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Smiling, he returned death's embrace. Unique Items. Amulets Belts Rings Quivers.

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Body armours Boots Gloves Helmets Shields. Life Mana Hybrid Utility. Hidden categories: Derived items Pages with unsourced statements. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. This page was last edited on 4 April , at Path of Exile content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Grinding Gear Games or its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc. Support Contact PRO. They usually add to the Intellect statistic. Most rods will cast a spell if used from the "Item" menu in battle. Nunchaku are used by Monks. They are relatively weak weapons meant to be used early on before the Monk can do more damage with their bare hands.


Nunchaku only appear in the NES version. Bows and arrows are the primary weapons of Rangers and must be equipped separately in the right and left hands. Bows give stat bonuses, while arrows carry the additional effects, like elemental damage and inflicted status ailments. Bows and arrows are effective against enemies weak to Wind. Since bows and arrows deal the same damage from the back row as they do from the front row, and since the weaker bows are available to Black Mages , the player can equip a Black Mage with a bow and arrows to make them a decent physical damage dealer if the need arises.

The player can place the Black Mage in the back row for reduced damage, since the armor available to magic-using jobs does not offer as much physical defense as that available to melee jobs. Aside from Onion Knights , only Scholars can equip books. Books give stat bonuses in Intellect and Mind to boost the power of the limited amount of magic Scholars can learn. Books are rare finds, as they can be found in a few treasure chests and are not sold in shops.

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Claws and Knuckles are the primary weapons of Monks and Black Belts. They are worn on the hands to deal extra damage when punching. Claws and knuckles are not sold in shops. Spears are the primary weapons of Dragoons and, except for Onion Knights , Dragoon is the only job that can equip them. Hammers are the primary weapons of Vikings and, except for Onion Knights , Viking is the only job that can equip them. Hammers are Lightning -elemental.

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The Warrior ultimate weapon is an axe , though Warriors can equip many other weapons. Throwing weapons can either be equipped normally or thrown by Ninjas , who are the only characters that can use the ability. Thrown weapons offer no stat bonuses and no additional effects. Bells are the only weapons Geomancers can equip.

Harps are the primary weapons of Bards. They are meant to boost magic rather than attack the enemy.

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Three of the five harps the Bard uses with Attack command can inflict status ailments at the enemies. Moreover, the sleep-inflicting Dream Harp is nowhere to be found and can only be obtained through the item upgrade glitch. In the 3D versions, different harps play a different song when using the Sing command. The default weapon when the character's hands are empty, this "weapon" remains unnamed. Only the Monk and Black Belt can effectively use bare hands in combat.

These weapons can neither be equipped nor acquired normally, but can be obtained via a cheating device. They can only work by Ninja's Throw command, and throwing weapons offer no stat bonuses and no additional effects. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Relm : I couldn't miss the chance to practice my drawing! This article is in need of a few pictures. Contents [ show ]. Add an image Knife. Add an image Golden Sword.

Add an image Ashura. Add an image Staff. Add an image Mythril Rod. Add an image Nunchaku. Add an image Bow. Add an image Wooden Arrow. Add an image Book of Fire. Add an image Cat Claws.

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Add an image Bronze Knuckles. Add an image Thunder Spear. Add an image Hammer. Add an image Battleaxe. Add an image Viking Axe. This gallery is incomplete and requires Demon Axe added.

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You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by uploading images. Add an image Boomerang. Add an image Diamond Bell. Add an image Madhura Harp. Add an image. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by expanding it. This article or section is a stub about equipment in Pictlogica Final Fantasy. Buy: Ur Find: Ur. Buy: Kazus , Canaan. Find: Vikings' Cove , Tower of Owen. Lightning elemental. Find: Amur Sewers 3D. Inflicts Poison when attacking. Find: Sewers , Temple of Time. Find: Temple of Time 3D. Find: Sunken Cave.

Casts Aero when used as an item. Wind elemental. Buy: Invincible 3D. Find: Doga's Grotto 3D.