing novels including his debut, space opera Dying of the Light , and historical vampire tale Fevre Dream I thought it might be a short story; it was just this chapter, where they find these direwolf pups. A Game of Thrones opens with Bran Stark climbing a tower at Winterfell and seeing Jaime and Cersei Lannister having incestuous sex, before being pushed to his apparent death by Jaime. Five books into the series, the battle for the Iron Throne of Westeros has killed off countless characters, bloodily and unexpectedly — one major name is shot with a crossbolt on the privy; much of an army is wiped out during the notorious Red Wedding scene in A Storm of Swords.

His famous fans include Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman, who says that he has been reading Martin since he was Each book and each story was different and each was deep. A Song of Ice and Fire was a bestselling series before HBO came along in , but the show took fantasy to the mainstream. Today, Martin sits in a position he could scarcely have imagined when he published the first book. They fund a scholarship for budding fantasy writers and support a wolf sanctuary in New Mexico.

The Irish End Game Books – Susan Kiernan-LEWIS

The sheer popularity of Game of Thrones has made cracking on with the series harder, he admits. It can also be hard because Martin has so much going on. As well as writing the books, he is working with the writers of the five different prequels to Game of Thrones that HBO is developing, , including Jane Goldman, whose The Long Night takes place 5, years in the past.