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Guard for me, oh Lord, these treasures All my friends keep safe and strong, Guard the stillness, guard the weeping, And above all, guard this song.

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Chorus: For the sake of all these things, Lord, Let your mercy be complete Bless the sting and bless the honey Bless the bitter and the sweet. Bless the sting and bless the honey Bless the bitter and the sweet. Dejemos que nuestro mayor deseo sea cumplido. Como el viento hace sonidos silbantes en la noche.

Bendice lo amargo y lo dulce. Tutto quello, il brutto, il bello,.

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Tu proteggi, mio Signor. Sia la rosa con la spina,. Non Seccare l'alberello,.


Chorus: Merashresh ilan baru'akh Merakhok nosher kokhav Mish'alot libi bakhoshekh nirshamot achshav. Naomi Shemer. Would there be an option to choose which fanfare sound plays?

There is a specific one that I would like to play all the time, rather than a random one. You can manually replace the fanfare1 - fanfare6 OGG files in the assets folder provided with the addon. I do not provide alternatives as most people would request Zelda assets and Nintendo has a history of defending their content aggressively. The default sound effects are from Final Fantasy Tactics. An option to show how many of an item is necessary to create via crafting or quest another item.

Useful for professions and turn-ins, so as to quickly see at a glance how many we'd need to gather to unlock all the items that use it. Is it possible to configure All the Things, so that the "Mini List" will always refresh when it is populated like when changing the zone, UI reload, etc. I have set the "Completitionist Mode" and "Show Completed Groups", but I would like that those groups all groups or at least completed groups to be collapsed by default. I don't know why I wanted to see all completed groups and maybe even things?

That can be enabled for special circumstances Sign Up. If you have questions, feel free to ask while I'm streaming! Primary Collections Window is moveable and resizeable. Filters to allow you to customize the addon to your preferences. Extra tooltip information Models, Icons, Descriptions, etc. Fanfare music when you learn anything new. Why do I need this addon Ability to see what items you are missing from your collection in a more presentable means than Blizzard's UI.

The UI has information on quests, vendors, rares, dungeons and raids, world events, and more. Discord Issues F. Many many features. LastSeen -- Addon that helps track the last time you saw an item. Or a Discord. Rollback Post to Revision Rollback.

Last edited by DFortun81 : Jul 6, Last edited by DFortun81 : Jun 11, Last edited by pulskiskiski : Jun 11, I had no idea. I will update the quotes once i get a chance. Other people have asked for the other two verses, so hopefully I can add those, too. I found this on Pinterest. Hi Esther — please try again.

I will also email you. Hi Kelly — please try again. I finally reworked my download system and it should work properly now! Hi there! Thank you so much and I love all the fun creative ideas you have!

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