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Specialty meats such as the Molinari pancetta or the Biellese Mild Copa dazzle those looking for variety, but that's nothing compared to the 50 different cheeses from around the world at this Italian and Jewish deli. Martin Wine Cellar Elmeer Ave. Voodoo Bar-B-Q St. The Joint Poland Ave. Corky's Veterans Memorial Blvd. The Galley sure knows how to heat up the water, and readers just love its boiled crawfish and shrimp.

Its soft-shell crab po-boy is a Jazz Fest favorite. Big Fisherman Magazine St. Pascal's Manale Napoleon Ave. The barbecue shrimp stay in their shell at Pascal's Manale, drowning in a peppery sauce that's as tangy as it is spicy. B's Royal St. Crazy Johnnie's 18th St. But Port of Call remains the place where you can still find a line snaking out the door and down the sidewalk on Esplanade Avenue of people waiting to get a burger.

Those half-pound patties are high-quality and always come served as ordered, and almost demand loaded baked potatoes as a side. Phil's Grill Severn Ave. Bud's Broiler citywide; www. Those of us who had to spend some of that dreaded evacuation time away from the city found ourselves flocking to whatever Popeyes we could find, searching for those mild or spicy boxes of Al Copeland's greatest gift to New Orleans. There are plenty of us who have faked out our dates by having them come over for dinner and passing off Whole Foods' gourmet offerings as our own , but they know better.

Sure, there are soups and salads, pizzas and burgers, but there also are plenty of other tasty dishes salmon, in particular that impress here. Gumbo Shop St. Peter St. Considering the heated competition around the city, the readers' choice of the Gumbo Shop deserves special attention. It's seafood-okra gumbo and chicken-andouille gumbo could give it the fuel it needs to win over readers' stomachs for years to come.

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Central Grocery Decatur St. The muffuletta remains a New Orleans culinary legend and is still made while you watch and served cold by the legendary grocery. DiMartino's Gen. Degaulle Drive, ; www. Acme Oyster House Iberville St. Acme also offers a full menu of other seafood and New Orleans favorites to complement your oysters. Arnoult Road, ; 2 Poydras St. Reginelli's State St. Our readers' reason: the pizzeria's devotion to quality ingredients and gourmet pies, which add up to some mighty tasty pizzas. Slice St. Theo's Magazine St. Creamy and filling, Popeyes red beans hit us right where we live.

Franky and Johnny's Arabella St. It's garnished with sun-dried tomato and blue cheese, and is served with pepper jelly vinaigrette dressing on the side. No wonder this salad is tops with readers. Spinach Salad at Zea St. Domilise's Annunciation St. The oysters are golden-fried and plentiful, served on the light and crisp Leidenheimer bread favored for po-boys.

The neighborhood spot defends its title in this category, thanks to over-stuffed loaves of small, salty shrimp that sometimes are plentiful enough for a second po-boy. There's the garlic-infused meat, the tender cooking process and gravy with just enough debris to make a delightful mess without any regrets. That's a Parkway roast beef po-boy, and that's the kind New Orleanians love. Parasol's Constance St. OK, read on, there are actually two. Maybe it's all of the above. Superior Grill's salsa is made fresh daily with lots of veggies tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, cilantro that are grilled in the morning and then mixed together later in the day.

It has even started bottling Superior Grill salsa at its Shreveport location, and it's available statewide. There's just something about that exquisite mix of French bread, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg and raisins plus a dash of bourbon that makes diners want to save room for dessert. Palace Cafe Canal St. What lies underneath is just as delightful, rich, creamy and decadent. Cafe Degas Esplanade Ave. Vizard's St. PJ's citywide; www. PJ's gets the nod again this year with its famous granita, which is always sweet, always slushy and has a real caffeine kick.

CCs citywide; www. Starbucks citywide; www. Creole Creamery Prytania St. We'll take the 'Tchoupitoulas Challenge," in which anyone who finishes the monster gets his or her name on the wall. If you can finish a sundae with eight scoops of ice cream and a choice of eight toppings, well, you're a winner, too. Angelo Brocato's N. Baskin Robbins citywide; www. If you ever dine Italian, this is the place to come for dessert, whether you favor spumoni, lemon ice or gelati and fresh fruits or nuts.

Sucre Magazine St.

Eserleri ve Katkıda Bulundukları

La Divina Gelateria Magazine St. Plum Street Sno-balls Burdette Ave. But that's not all; Plum Street's varied menu includes a coffee sno-ball and a nectar cream confection. CC's Magazine St. Full picture windows look out on Magazine Street, and there's the quieter and shadier back room looking out on the courtyard. It's easy to see why it's a popular place to work, meet friends or relax with a cup of coffee. CC's Jefferson Ave. La Boulangerie Magazine St. The pastries come out just as fresh, sweet and tasty, starting early in the morning and lasting into the afternoon. The fruit tarts are a particular favorite.

Maurice French Pastries W. Napoleon Ave. Reginelli's citywide; www. So the pizzeria brings the pies to us and has been duly rewarded with the readers' top pick. Mikimoto Japanese Restaurant S. Mary Landrieu " Louisiana's two-term U. Landrieu has worked hard since Katrina, using both her seniority and her seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee to bring home the bacon " and jobs and money for levees and infrastructure, which no doubt explains why she won this category. Arnie Fielkow " Who says rookies can't out-shine veterans?

Fielkow, who wins this category for the second year in a row, continues to earn high marks as one of New Orleans' two at-large council members. Word has it he's looking intently at the next mayor's race, which is now less than 18 months away. John Young " The popular Young flirted with running for Congress earlier this year, then opted to stay put.

Apparently that decision sits well with our readers, who like him right where he is, as he is. Young also is the early favorite to succeed Parish President Aaron Broussard, who is term limited. Bill Jefferson " So many scoundrels, so little time. Ah, but 'Dollar Bill" Jefferson ran away with this one again!

He won last year, too. We're not so sure he'll fare as well in his bid for re-election, though. He faces a field of six Democratic challengers, plus several independents. If he survives that gauntlet, he still faces federal prosecutors in the Northern District of Virginia, where he stands accused of 16 counts of bribery, fraud and racketeering. Legislative pay raises " This is one category in which readers got their, um, money's worth out of politics. We can't recall another issue that generated such an outcry from citizens, bloggers and talk radio.

One unusual aspect of this 'public spat" is that it wasn't between politicians, but between politicians and the people they're supposed to represent. The good news is that the people won. Bobby Jindal, who earlier had cut a deal to let the legislative pay raises slide, concluded it was safer to double-cross other pols than to two-time the voters. He vetoed the raise, and it's considered dead until after the next elections. Bill Jefferson " To say that Congressman Bill Jefferson is 'scandalized" is the understatement of the year.

He faces 16 federal criminal counts including fraud, bribery and racketeering in northern Virginia, and several of his siblings see the third-place finisher in this category likewise face federal criminal charges here in New Orleans. When it comes to scandals, though, our readers put 'Dollar Bill" in a league all by himself. Dallas " Our traveling mayor has earned a rest, according to our readers, who want to send him 'home" to his putative 'vacation home" in Dallas. For those counting down hizzoner's time left in office, it's now down to 20 months " after which he'll be free to move about the country but no longer on our dime.

Improve public schools " We'd like to say that this is good news, that local public schools have finally won 'first prize" at something but that's not quite the case. In fact, improving public education took first-place 'honors" in this category last year as well. The silver lining in all this is that local citizens appear to be more attuned to the needs and conditions of public schools than ever before, and that's a good first step. Bobby Jindal " Louisiana's new governor remains a favorite among readers, even if some of his 'reforms" strike insiders and analysts as a tad shallow.

Then again, he could have won this one solely on the basis of vetoing the legislative pay raise. Drew Brees " Maybe Deuce and Reggie split the running back vote. Or maybe Drew Brees beat out his backfield competition because, unlike those physical specimens, the vertically challenged quarterback's dimensions lbs and a generous 6 feet more closely resemble those of GAMBIT readers.

More likely it's because " as opposed to New Orleans breezes, and with apologies to Stuart Scott " he's cooler in the pocket than the other side of the pillow. Chris Paul " Was there ever any doubt? Last we checked, despite their solid contributions to the past year's playoff run, no one was shouting 'TC6! Although Peja did have that hilarious running-headshot gig for a while. With his dizzying skill set and clairvoyant court vision, Chris Paul isn't just the best current Hornets player " he's arguably the best one, period.

Brian Stokes " A new addition to the Mets farm system, Stokes made it to the final day of spring training with the parent club before being designated for assignment. His loss was New Orleans' gain, however, as his steady starts kept the Zephyrs within striking distance of first-place Oklahoma.

In August, Stokes was called up to New York, where he's had modest success on the mound strikeout-to-walk ratio and at the dish 2 hits in three plate appearances. Danny Wimprine " Wimprine beat out Steve Bellisari for the starting quarterback position in , and then you could say the University of Memphis grad ran with it: 85 touchdowns through the air, more than 4, yards and better than a 60 percent completion rating.

The New Orleans native, a product of John T. Curtis High School, also left Memphis holding many of the major passing records, including completions , yards 9, and touchdowns The Times-Picayune fixture's columns were always good for a chuckle, but following Hurricane Katrina, his tremendous memoir 1 Dead in Attic became a compendium of tragedy and triumph, struggle and survival.

George Rodrigue " Whether you love or hate that inscrutable blue dog, Rodrigue is among the unquestionable contenders for artist laureate of New Orleans. His series of Cajun Country portraits captured the spirit of south Louisiana with remarkable delicacy, and his recent show at the New Orleans Museum of Art ranked among the institute's most popular exhibits ever. The rebounding Mid-City grounds are host to everything from the weekly Storyland children's events to the annual Voodoo Music Experience.

Ogden Museum Camp St. Arthur Roger Gallery Julia St. The trailblazer's Warehouse District art complex encompasses not one gallery but two: the elegant original on Julia Street, which moved from its first location on Magazine Street in , and the Tchoupitoulas Street 'Project Space," a addendum inside the Renaissance Arts Hotel. Cole Pratt Gallery Magazine St. LeMieux Galleries Julia St.

Shingles embossed with fleur de lis? Painted street-tile name tags? Chances are you'll find them at this Palmer Park gathering, which specializes in New Orleans iconography made by local artisans and crafters. The monthly event also features a variety of area treats and plenty of entertainment for kids. CC's Coffeehouse citywide; www. Of course, these are all reasons that you will get no work done at CC's, too: Internet time-wasters beckon, the chairs beg for reclining and, with just as many decaffeinated options, the lead is entirely optional.

PJ's Coffeehouse citywide; www. Audubon Zoo Magazine St. From the elephants to the swamp exhibit, from the white alligator to the big cats, there's always something comfortingly familiar and other things that are brand-new at the zoo. Visitors love it as much as kids do and there's no finer place in the city to play hookey from work " trust us. One sure sign that we're on the road to recovery: This year, for the first time since Katrina, the sea lion pool is open again.

Welcome home, guys. Crescent City Classic www. Since it's in New Orleans, there's also food, music and crazy costumes. Red Dress Run www. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure www. Audubon Golf Course Magazine St. There are gently sloping greens, four lagoons and centuries-old live oaks adorning the par course. The park itself has been a golf destination for locals for more than a century. English Turn 1 Clubhouse Drive, ; www. City Park Filmore Ave. City Park www. The park recently resurfaced its 11 hard courts and 10 rubico clay courts. They're open for play from 7 a. Monday through Thursday, and from 7 a.

Friday through Sunday. Louis Cathedral Pere Antoine Alley, ; www. So did Al Copeland. On a nice Saturday afternoon, when the black limousines pull up on the sidewalks around Jackson Square and the crowds gather to crane their necks in hopes of glimpsing the bride as she comes out, you can look at the faces of the young women watching and see the dream reflected in their eyes as well.

Holy Name of Jesus St. Better known as Jordan Blanton, she's stepping down after two years as captain of the Crescent Wenches. But she'll still be burning up the track as the season gets rolling in September. She also was honored by the league, which voted her best captain and best 'Booty Blocker" at the end of last season. Tulane Unversity St. Bourbon Street " They may be drunk, they may be messy, but they're almost always friendly " especially if you're buying. And they're easy to spot: Just look for the Mardi Gras beads worn in September, the yard dogs filled with Hurricanes, and gulp the open-toed shoes and sandals.

You might want to tell them why that last one is a bad idea on Bourbon Street. Strawberry Festival Pontchatoula "Pontchatoula has its attractions during any season: antique stores, quaint restaurants and even Hardhide, the town alligator, who's on display downtown year-round. But in April, it's the town's strawberry crop that draws tens of thousands of fans for a weekend-long salute to the fruit, with music, food, a parade, a 10K run, and, of course, a Strawberry Queen. Rex " The original Carnival daytime parade is still an annual favorite.

The group's beautifully painted floats truly make them shine in the sun. This year's river theme was particularly majestic, with floats depicting the Mississippi and Atchafalya rivers as well as the Ganges and the mythical river Styx. Other details don't disappoint, from signature floats like the Boeuf Gras to the gold-painted hooves of the Captain's steed. All hail Rex. Muses " Any parade that wants to dethrone the Krewe of Muses has big shoes to fill. With neon-colored wigs, loquacious float details and exuberant energy, Muses inspired Gambit readers with its annual nighttime romp down the avenue.

Or were they doing the hustle in tune to this year's disco theme? And oh, the accessories! Muses continues to toss a broad array of throws from themed disco beads to beaded purses to toothbrushes, compacts and shoes, shoes, shoes. It's hard to decipher whether that is a question of feast or famine, scarcity or abundance. Assuming we just eat three times a day, is it that we're reminded often of the good fortunes of having a unique indigenous cuisine, or is it that we spend all of the in-between time anticipating the next meal? We prescribe a thrice daily regimen of further testing.

Yeah, you. Remember how much fun you used to have on your speed or your Huffy? And remember how you nearly had to take out a second mortgage last time you filled up your car? With all the advantages of riding a bike, helping the environment is just one of 'em " lagniappe, practically. Crescent City Connection " Can you hear me now?

Can you hear me no. The space between traffic lanes may be a neutral ground, but the space between the banks is a dead zone. But since we presume that only passengers are losing their calls, our recommendation is to sit back and enjoy the view. Anywhere in Lakeview " It seems that Lakeview suffered not only a levee breach but also a minor asteroid shower. Readers couldn't choose their favorite pothole in the neighborhood and gave the entire district the nod as the place to simulate a lunar landing and go crater hopping.

Clearview Parkway at Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Metairie " George Orwell may have predicted a society of government surveillance in his dystopic novel , but he either underestimated the pace of developing technology or the efficiency of bureaucracy in installing the equipment. Either way, the honeymoon is over, especially at the corner of Clearview and Veterans Memorial Boulevard.

Gambit readers have learned the hard way that Big Brother is less the totalitarian overlord and more a meter maid mailing out tickets. So start obeying the traffic lights, or they're bringing out the rats. In regards to those who chose City Hall, we remind people that pumps are for water and not sewage. More importantly, the top answer demonstrates what most folks seem to know: One of the city's greatest vulnerabilities is still the 17th Street Canal.

It's critical to pump water out of it and keep it out. Back then, the world couldn't hear 'OZ. But now its Web cast is a daily beacon of New Orleans music to the world. As far as the local community is concerned, it may be the only radio station, given that it plays local music and supports local musicians like no other. And if you can't make it to Jazz Fest or other big festivals, 'OZ is on location keeping you tuned in to the best shows and the best local music.

The Think Tank with Garland Robinette WWL " Our 'cover boy" for the Best of New Orleans issue remains a huge hit with readers, and we're also glad to see or rather, hear him back on the air after his recent ailment. Nobody gets listeners going faster or better than Robinette, whose show has won this category for the third year in a row. Garland Robinette " WWL-AM's Robinette really came into his own as a radio host and media force during and after Hurricane Katrina, and for the third consecutive year, our readers have rewarded him with top honors in this category.

Robinette's time slot shifted from afternoons to mid-day, so listeners can now catch him from 10 a. How did these guys sneak in here past our own Web site? Oh, well. This at least proves once and for all that we don't stuff the ballots. Truth be told, nola. Gambit Weekly " Thank you, dear readers. We think you're the best, too! Chris Rose " Another perennial winner in this category, Rose's signature second interviews and passionate rants about anything from local political scandals to cultural wars always make him an interesting read.

Watching channel 4 news is like red beans and Mardi Gras in New Orleans " more than a habit, it's part of our cultural identity. You can keep up with his postings at www. Ashley Morris ashleymorris. Angela Hill " The undisputed queen of local TV news for more than 30 years, Angela Hill continues to win the hearts of viewers of all ages.

The nicest thing about Hill is that she really is as nice in person as she seems on camera " a rarity in this era of media superstars. Roop Raj " WDSU's morning anchor always manages to look like 'Mister After 6" as in ready to make a night of it , which is not easy for someone who probably has to get up before 4 a. Lucy Bustamante " Our readers love Lucy, and so do we. She wins this category for the first time, after finishing behind colleague Angela Hill several times.

It may be a sign that WWL has not only the reigning queen of local TV news on its anchor desk, but also the heir apparent. Lucy Bustamante " Here's another sign of Bustamante's star power: She has won this category three years in a row. That's actually two pieces of good news " first, she remains a favorite among our readers, and second, she has not taken their compliment to heart and left town. Breck has been on the New Orleans weather scene for more than a quarter-century, and that's almost how long he's been winning this category. For lots of reasons, viewers and our readers never tire of him.

He's always engaging and, above all, accurate. Jim Henderson " If ever there were a category in which we might consider retiring the perennial winner's jersey, this would be it. Henderson's smooth-as-silk delivery is exceeded only by his unwavering, fans-first approach to covering sports. Watching Henderson's sportscasts or listening to him call Saints games on the radio is always the next best thing to being there.

Although some may say Torres is a modern-day equivalent to the recently departed Al Copeland, enough of our readers admit that they look forward to those short SDT commercials where Sidney enlists the help of friends like Lenny Kravitz , Kid Rock and the occasional brass band to promote his waste disposal business, that all we can say is: 'Let him have it. Abita Hwy.

But Gambit Weekly 's entertainment calendar and listings make this experiential city a little less overwhelming, functioning as a menu of the city's entertainment, community and cultural event offerings. And since you can pick up Gambit just about everywhere, you really have no excuse to be bored. And where else would you find out about the next Wargame Convention or Toastmasters meeting alongside concerts and gallery openings? Perlis N. Those purple, green and gold polo shirts are as synonymous with Mardi Gras as plastic beads and public drunkenness.

Any other time of the year, New Orleninians are sporting clothes and accessories with the retailer's signature crawfish, or are looking sharp in custom-fitted seersucker. Because it carries the brand power of any designer and is a trusted local name, readers consistently choose Perlis as the best. Rubensteins St. Bank N. With more designers represented in one location than a red carpet, Saks is the home to a woman's best friends: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Diane Von Furstenberg and countless others. Hemline Chartres St.

Dillard's Northshore Square, Northshore Blvd. Pippen Lane Magazine St. The store also carries accessories, furniture and toys that would fit in perfectly in the closets and rooms of any power couple progeny, making it the readers' top pick once again. Orient Expressed Magazine St. Shoenami Magazine St. This homegrown boutique is perfect for topping off an outfit " its wide selection of shoes is arranged by color, and the store also carries matching bags and jewelry. Plus, everything is extremely affordable, making it a little less heartbreaking when that stiletto heel becomes the unsuspecting victim of a pothole.

Feet First Magazine St. Dollar Tree S. Besides carrying just about everything else " from school supplies to shampoo " this readers' favorite has a wall full of candy. Ever wondered how many packs of SnoCaps you could hide in your bag? Dollar Tree gives you an opportunity to find out. Jean Therapy Magazine St. But shopping for denim at Jean Therapy is therapeutic in a good way. Its wall-to-wall selection of designer denim and its helpful staff make it easy to find the perfect pair.

Plus, its Metairie and Magazine Street locations are among the few spots in the metro area where favorite brands like True Religion, 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity are sold. Gap Riverwalk Marketplace, 1 Poydras St. With all the Mardi Gras balls and other see-and-be-seen events that happen in this city, having impeccable evening wear is important. Readers have picked Saks Fifth Avenue as their evening wear destination once again " and they would know. This makes Perlis the haberdashery of choice for the White Linen Night-goers and other men of distinction around town " or just anyone who wants to feel like a mint julep-drinking, slow-talking Southern gentleman.

But at any time of the year, men frequent Perlis to purchase custom-fitted suits thanks to the locally owned retailer's personalized service. Men's Warehouse N. Victoria's Secret citywide; www. But in recent years, Victoria's Secret has expanded its line to include comfy pieces and pajamas in its PINK collection, athletic and workout wear, and swimsuits that are all sexy, yet permissible for public wear. House of Lounge Magazine St.

Funky Monkey Magazine St. Look through the denim rack and you'll likely find jeans bearing the same labels as high-end retailers, but for a fraction of the price. There are also vintage pieces and one of the best costume selections in town. Buffalo Exchange Magazine St. Lili Vintage Boutique Magazine St. Charles Vision St. Charles Vision Outlet , Clearview Pkwy. Charles Vision will make sure you look good doing it. Its knowledgeable staff will help you navigate the wide selection of designer frames to find which one looks best on you. With many convenient locations, it's clear why St.

Charles Vision is voted the best year after year. Uptown Eyecare Magazine St. Sam's Club Northshore Blvd. There's also a second location on Lapalco Boulevard on the West Bank if you can't get enough of the store's great selection of used clothes, accessories and house wares. Those dedicated to digging have been known to find designer gems at both locations. Bridge House Camp St. The Metairie mall will be adding a Macy's department store, makeup mecca Sephora and " thankfully " an extra parking garage in the near future. It bridges the gap between the convenience of mall shopping and the quality of stand-alone boutiques, and it consistently takes top honors.

Oakwood Shopping Center Westbank Expy. Prima Donna's Closet St. This retailer is almost museumlike in its display of used evening wear that looks like it's never been touched, much less worn. But unlike a museum, you can buy what you see " and for not much money. Both Metairie and Uptown locations of this favorite consignment shop carry women's attire " like evening gowns, coats and even wedding dresses " by big designers at small prices.

On the Other Hand Oak St. Toys 'R" Us Northshore Blvd. This toy mega-store has been making kids and their big-kid parents happy for years, and reigns on top once again. Magic Box Magazine St. Hurwitz-Mintz Airline Drive, ; www. The showroom has both contemporary pieces and the best of decades past. If the size of this store is overwhelming, its helpful " and patient " sales team is also there to help you navigate. Doerr Furniture Elysian Fields Ave. Rooms to Go Veterans Memorial Blvd. Lighting Inc.

There's even an online feature that allows you to find the perfect lighting using an advanced search tool, and then create a wish list that the store staff will receive and use to create your order. But shopping in the showroom is just as easy and enjoyable, with its vast selection and friendly staff. Lowes citywide; www. Home Depot citywide; www. Bush Antiques Magazine St. It stands out among the rest of the Magazine Street antique stores " and there are a lot of them " with its warm interior that makes it impossible not to envision all of these treasures in your own home.

Rau Antiques Royal St. Fabrixx Veterans Memorial Blvd. The fabric store is the favorite for a second year in a row, probably because of its selection and its ceiling-high books of patterns to get your sewing career started. Hancock Fabrics Waverly St. Adler's Canal St. Rightfully calling themselves a 'New Orleans Tradition Since ," Adler's has everything from home wares to pieces bearing emblematic New Orleans symbols like the Sewerage and Water Board logo, fleur de lis and even Galatoire's Restaurant. Michael's Veterans Memorial Blvd.

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Gordon's of Metairie Veterans Memorial Blvd. Mignon Faget Magazine St. From her signature silver pendants to her ubiquitous fleur de lis items, the Mignon Faget brand is synonymous with New Orleans. Besides its handcrafted jewelry, the storefronts on Magazine Street, in Lakeside Mall and in Canal Place also carry home wares to give your house a touch of quiet elegance.

Readers consistently pick her as Best in New Orleans, and anyone would agree. Dominique Giordano Magazine St. Symmetry Jewelers Hampson St. Liberto Cleaners Willow St. This trustworthy family-owned business makes it deserving of top honors once again. Ochsner Foundation Hospital Jefferson Hwy.

Gambit readers consider Ochsner a trusted name in health care, and the U. Ochsner, a nonprofit, academic, multi-specialty, health-care system, employs 8, people, including physicians in 80 medical specialties and subspecialties. Touro Infirmary Foucher St. Kamran Khoobehi Veterans Memorial Blvd. Khoobehi provides state-of-the-art cosmetic and reconstructive surgery with trained staff in a soothing atmosphere.

Michael Moses 2nd St. Calvin Johnson St. Earthsavers Magazine St. Earthsavers soothes and corrects all dermal maladies with its mineral-rich facials, each packed with nutrients like Vitamin A, B, and C, seaweed, mango and coconut. The licensed staff is equipped to take on acne, wrinkles, dry skin or skin imperfections caused by a stressful day with assorted facials, including the Earthsavers Cleansing Facial and the Dermaware Corrective Peel. Belladonna Day Spa Magazine St. Mike Lechleiter Jackson Ave.

Lechleiter considers his chiropractic clinic to be a family practice, working with all ages. Besides employing his chiropractic skills for manipulating, adjusting and correcting musculoskeletal disorders, Lechleiter also uses low-force techniques and energy work, combining aspects from a number of different disciplines.

Elmwood Fitness Center Poydras St. It's quite a work out in itself discovering the club's indoor and outdoor swimming pools, its countless cardio and weight-training machines, and exercise classes that happen around the clock. There are also plenty of facilities for children, like the kid-sized pools, childcare services and the endlessly entertaining Kidsports.

New Orleans Athletic Club N. Rampart St. Jewish Community Center St. Wild Lotus Yoga Perrier St. This Uptown yoga spot believes the ancient art is meant to relax the mind and strengthen the body, and it has classes that make that possible for those of all skill levels. This huge fitness club offers a class for all levels, as well as more advanced classes for the freakishly flexible. Romney Pilates Magazine St. Aidan Gill for Men Fulton St. This is not the place men carelessly come in for a cut only because the hair is getting long enough to impair vision " it's a pampering experience that hearkens back to the days of barbershops, minus the harmonizing quartet out front.

The Shave at the End of the Galaxy treatment is referred to on the barbershop's Web site as 'a hot towel shave so luxurious that Irish poets fall to tears in describing it. The spa offers everything from basic manicures to the more fancy 'Cinderella Pedicures," depending on your mood and budget. Paris Parker citywide; www. Worrying about the dreaded bad haircut or that your highlights may not come out just right can be stressful.

But Paris Parker has a large team of talented hair professionals to assuage any hair-related fears. And even if your hair doesn't come out the way you like it which doesn't happen often at this place , you can use the salon's spa services to relax " it'll grow back one day. H2O Metairie Road, ; Hwy. Lee Blvd. It's easy to see why, with its top-notch spa services and bountiful retail area.

If you're going to spend a considerable amount of your time, money and courage getting over being unclothed in front of a complete stranger, a Belladonna massage is the way to go. It offers a whole menu of massage varieties, from options tailored for athletes to massages for those with child, all in the professional, high-quality Belladonna atmosphere. Planet Beach citywide; www. With an environment made to look as much like a real beach as possible, the tanning salon also offers MysticTan " a spray-on tan " as well as massages and other spa treatments.

And Planet Beach gives back to the community. It recently partnered with the Make It Right Foundation, which is dedicated to sustainable rebuilding in Katrina-ravaged areas. Bask W. Electric Ladyland Frenchman St. The friendly staff at this Frenchman Street parlor maintains a clean, professional environment " there are no shared needles to be found here.

But considering the location, please make sure to seek Electric Ladyland's services while in the proper mindset " you might regret getting your d. Eye Candy Magazine St. Best Buy S. Plus, you can pick up a washer-dryer, a toaster and a new iPod while you're there. And the lengthy hours " 9 a. The Mushroom Broadway St. Louisiana Music Factory Decatur St. The store recently expanded its selection of new rock 'n' roll CDs, while maintaining a stellar selection of local rhythm and blues, swamp pop, jazz, Cajun and zydeco rarities.

Take a trip upstairs for a great selection of used vinyl and a truly cool treasure trove of local 45s. Don't miss the weekly in-store gigs, including afternoon throwdowns from local artists as well as intimate shows from bigger-name headliners passing through town. River House at Crevasse Rodrigue Studio. Rolland Golden Gallery. Columbia St. Salon Gallery. Second Story Gallery. New Orleans Healing Center, St. Staple Goods. Roch Ave. Stella Jones Gallery. Place St.

Charles, St. Steve Martin Fine Art. The Historic New Orleans Collection. Louisiana State Museum Cabildo. Louisiana State Museum Presbytere. Scheffler, through Dec. New Orleans Museum of Art. City Park, 1 Collins Diboll Circle, ; www. Ogden Museum of Southern Art. PAGE For dealers and collectors, it can. New Orleans native Willie Birch also found fame in New York with papier mache sculptures like Going Home, , and later with local mural-size drawings like The Wedding, a ceremonial scene that suggests a seamless continuity with our ancient West African heritage.

Cook celebrated the magic of ordinary New Orleans people and things, all of which became spiritual components of his. Cutting Edge Theater, Robert Blvd. Friday-Saturday, 2 p. An Evening with Danny Kaye. Fuhrmann Auditorium, N. Jefferson St. The Flick. Thursday-Saturday, 2 p. New Orleans Art Center, St. Visit www. Shrek: The Musical.

Waterworld: The Aqua-Play. White Sauce and Diaper Babies. Barcadia, Tchoupitoulas St. Free admission. Bad Girls of Burlesque. The Blue Book Cabaret. Bourbon Pub and Parade, Bourbon St. Breaking Even. AllWays Lounge, St. Mystic, Shebrew Internationale, Slenderella, Tarah Cards and others perform in the drag and variety show. Burgundy Burlesque. Burlesque Ballroom. Call for details. Midnight Friday. Burlesque Boozy Brunch. SoBou, Chartres St. Circus Darling. Hi-Ho Lounge, St. Comic Strip. Siberia, St. Sign-up 9 p. A Drag Salute to the Divas. Joy Theater, Canal St.

Gag Reflex. Sofi LeBear Burlesque. Theatre Nouveau. Jax Brewery, Decatur St. Gravier Street Social, Gravier St. Andrew Healan hosts. Bear with Me. Twelve Mile Limit, S. Telemachus St. Sign-up at p. Broadcast Delay. The New Movement, St. Comedy Beast. Comedy Catastrophe. Lost Love Lounge, Dauphine St. Comedy Cup. Fair Grinds Coffeehouse St. Claude , St. Comedy F—k Yeah. Comedy Gold. Comedy Gumbeaux.

Dusty Night! The Franchise. Thursday, p. Go Ahead. Indulge in dishes from top local restaurants and wines from around the world while listening to live music by Groovy 7 plus a photo booth by Boogie Booth, door prizes, silent auction. Event open to the public. Proceeds go to the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation. LHF improves Louisiana by providing support to the education, health and social welfare of the children in our community.

Photos by David Paul Studio. On Stage production of the murderous musical falls dramatically short. While productioncompany. Musicians performing on the same plane as the actors is a good example of an interesting idea that undermines the purpose of the show. The story of Lizzie Borden, a 19th-century Massachusetts woman who became notorious after being accused of axe-murdering her father and stepmother, is a well-known tale.

Sisters Lizzie Leslie L. Claverie and Emma Idella Johnson are particularly forceful. Abbey P. Murrell is effective as the maniacal maid Bridget. Instrumentalists including Travis Henthorn on drums, Steven Kennedy on guitar, Taylor Mroski on bass and Gary Washington on cello provide rhythmic dynamism, even if their volume could have been turned down by a third. The raw space of the art center, which has visible pipes and ducts overhead, creates a bleak atmosphere.

Pulsating lights lend the feeling of a rock concert. It can be difficult to sing and act at the same time, but that is what must occur to engage the audience emotionally. Anyone who has experienced an effective Shakespeare play has seen how useful body language can be in conveying meaning when language is arcane. Purposeful movement using the entire stage and between characters would have helped greatly to create the necessary tension, leading to a climax. She and her friend Alice Kali Russell seem too nice to be associated with a heinous crime. Emma, however, projects real angst that mirrors the angry music she sings.

On the level of pure musical entertainment, with musical direction by Ainsley Matich, Lizzie is successful as a concert, but falls short as real theater. Hot Sauce. Voodoo Mystere Lounge, N. Oz, Bourbon St. The Broad Theater, N. Night Church. Bernard Ave. The Rip Off Show. Southland Comedy Showcase. The Spontaneous Show.

Bar Redux, Poland Ave. Sign-up p. Stage Time. Sign-up 7 p. Stand Up or Shut Up. Black Label Icehouse, Dryades St. Sign-up at 8 p. Why So Serious? Email 30byNinetyAuditions gmail. Bourbon and Bites Cocktail Dinner. Lunch and Learn. Louisiana Grassfed Beef Picnic. Round Table Discussion. Palace Cafe, Canal St. Contact margaritabergen hotmail. Saintsations Swimsuit Calendar Reveal. Royal Sonesta, Bourbon St. Call to register. Tapping Party with FestiGals. Gordon Biersch, Poydras St. A portion of proceeds benefits Louisiana flood victims.

Teen and Adult Yoga Class. Smith branch, Canal Blvd. Bring a mat. Avo, Magazine St. Cheers for Charity. Rusty Nail, Constance St. Cooking with Chef Nick from Primitivo. Recirculating Farms Coalition, Carondelet St. RSVP recommended to gstewart recirculatingfarms. Creole Night. Cutting Edge Conference. InterContinental Hotel, St. Admission varies. Poppy Tooker hosts, and proceeds benefit the John Besh Foundation. Habitat for Humanity Homebuyers Program. Lobster Wine Dinner. Call for reservations. National Park Service Birthday. Bernard Highway, Chalmette, ; www.

RSVP to bcodevin aol. Ogden After Hours. Senior Dance. Spitzfaden Community Center, E. Causeway Approach, Mandeville, — The City of Mandeville hosts a monthly dance for senior citizens. Sip and Social. Workplace Wellness Luncheon. Yoga at Parkway. Gernon Brown Rec Center, N. Refreshments served. Columbia Street Block Party. North Columbia Street, Covington — This family-friendly monthly block party has music, food and classic car displays. Car owners interested in showing their vehicles can call or email gottaluvcov covla.

Free with museum admission.

The History of Mr. Polly Audiobook by H. G. Wells - Audiobook with subtitles

Huey P. Long Birthday Party. Kingfish, Chartres St. Seersucker attire encouraged. Urban South Brewery, Tchoupitoulas St. Generations Hall, Andrew Higgins Drive, ; www. Pontchartrain Home Show. Pontchartrain Center, Williams Blvd. Alliance Francaise, Jackson Ave. Arts Market of New Orleans. Palmer Park, S. Boating Safety Class. East Bank Regional Library, W. House of Blues, Decatur St.

Chairish the Children. Exotic Animal Racing. There also are food trucks. Family Empowerment Day. History of the Cocktail. Patrons must be 21 to attend. Mid-Summer Mardi Gras. Oak Street — The Krewe of O. Costumes strongly encouraged. NOLA Pokecrawl. Riteful Choices. Social Mix at the Market.

Holy Name of Jesus Church, St. Krystal B. Journey to My Right Weight. A Vinyl Addiction. Chickie Wah Wah, Canal St. Northlake Nature Center, Highway , Mandeville, ; www. Helmets are required; mountain bike or wide tires recommended. Noon to 7 p. Friday, 10 a. Saturday, 10 a. Wild Nights Insect Adventure. Audubon Wilderness Park, River Road, — Audubon entomologists share details about bugs in the wild, followed by a nature walk and sandwich dinner. Tickets for Spotlights can be purchased at www. Tickets can be purchased at www.

Covington Trailhead, N.

misfortunes lady scandal in surrey book 3 Manual

Hampshire St. Crescent City Farmers Market Magazine. Magazine Street Market, Magazine and Girod streets, ; www. American Can Apartments, Orleans Ave. Crescent City Farmers Market Tulane. Tulane University Square, Broadway St. French Market. French Market, corner of Gov. Nicholls Street and French Market Place, ; www. Rivertown Farmers Market. Rivertown, block of Williams Boulevard, Kenner, ; www. Sankofa Mobile Market. Lower 9th Ward Community Center, N.

The truck also stops at St. Vietnamese Farmers Market. Zephyr Field, Airline Drive, Metairie, ; www. Tuesday-Wednesday and Saturday, 7 p. Thursday-Friday, 4 p. New Orleans Saints. Mercedes-Benz Superdome, Poydras St. Bernard Pearce. BSB Open Mic. Banks Street Bar, Banks St. Charlie T. Johnson, Louise Mouton Johnson. Jack B. James Carville. Octavia Books, Octavia St. Jeffrey Long. German Coast Farmers Market.

Ormond Plantation, River Road, Destrehan — The market features vegetables, fruits, flowers and other items. Gretna Farmers Market. Gretna Farmers Market, Huey P. Long Avenue between Third and Fourth streets, Gretna, — The weekly rain-or-shine market features more than 25 vendors offering fruits and vegetables, meats, prepared foods, baked goods, honey and flowers. Grow Dat Farm Stand. Hollygrove Market. Monday-Friday, 10 a. Old Algiers Harvest Fresh Market. ReFresh Project, N. The society seeks volunteers for upcoming events and to facilitate patient service programs.

Arc of Greater New Orleans. The organization for people with intellectual disabilities seeks donations of Mardi Gras beads. Edible Schoolyard. Edible Schoolyard seeks community volunteers and interns to assist in kitchen and garden classes and to help in school gardens. First Tee of Greater New Orleans. The organization seeks volunteers to serve as mentors and coaches to kids and teens through its golf program.

Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run seeks running partners, assistant coaches, committee members and race-day volunteers. Email info gotrnola. Golden Opportunity Adult Literacy Program. Call The center seeks part-time civil rights investigators with excellent writing skills, reliable transportation and no criminal convictions to help expose housing discrimination in the New Orleans metro area.

Call or email mmorgan gnofairhousing. Green Light New Orleans. The group seeks volunteers to help install free energy-efficient lightbulbs in homes. HandsOn New Orleans. The volunteer center for the New Orleans area invites prospective volunteers to learn about the opportunities available and how to be a good volunteer. Call ,. Hospice Volunteers. Harmony Hospice seeks volunteers to offer companionship to patients through reading, playing cards and other activities.

Call Carla Fisher at Jackson Barracks Museum Volunteers. The museum seeks volunteers to work one day a week for the Louisiana National Guard Museum. Volunteers prepare military aircraft, vehicles and equipment for display. Call David at or email daveharrell yahoo. Lakeview Civic Improvement Association. Sign up with Russ Barranco at or rpbarranco cox. Longue Vue House and Gardens. Longue Vue seeks volunteers to assist with giving tours, garden maintenance and education outreach.

Email info longuevue. Louisiana SPCA. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old and complete an orientation to work directly with animals. Kevin J. Bitter Sr. Morgan Guyton. Poetry on Poets. Christwood Retirement Community, Christwood Blvd. Tammany Parish share their work at a monthly reading led by Eve Brouwer.

Bayou Rebirth Wetlands Education. Bayou Rebirth seeks volunteers for wetlands planting projects, nursery maintenance and other duties. The organization seeks volunteer court-appointed special advocates to represent abused and neglected children in New Orleans. The time commitment is a minimum of 10 hours per month.

No special skills are required; training and support are provided. Call or email info casaneworleans. The Creativity Collective. The organization seeks artists, entrepreneurs, parents and teens to help with upcoming projects and events, including maintaining a creative resource directory and organizing charity bar crawls. Crescent City Farmers Market. Call or email latifia marketumbrella.

Dress for Success New Orleans. The program for women entering the workplace seeks volunteers to manage inventory, help clients and share their expertise. Call or email neworleans dressforsuccess. Each One Save One. Edgar Degas Foundation. The nonprofit seeks volunteers to contribute to foundation development.

Call or email info degashouse. A brass band will perform at the park and marching groups set up their own hubs. The event is BYOB glass containers are not allowed. The krewe returns to Maple Street at p.

Sandra Sookoo (E-kitapları)

The museum accepts applications for volunteers to greet visitors and familiarize them with its galleries and artifacts. Call , ext. New Canal Lighthouse Museum. The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation seeks volunteer docents for its museum and education center. The forestry organization seeks volunteers to adopt trees around the city and trim them. NOLA Wise.

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The partnership of Global Green, the City of New Orleans and the Department of Energy helps homeowners make their homes more energy efficient. It seeks volunteers, who must attend a minute orientation. Email mrowand globalgreen. Parkway Partners. The green space and community garden organization seeks. Email info parkwaypartnersnola. Refugee mentors. Senior companions. The New Orleans Council on Aging seeks volunteers to assist seniors with personal and daily tasks so they can live independently. The humane society seeks volunteers for fundraising, grant writing, data input, adoptions, animal care and more.

Thomas Hospitality House. The Catholic charity seeks individuals and groups of volunteers to serve people experiencing homelessness. Contact Daniel Thelen at nolacw gmail. Start the Adventure in Reading. Krewe of O. Call , email elizabeth stairnola. Teen Life Counts. The Jewish Family Service program seeks volunteers to teach suicide prevention to middle school and high school students. Veterans Housing Outreach Ministries. The charity seeks volunteers to help disabled, wounded and senior veterans with food and clothing distribution, home improvement and beautification, social media and web design.

Call or visit www. Call us and prevent the high cost of replacement. New surfaces are durable, strong and easy to care for. Offstreet Parking for 4 Cars.

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Mat knows Real Estate! Uptown, Downtown, Old Metairie and Lakefront. On National Register. Recreation of Antebellum Mansion, c. All real estate advertised herein is subject to the Federal Fair Housing Act and the Louisiana Open Housing Act, which makes it illegal to advertise any preference, limitation or discrimination because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, or national origin, or intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. We will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law.

No pets. Off Calhoun. Call Gary Unfurnished 1 BR.

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Secure building and parking. Call Richard. Reovated Downstairs Apt. No Pets. Clara by Nashville. Avail AUG. Restaurant, bar, condo, parking lot for sale. Total renovation in from the roof down. Off-Street Parking. Front and side yards owner-maintained. Cats OK. Small dogs negotiable. Furn Kit. Laundry on premises. Offst pkg. Steps to Magazine St. Storage room in yard.

Walk-in closets. Avail Aug. Call or Private bath. All utilities included. Rhonda L. Mill, SC , Plaintiff vs. The Estate of Edward A. Brunner, Deceased, by David E. Brunner, as Personal Representative, Petersburg Cir. Holiday Dr. Fish Hatchery Rd. Camden St. The demand must be sent or delivered to the court, whose address is S.

Hamilton St. Glendale Dr. You may have an attorney help or represent you. If you do not demand a copy of the complaint within 40 days, the court may grant judgment against you for the award of money or other legal action requested in the complaint, and you may lose your right to object to anything that is or may be incorrect in the complaint. A judgment may be enforced as provided by law.

A judgment awarding money may become a lien against any real estate you own now or in the future, and may also be enforced by garnishment or seizure of property. Foshag, State Bar No. If you have previously received a discharge in a chapter 7 bankruptcy case, this communication should not be construed as an attempt to hold you personally liable for the debt. Providing gift baskets, crates, etc. Current owner will assist and train. Only serious purchasers need apply. Contact Dominick Savona at We are looking for qualified people who want to be part of our team. If you are interested in being part of a fast-paced environment where the customer comes first, please apply in person at Veterans Blvd.

Attention to service and guest hospitality are paramount. We are looking for the best managers throughout the New Orleans area! Are you a leader with an eye for talent, strong work ethic, and drive to succeed? We are always looking for additions to our wonderful team! Hospice volunteers are special people who make a difference in the lives of patients and families affected by terminal illness.

Interested in a future medical career? Get on our exciting new track! Many physicians and nurses receive their first taste of the medical field at Canon. The Museum is seeking to have these shows presented all around the country in the mission of keeping the music of the s alive. This position also assists with entertainment scheduling, contracts, billing, show forms, and promotion. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelors degree in music business or marketing or related field and a minimum of four years experience with entertainment sales.

In addition, knowledge of s music, excellent writing and communication skills, and a keen attention to detail with the ability to multitask are required. Being a self-starter who is able and willing to work independently is a must. The National WWII Museum offers a competitive wage and benefits package for parttime staff which includes k and paid vacation and sick leave. Interested candidates should apply online at www. Join our dedicated team as we change the face of mental health in our city. Send resumes to: support choicesbhw. Charles Avenue. Fitness area. Convenient Central Location with off-street parking.

Near Palmer Park! Upgrades inc. Box 69, Massapequa Park, NY or www. Charming Victorian Shotgun, ready to be transformed into a lovely home. Steps from all of the excitement on St Claude! Beautiful staircase leads up to landing that can be den area. Call for more information. Be ahead of maintenance cost for many years to come. Columns across a front porch frames a front facade with elegant floor length windows. DWI - Traffic Tickets? Do people try to cheat? Of course they do, and we have ways to weed them out. Food Drunk N. Al Davis Road, ; www. Magasin Cafe Magazine St.

CALL Chris Trew www. Mutzie www. Cedric Richmond 2. Steve Scalise www. None www. LaToya Cantrell www. Susan Guidry www. Stacy Head 3. Street repair engineer 3. Retiree BEST So, voters: you want the current mayor to become a garbageman, presumably as an insult to him, and as his replacement you want to elect Cottman of New Orleans Earhart Blvd. Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 3.

Endymion 3. The Pussyfooters www. Generations Hall Andrew Higgins Drive, ; www.