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Shopbop Designer Modemarken. Warehouse Deals Reduzierte B-Ware. Amazon Business Kauf auf Rechnung. Lala's saliva had spread from the cock to across her face, mixing with Toralei's precum as she gagged on the dick. Sometime during this, Meowlody had left and returned with a hand-held video-camera and was recording the entire thing.


Purrsephone purred as she stuck her cock in between Meowlody's legs from behind and reached around to begin stroking her sister from behind. The edges of Lala's vision were graying out as she lost the energy to even fight back at this point. Her airway was being used as a sex-toy as her body shut-down from the lack of oxygen. It was a fight to even keep her lidded eyes open and even that fight she was losing.

Her face smashed repeatedly into Toralei's crotch and with increasing force as she slowly lost counsciousness. Balls deep in Lala's mouth, her cock swelled and then erupted with its sticky seed directly down Lala's throat. Strand after strand flew down her throat before Toralei finally felt the last of her load drip out of her cum-slit. Pushing Lala off her cock, Toralei watched with a smile as she coughed, struggling to inhale but getting cum instead. Not giving Lala a moment to fully recover, Toralei practically tore her hair out as she grabbed her once more and threw her onto the bed.

Hacking a lung out, Lala looked up, her eyes bloodshot from her tears to see a Meowlody video-taping her violation as her sister jerked her off from behind. Fueled by her lust, Toralei forgot all about the mental aspect of breaking in her arch-rival and began tearing away at Lala's clothes. Never before had she thought sex with her dick would feel so good, she'd been missing out for years and now the only thing in between her losing her dick's virginity was Lala's resistance.

Forgetting all about her friends, her mind consumed by panic, the teen fought back as Toralei shredded her clothes, her pink arms flailing and hitting anything near as she screamed for help while thrashing her body in an effort to escape the werecat's clutches. Under Toralei's sharp claws, her skirt stood no chance as the shredded fabric was thrown behind Toralei. A lust filled smile drawn across her face, the tigress repeatedly slapped Lala's hands away as the girl managed to roll onto her back.

All three of her friends were now yelling, a jumble of shouts, threats and pleas filling the chamber. Purresphone's hands were a blur, the intensity of the moment exciting both and her filming sister. Reaching over Meowlody's shoulder, she locked lips with her twin in a passionate and messy kiss. With both of the vampire's wrists in one hand, Toralei grabbed Lala's white with pink heart dotted panties and ripped them off with a single savage tug. Practically drooling, Toralei shifted her focus to her pink two-button shirt.

With that floating to the floor along with her truffles, her nipples stood at attention on her petite B-cup breasts. Breathing heavily as her pulsed race, she struggled under Toralei even harder as the werecat descended onto her breasts. Her dark-pink lipstick covered lips latched onto one Lala's cute button nipples and began sucking vigorously.

Switching to other nipple and doing the same, she left two clearly visible lipstick marks on each breasts. We won't tell anybody! Ignoring her once more, Toralei forced Lala's legs apart her eyes finding the vampire's virgin pussy. Draculaura was tight her pussy was barely more than a slit, nearly seamless. Before Lala could even scream, the werecat shoved her index finger into the slit and began mercilessly finger-raping the girl.

Lala's whole body arched at the forceful stimulation her vaginal intruder brought. Fresh tears springing to her eyes, Lala clamped her eyes and mouth shut, shaking her head and wishing it all to go away like a bad dream. But Toralei was going anywhere, her cock smearing precum along her thin pink leg as she added another finger. Behind her the twins were moaning in unison, pleasuring themselves at the sight of the vampire being violated by Toralei. Each were stroking the other, the camera placed on the pillow to capture everything it could.

In the stockades Frankie was sobbing, Clawdeen was roaring obscenities as she fought against her shackles and Cleo was staring at the floor wide-eyed trying her hardest to pretend this was just a bad dream. Unfortunately for Lala, this was anything but a dream and it was about to get a lot worst. Removing her two digits, Toralei lustfully lapped Lala's pussy juices off her fingers, her instinct to mate stronger than ever.

Unable to wait any longer, Toralei lined herself up with Lala's tight pink slit, her cock oozing excitement.

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Plunging forward and into the vampire, Toralei's eyes rolled half-way into her head as she deflowered her rival in one savage thrust. Never before had she felt such an amazing feeling as an actual pussy, there was no way her hand could compare! With the werecat paralyzed from the tight pussy squeezing her dick to death, Lala was left sobbing into the sheets as her virginal blood dripped out and onto the floor.

Give it to her! Snapping out of her tongue lolling trance, Toralei pulled out until just the tip remained and then plunged back into Lala's tight cavern, marveling at the feeling.

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  • It was as if the softest velvet was wrapped around her dick like a sleeve and was intent on squeezing all the cum from her balls with its warm embrace. The bed rocking from her exertions, Toralei quickly felt sweat dampening her clothes as she bent over Lala. Her thrusts were clumsy and inconsistent due to her lack of inexperience, but she wasn't looking on pleasing anyone but herself. Another muffled cry came up from the bed as Lala was viciously raped in front of her friends.

    Each thrust painfully spread her lips with the foreign invader, sending lance of pain up her back. Toralei was almost completely on top of her now, rutting away like a lion in heat. Her hips hammered away at a frantic pace, her sticky release imminent. I'm gonna knock you up with my cum you little fucking whore! Baring her fangs, Toralei instinctively sank them into the place where Lala's neck met her shoulder, marking the vampire.

    Unable to restrain her throbbing member any longer, Toralei howled as she released her seed inside of Lala's violated pussy, her 7 inches twitching wildly inside of the vampire pink pussy. Reaching their climax right after, the twins frenched each messily as they blew their loads all over Lala's tear streaked face. Strand after hot strand was dumped into her pussy by the werecat before her cock finally abated and softened.

    Toralei was definitely not lion as the 2 orgasms back to back had taken something out of her she didn't even know she had. Exhausted, she pulled out the sobbing Lala and let her slide to the floor at her feet. Still holding the girl's hair, she yanked it up so she could look the defiled high-school student in the eyes.

    An unearthly sob of despair broke free from Lala's lips as Toralei let her slump to the floor. The twins were already unlocking the stockades for the other girls as Toralei wobbled towards the door. Laughing, Toralei slammed the door shut and enveloping the girls in darkness. Even as the twins clutched their sides in pain from laughing at the girl's violation and humiliation, Toralei felt her gut churn.

    It was the feeling of disgust she got whenever she someone take advantage of someone weaker than them. Passing the feeling off as exhaustion, Toralei quickly moved down the hallway, her black and pink heels click-clacking on the stone floor. No one ever came down to the dungeons of Monster High, partly because no one knew that they were here. She had found the cells and the sleeping block on pure chance a few days before the summer break and then everything fell into place. The woman had spoken to her in her dreams and told her what she could without fear of consequence, the pleasure she would feel if she did so.

    And she did. She had kidnapped the girls and now…now she was going to rape them until they broke and became her personal harem. The feeling lanced through her gut once more as another scream bounced off the torch lit cobblestone walls. Reaching the end of the hall, she pushed open the door the Head guard quarters and slammed it shut behind her. While the girls only had one plain bed to sleep on that couldn't possibly hold all four females, she had the pleasure of sleeping in a luxurious room with drapes hanging around the king-sized water bed, colorful walls and fancy clothes in the large closet.

    None of this mattered to the werecat as she tuned out her pseudo-sisters' cackles. Kicking off her heels and shedding her clothes she drew her bath water and quickly slipped into the hot water. The thorough cleaning did little for gut and she couldn't fathom what could be making her stomach feel so weird all of a sudden. No one would catch her, not now, not ever. Flopping onto the bed, Toralei released a sigh of relief as sleep took her away from her strange gut feeling. She had been raped, the very meaning of the word was foreign to her until just a minutes ago, the same with cursing.

    Her womb had been defiled and she had been humiliating in front of her friends no less! Scrambling backwards in the darkness, the back of her head bumped into the wall signifying a corner. Drawing her knees up to her chest, her sobs quieted but did not abate completely. She had felt her feet connect with someone and she was kicking pretty hard, she was sure that they got the message. Burying her head in her naked legs, she just became aware of how cold it was in the cell. Toralei had ripped most off most of her clothes save her stockings which couldn't really be counted on to keep her body warm.

    Her mind was in a whirl, things were happening to fast! She felt like she going to throw-up, but whenever she heaved nothing came up save spittle and what she almost sure was Toralei's seed. They were whispering on the other side of the cell, but the room wasn't big enough to completely hold a clandestine conversation no matter how much Lala wanted to retreat into her cracked psyche. Snippets of the furious whispered exchange floated into her ears despite the hands clapped over them.

    A quick scuffle ensued in the darkness as friend turned on friend, fear and anger running high in the close quarters. A pair of heels stomped away to the corner opposite of Lala and after a few more seconds of more whispered words the last two girls headed to the corner to the vampire's left. Nobody wanted the bed, the bed signified their willingness to submit their bodies to Toralei and that wasn't worth the night of comfortable sleep on the cum-stained sheets.

    Despite the traumatic experience she had just endured, Lala didn't even feel a dreamless sleep take her away from all her pain. The torches alighted all at once, filling the cell with a blinding bright light, brighter than anything that torches should be able to generate. Shocked awake, the girls panicked for a couple seconds as they tried to figure out where they were before their memory returned. Cleo was in the corner opposite of Lala by herself, while no one had slept on the bed she had taken the liberty and took a pillow off to lay down on.

    Frankie and Clawdeen were off to Lala's left, having leaned against each other for sleep. Lala herself looked like crap for lack of a better word. She had slept for a couple hours she had judged and then the dreams caught up to her and she awoke kicking and flailing against nothing. Since then she fought against sleep and the horror it provided, her eyes were hooded as she covered them with the back of her hand against the light. Even temporarily blinded she surged to her feet, a glass shard clutched tight in her right hand. She had found it the corner, where it came from she had no idea, but she knew where it would go.

    The heavy cell door slammed against the wall as Toralei walked in, a confident and predatory smile playing on her face. Lunging, Lala could only feel hate as she grabbed at Toralei who vanished in a puff of pink smoke. Expecting solid resistance, she cried out as she sprawled onto the floor in the middle of the room. Are you okay Lala, you seem a bit angry. The tiger-striped werecat stepped in the room, her appearance the exact same as the mirage she had sent before her. Behind her, the twins followed each carrying a silver platter. Strolling forward, the twins sat their respective trays down on the bed and then backed away, a knowing smile on both of their faces.

    As soon as the door clicked, everyone's eyes save Lala's turned toward the covered platters. To say that none of them were hungry would be a blatant lie, but none of the girls were eager to accept a gift from their captor. Cautiously, Cleo took the tops off both the platters to reveal a delicious looking breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and orange juice. Everyone's stomach released a simultaneous growl of lust at the food arrayed before them, even Lala's.

    There was split second hesitation before they swarmed the platters of food, wolfing it down in a very undignified manner. Not that they cared about being dignified with the threat of being raped hanging over their heads. Everyone already knew what she had meant to say and a strange silence fell on the room as the three girls shot discreet glance at Lala who was sitting cross-legged on the floor, her back to the foot of the bed as she watch the door.

    Frankie released an 'eep', her face reddening at the curse word. Polishing off the rest of the food, the room fell back into silence as the three girls arranged themselves on the bed. While they're doing it, we can jump them and escape! It could take you days to get help if you can escape wherever this is and I don't like the idea of being an angry Toralei's cum-dump for days.

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    As Clawdeen and Cleo argued over how they would escape, Lala found it surprisingly easy to tune them out. The only thing she needed to worry about was being ready when Toralei returned. She wouldn't fall for the decoy trick twice and this time for sure, she'd kill her captor. She suddenly realized that she was squeezing the shard of glass so hard that it was biting into her hand.

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    Forcing herself to relax she settled into a trance and she waited for her opportunity to strike. A few days ago, Clawdeen had exploded on her in the middle of the hall for 'borrowing' some of her stuff, calling her every foul name under the moon. And to add insult to injury, she grabbed the shirt and attempted to rip it off which led Howleen being exposed to all her classmates in the middle of the hall, the most embarrassing moment of her life.

    Since then, she'd promised herself that she'd find a way to get back at her sister no matter what.

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    • That's where Toralei came in, she claimed she had Clawdeen locked up and completely vulnerable. She also revealed that she had the exact same body parts down below as her, which went a long way in the trust department. Together the werewolf and the werecats reached the cell in which the girls were being held captive. It was filled with a bubbly pink liquid with an aroma that penetrated its glass casing. Warily taking it, Howleen downed it one go, the liquid leaving a pleasant after-taste in he mouth. Warmth began to spread throughout her chest and then down to her groin where her cock began to harden painfully in her tight shorts.

      Futa Hentai JOI CEI - ziwopycaxa.tk

      We all took some, well the twins took a more than some but it doesn't matter. Opening the cell door a crack, Toralei allowed Meowlody to throw the sphere into the room before closing the door and cutting off the girl's yelps of surprise. Inside the room, the sphere erupted in a cloud of noxious green gas that quickly began to fill the room. Moving to the opposite side of the room, the girls were helpless as the covered their noses in the corner.

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      It did them little good as the knockout gas reached them regardless and soon they were all slumped in a pile in the corner. A vacuum sound filled the room as the gas was sucked up through a pipe in the ceiling, clearing the room.

      WHY DID I PLAY THIS!? - School Of Lust: Sister Control

      Entering the room, the 3 werecats and the werewolf smiled the pile of girls before moving forward. The effects of the lust draught were apparent; their eyes all possessed a faint golden hue and their packages strained against their clothes in an effort to get free and sink themselves into a warm sheath. Grabbing the girls, Toralei passed out the shock collars to each of her co-conspirators. With a way to painfully control the females, Toralei left the other girls to their own devices as she grabbed Lala's limp form and threw her to floor in the middle of the room.

      Meowlody grabbed Frankie roughly by the hair and threw her on the bed and Purrsephone did the same with Cleo. Left with her sister, Howleen grunted as she dragged her sister over to the corner, her own excitement fueling her muscles. Fumbling with her skull emblazoned belt, Toralei shed her pants and her heels, licking her lips in anticipation.

      Thanks to the potion, their stamina had been increased ten-fold which non-stop action for hours on end. Free from her ridiculously tight pants, her sprung bobbing up and down eagerly. The tip was a dark red color from all the blood flowing through her member and she could feel her balls sag further under its increased semen production.

      Squeezing out a drop of clear precum, Toralei smiled as she slowly lathered her sensitive red fuck-stick. Thumbing the barbs that adorned her feline cock's head, Toralei shot a glance of envy at her werewolf partner. Generally werewolves were more endowed in the male-size department than werecats and Howleen did nothing to disprove this stereotype. Her bright canine cock was 11 inches of red dick-meat, thick as a soda can with its girth. Her knot was twice the size of Toralei's fist and her balls were naturally the size of enlarged plums. She currently had her shorts around her ankles and her mis-matched stockings pulled up.

      Kicking off her heels, she grabbed a handful of Clawdeen's luscious hair and sank her dick into her sister's mouth. She too far gone from the potion to listen to anyone, all she cared about was using Clawdeen over and over again. Using her sister's mouth like a sex-toy, she began thrusting her cock down the unconscious Clawdeen's throat, her head sliding down the werewolf's throat with every thrust.

      Frankie was the first to wake, blinking away the drowsiness before her eyes focused upwards. Meowlody wasn't restraining the girl however, thanks to the shock collars all she had to do was push a button. Normally this wouldn't have been bad at all, but this time was different. It was as the red arcs of energy surrounding her body didn't provide energy at all, but rather drained it from her body with no small amount of pain. Waking up to the screams of their friends, the other girls quickly came to, each in their own vulnerable position with their own personal tormentor. That's a shock collar, do anything we don't like and get ready for the most painful thing you've ever experienced.

      Also the heat in between your legs? That's the aphrodisiacs we put in the food you dumb whores ate. She winked down at Lala, who she had pinned beneath her knees. The vampire's face was a mixture of rage and fear, the two warring for dominance. Right of cue Meowlody released her prolonged hold on the silver button they each possessed. Frankie immediately went from screams of agony to pleas and promises of submission. Turning to their own fuck-toys, they began the pleasurable process of breaking in the imprisoned girls.

      Still smiling at Lala, Toralei reached one hand back and forced her fingers through the girl's clamped shut legs. She was surprised to find that she wasn't wet at all. No matter, it was for you more than it was for me. I think I'm in love with your body Lala, is that okay? Not wanting Lala to detatch herself, Toralei took the opportunity to scoot forward and place her swollen furry balls on Lala's face.

      Glaring furiously at the werecat, Lala reluctantly began sucking on Toralei's cum containers, not eager to endure what Frankie was forced through. Moaning as Lala took one of her balls all the way into her hot mouth; Toralei added another finger and began stroking her painfully hard length. All around them moans of pleasure, yells and the occasional sob of despair went up but they only had eyes for each other.

      Lala's gaze radiating her unadulterated hate and Toralei showing something a bit more than just lust. Her hand began to move faster as she jerked her length in anticipation of a powerful orgasm. Despite not wanting to, Lala was superb at pleasuring Toralei's balls or as she thought of it, not getting shocked. Alternating from nut to the other, took the entire hanging sphere into her mouth and sucked harder than any other moment of her life.

      Her tongue rolled up and down the cum-laden orbs as Toralei's cock filled her field of vision. Her moans reaching a crescendo, Toralei pulled her ball free with a wet pop and aimed her cock down at Lala's face. Yelling Toralei released a torrent of cum all over the vampire's petite, yet angry, face. Strand after thick strand covered her face and lodged itself in her hair. Coughing, Lala looked up from the painful floor and nodded slowly, her eyes never leaving Toralei's. Your master can't hear you! As she tried to prop herself up, Lala cried out in surprise as Toralei planted her foot on her chest.

      Now open your legs wide! Her heart skipped a beat as she was thrown back into the day before when Toralei had forced herself upon her. Now the bitch expected her to just lay down and get raped willingly, but the shock collar changed everything…. Toralei slowly raised the button, which held Lala's gaze like a magnet.

      She didn't want to be shocked, but her legs refused to listen to her, they refused to open and allow Toralei to claim her. Lala found herself unable to meet her frightening gaze any longer and turn her head to the right where the bed was rocking from the exertion of the twins on Cleo and Frankie. A throat shredding scream ripped all the air from her lungs as her entire body arch upwards off the ground. Everyone of her nerve end simultaneously burst into flame and her body was filled magma injected through a thousand syringes coated in the most painful toxin in existence.

      Then it was gone. Lala fell back onto the floor, her vision blurred by her tears of pain as she struggled to breathe. The pain had left her body just as quickly as it had arrived leaving Lala as if nothing had happened. Her legs shot open on reflex as she sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes.

      Tears she had sworn she would never shed. Dropping to her knees, Toralei stopped to admire Lala's beautiful pink lips for half-second before dropping into her main course. Planting her hands on either side of Lala's body, Toralei pushed against the vampire's tight lips with and inexorable force, slowly spreading the girl's cunt with her feline cock.

      The barbs on her member played a larger role this time, stimulating Lala's tight walls with every movement. Shoving herself all the way in, Toralei grunted as Lala choked back a sob as Toralei's cock scraped against her walls. To hear those words alone sent shivers of ecstasy up Toralei's spine, a feeling unable to replicated by any lust potion. Pulling out, Toralei slammed herself back into Lala, grunting as the vampire's hot snatch gripped her cock.

      Obeying her master's command, Lala stopped biting her bottom lip and a moan escaped lost to anyone but the two females. Resuming, Toralei settled into a rhythmic pace as sweat began to drip down her striped brow. Despite not haven ingested the tainted food, Lala's body began responding to Toralei's incursion as her pussy began to moisten against her will. This is your life now, there's no one else, just you and your master!

      Leaning in, Toralei roughly dominated Lala's mouth with a rough kiss, her tongue forcing its way down Lala's throat.