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Worse, Newman had to repair his marriage after a two-year affair and, later, he suffered the devastating loss of his son to drug abuse. Eventually, the actor idly wondered about bottling the stuff and selling it.

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Why did Newman — so famous for his long-lasting marriage — stray from Woodward, and why did she forgive him? None of our business, really. What emerges is a nonprurient, endearing portrait of a man who had little interest in living inside the Hollywood bubble — he lived in Connecticut , after all — which made him seem like a man of the people.

Stephen Humphries is a former Monitor arts editor. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Like the Wild West, it would be full of animals and play, with none of the reminders of illness, though providing the best of medical care. Families would not be charged a cent.

The Hole in the Wall Camp opened its doors in ; other sister camps followed. Newman visited and interacted with the children. Affirmation, hope and love were given to those who needed it most. Newman remained in ridiculously good shape. I think not. Newman disliked the way Mr. Hiding in the audience of the David Letterman show, Mr. Letterman gazed on, as if surprised.

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Such fitness and zest made the news of Mr. The camp director and the couple had a quiet lunch next to a pond. Click here for reprint permission.

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Paul Newman smiled. They radiated intelligence and geniality.

Paul Newman: A Life in Movies, Theater and Salad Dressing

Combined with that grin, enough to flummox anyone. In , he is the subject of four new biographies, all competing for scandal, touting to Tell All. The Newmans did not participate; few granted interviews. Despite the handicap, Shawn Levy has done his research, seamlessly piecing together anecdotes and quotes.

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If at times Mr. He has provided an entertaining portrait in which the voice and wit of Paul Newman shine through. Born Paul Leonard Newman on Jan. His mother encouraged his talent for acting.


Paul Newman was a precise and analytical actor, intellectualizing while others squirmed or fumed. His all-American, boyish qualities, comparable to those of Robert Redford, set the gold standard for buddy movies. Over time, Mr. Levy asserts, Mr. Newman created roles of genuine humanity and wisdom.

Little information is given regarding Mr. His relationship with troubled son Scott is sympathetically described. A self-confessed square, Mr. Levy deals fairly with Joanne Woodward, who sacrificed her own successful career to care for their children, while Mr.

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