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Thankfully though, today more than at any other time in history, we have more tools at our disposal to channel that post-breakup sadness into something creative. Dianne Laurance split from her now ex-husband after he left her for a younger woman after the two of them had been together for 26 years. Although some might say that humor is oftentimes a defense mechanism against sadness, it seems like Dianne is genuinely having a blast by battling the trauma she faced in the wake of her breakup into an awesome Instagram channel.

It's seriously something straight out of a movie.

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My mirth is not in any way diminishing the seriousness of this act. I think the threat of telling his mother has well and truly put a stop to his peeping Tom days And I don't mean that like it's an obvious act that's tiring to watch: I mean that she is genuinely entertaining and hilarious. On her website, she quips, "Apparently I sux as a wife" but she doesn't let that get her down.

I mean, just look at what she's wearing. When she isn't rocking out some yoga attire Just listening to her voice in one of her many hilarious and strangely uplifting videos for a few seconds makes you realize that Dianne isn't putting on airs at all: She's trying her damnedest to make the most fun out of life as possible.

This woman is a total enthusiast and it's infectious. If they say that the best way to get revenge on someone is to go out and life your best life, then Dianne is totally taking this mantra to heart. She's secured tons of interviews with different media outlets over her inspirational Instagram account.

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Speaking of which, her account is steadily gaining followers. She finalized her divorce with her husband about 18 months ago and made her first post in Mid-April of The last thing you want to do is end up in jail or pay a hefty fine. You also don't want to end up in court again when your ex-spouse decides to avenge your inappropriate actions. The temporary relief you will feel after inflicting emotional pain on your ex-spouse is not worth the long-term effects your actions may have on you.

Instead of spray-painting obscenities on your ex's car or smashing all the house windows, consider acts of divorce revenge that won't get you a criminal record for destruction of property. Show your ex that you don't need him or her and that you are fine with the divorce.

Bill Gross got revenge on ex-wife with fart spray: court papers

When you act out, it only shows your ex that you can't get over him or her. What an ego trip! Don't give your ex the satisfaction of your time and energy. Don't let your ex steal all of your friends from you. Call the people you both hung out with to make plans with them. Try to do it soon after the divorce before your ex has a chance to bad mouth you to them. Check out Facebookcheating. In simple words — put it out on a blog. If you can start a blog about your cats and their favorite pet foods, why not stick it to your ex-flame with sulfurous words. From the free WordPress to Tumblr, you have options galore.

The image if I remember went viral very fast, probably inspiring other entrepreneurial broken hearts in its wake. This is perhaps the most common ways of showcasing your anger. Ex revenge pics by jilted lovers are the stuff of online voyeurs…and all of us have seen a fair share of them. Photo upload and sharing sites like Flickr do their bit by giving you lots of descriptive tags hate, venom, revenge, feelings, relationships etc.

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Put in a caption and you are set to use photo albums like real world graffiti walls. Oh yes, mark it public. Remember Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian? They achieved intended or unintended notoriety with their sex tapes. She describes her ordeals and makes embarrassing claims about her husband and his family. When you are booked in heartbreak hotel, you know that you have to let it out. You will be surprised by the sheer number of websites out there that are jostling to hear your cries. The below mentioned sites are just a sampling, but browse through.

Most of them have a community too. Going stag could start looking attractive all over again. If you know something about ego-Googling then you will understand what I mean. The more places you use to extract your pound of revenge with the name of your ex, better are the chances of his or her name turning up on a Google results page along with the morally loose details of course. But finally it boils down to one simple inescapable fact — you have to let go.

So have your revenge if you must, but then douse the fire for your flame and put out some constructive advice on how you stepped over the broken shards of your relationship. That could be your true cathartic moment. The web could be the best agony aunt out there. But do remember that everything has consequences.

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Revenge is usually a double-edged sword — you will get a few cuts too. You could fall prey to cyber-stalking or even cyber-laws in your part of the world. This article merely seeks to highlight the ways the web is currently being used for extracting revenge on an ex. Good or bad…revenge will unfortunately never go out of fashion. Have you ever used the web to get back at someone? Did you feel better afterwards? Would you advice against it or promote it?

Image Credit: xkcd. Your email address will not be published. Pulling off the ultimate tinder troll takes careful planning and precision.

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Unfortunately you will have to troll an unsuspecting participant at the same time. Using a separate phone number from any 2nd phone line app like textnow etc. Dont worry about the location part because the way this troll works, it wont matter. Be sure to make it distinctly different from your ex's real tinder profile so as to avoid trolling yourself. Now start swiping right on the most unattractive potential matches, strike up a few convos, and choose your most willing unsuspecting participant, for this example we'll use participant 1, be sure to tell paricipant 1 lost of personal info about your ex, place of work, interests, etc..

Next, locate a decoy photo of an atrractive person your ex would generally go for. I prefer to use profiles from international dating sites where users post up multiple photos which can be used in your decoys tinder profile photos using yet another alternate phone line app, create your decoy tinder profile using your chosen decoy photos, next use the same name and age and basic bio info as participant 1.

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Again dont worry about the location. Set your preferences and swipe right on only your ex's real tinder profile, match, and get conversating with your ex as the decoy. Make concurrent plans from both accounts meet up ultimately sending participant 1 to to your ex's home.