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Following the death of her father, the elusive billionaire Pa Salt — so-called by the six daughters he adopted from around the globe and named after the Seven Sisters star cluster — she finds herself at breaking point. S11 E4 Arctic Harvest With dark winter descending on the Arctic, unseasonably warm temperatures cause the frozen tundra to become an unpredictable environment. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks Amazon. Pictures, video and more. Get links to your favorite show pages. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. Oct 13, Roslyn rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this short story.

I have no idea if the series of which it is a part is as good as this, but now I want to read more by this author. The writing was clean and lyrical and the story was intriguing and warming.

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Feb 08, SheLove2Read rated it really liked it Shelves: That was unexpected. I had no idea I'd start this 25 page short story and end up a sobbing, snotty mess. My chest hurts. Elizabeth Hunter definitely has a way with words. Feb 02, Eileen rated it really liked it. Short, but a nice lead in if you know the series or are just starting. The emotions read true and you can tell the author will do a good job. I have read all of Elizabeth Hunter's work and always welcome a new book or story.

Quick short read to introduce you into the world of Cambio Springs. I would recommend the read to give you a clear picture of what to expect when starting the series. Not necessary but nice! Loved it.

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He crossed his arms. Arms that had once held her tightly. Held their sons. Thrown darts at their favorite pub in college. Arms that had carried her name. Favorite verses and patterns tattooed permanently onto all too un-permanent skin. Sep 26, Emily rated it it was amazing. Mar 16, Liz rated it really liked it Shelves: para-norm , mystery , short. I loved Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental Mysteries series and this short story shows a promising start to her new Cambio Springs novels. Oct 22, Shelby rated it really liked it. For 25 pages this was overwhelmingly heart wrenching. I look forward to the series.

Sep 04, LastBreath rated it really liked it Shelves: ghosts , prequel-novella , urban-fantasy , shapeshifters. Jena Crowe is finally heading home. In the back she has her two young boys - Low Jr. Riding shot gun is the ashes of her recently departed husband, Lowell Snr. Through the journey Jena is kept company by the ghost of her husband. Someone whom only she can see, which has her questioning and accepting that she may have lost her mind. At the end Lowell reassures Jena that this is the right move. Even if this will signal their end. A very short introduction into Cambio Springs recently retu Jena Crowe is finally heading home.

A very short introduction into Cambio Springs recently returned Jena Crowe. Jul 22, Sarah Austin rated it it was amazing Shelves: kindle-unlimited , prequel , short-story , one-click-author. Who can set up a great story and make you cry in less than 25 pages? Elizabeth Hunter that's who. I'm reading the short stories from Cambrio Springs after I read the series so it was especially meaningful.

I wouldn't read this before you read Jena's book even though it's labelled as 0.

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Jan 31, Nikki rated it it was amazing. Very good descriptions of her husband and her two boys. Also, gives you a preview of what she turns into. Makes me want to carry on the eries. Feb 14, llv rated it really liked it. Rating: 4 stars This short story was good, but really depressed me. I don't normally read this type a book, but a friend lent it to me and I gave it a shot.

The Ride -- David Allan Coe

It really well written, but made me sad. Don't really have any plans to read any future books in the series. Emotional short story of a newly widowed woman driving her two young sons back to her hometown with her husband's ghost in the passenger seat. Well written and made me cry also made me want to re-read the first book so I could see a healed Jenna. Jun 21, Caroline Abernethy rated it it was amazing. Short intro to book one I read this sad novella after I'd read the three books in the series.

It gives Jena's sad back story. I had a few tears reading this, but it adds to the main story. Part of Kindle unlimited. A well written Elizabeth Hunter short.

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Oct 25, Betsy rated it it was amazing. Elizabeth can do no wrong. Every one of her books is a most satsifying read full of excellent world building and wonderful characters with great depth. Aug 30, Abbey rated it it was amazing. An excellent way to start a series.

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So good! A fantastic beautifully done set up. Jun 05, Dahlya rated it it was amazing. A great introductory novella with a neat little twist at the end. I can't wait to read the first book. Oct 26, Gay Media Review rated it it was amazing. This is the prequel too The Cambio Springs! You first learn that Jena's husband Lowell has already passed away and she has lost the true love of her life.

Once you realize that Lowell is now a ghost and travelling in the car with her and her two boys on her way back too her hometown too start over. You don't want the car ride too end as the relationship between the two is very dynamic! She is a mess with loosing her husband and now having too raise her kids in the hometown that Jena and Lowell ran from 10 years ago.

Your afraid that when she reaches her destination that the ghost of Lowell will be leaving her as he was with her too make sure that she arrives where she actually belongs. Even though the novel is only 23 pages, it is a great prequel too her full length novels The Cambio Springs. At the end of the story there is a big paranormal surprise which sets up the series. I was completely thrown and didn't see that surprise coming. Once I was finished the short story I was already so in love with the characters that I am now a true Elizabeth Hunter fan and can't wait too start The Cambio Springs!

If your looking for a glimpse into a great series of love, heartbreak and paranormal activity then Long Ride Home is a great start for you. I highly recommend this short story! I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. Reviewed by Paul at Crystal's many Reviewers Oct 18, The Book Worm rated it liked it. Long Ride Home is interesting and well written, in Elizabeth Hunter's usual style.

My problem is that this isn't really a book or a short story, as advertised, because there really is no plot and no end to the story. It's just a diary of Jenna's travel from Oregon to California over three days and nights, of her interactions with her two sons and her conversations with the ghost of her dead husband.

Nothing more. Long Ride Home is the prologue to Shifting Dreams and, having read Shifting Dreams first read my review here , I have the insight to know that I didn't miss anything for not having read Long Ride Home before. So, unless you really love Elizabeth Hunter's books or feel that you can't read a series without starting at the very first book, I would advise you not to spend money with this one and jump directly to Shifting Dreams.

Aug 15, Virginia Hill rated it it was amazing Shelves: made-me-cry , made-me-laugh , read , fantasy , novella-short-story , romantic-contemporary , pricingdollar , ebook-kindle. Long Ride Home is a short story that is anything but short on story. Within the twenty-five pages is conversation so poignant between Jena and her husband, Lowell, that I couldn't help feeling overcome with a profound sense of what they had lost as a couple with his predetermined death. For even in death, Low was a remarkable character. His ghostly wisdom and the love he felt for Jena and their sons transcended his mortal being.

I think what I love most about Elizabeth Hunter's writing is her ab Long Ride Home is a short story that is anything but short on story. I think what I love most about Elizabeth Hunter's writing is her ability to make me forget that her characters are anything but human.

In the minutes it took me to read Long Ride Home I experienced a gamut of emotions, and empathy the likes of which only Ms. Hunter's remarkable preternatural characters can conjure. Nov 27, Marsha Wilde rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-paranormal. You can't stop wishing it's just a broken dream. You can't help but ache for a loss you never knew. You can't help but curse fate and laud love and know nothing in this world means anything unless we carry its scars.

Somehow you'll live in our hearts.

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Jena…how you found the strength is only explained by the pieces of him left behind. I'll be watching in Shifting Dreams to find out. Sexy reading, Marsha. Nov 06, Shelley rated it really liked it. Jena grieves for her dead husband and her pain was described so powerfully that, probably for the first time ever, I wanted to cry for a character's loss. There is a depth here that surprised me in so short a story; I have to read the next in the series because I already like this lonely, grieving w this short story about a widow returning to her childhood home with two young children was sharp, with skill at development and even more skill at tempting the reader to find the next in the series!!!

There is a depth here that surprised me in so short a story; I have to read the next in the series because I already like this lonely, grieving woman who loves her sons and worries for the future. Well done Ms Hunter - this is the most enticing short story I have ever read!