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Precis de la Geog. De Montemont, Albert. Bibliotheque Universelle des voyages. Palgrave, Sir Francis. The Merchant and the Friar. London, The bookconsists chiefly of their conversations on many subjects. It does not affect the merits of this interesting book that Bacon is believed tohave died in , some years before Marco's return from the East. D'Avezac, M. Remarks in his most valuable Notice siir les Anciens Voyages de Ta? Also article in the Biclletin de la Soc.

Paravey, Cliev. Article Journ. Asiatique, ser. PIammer-Purgstall, in Bull, de la Soc. Quatremere, Etienne. Mis translations and other works on Oriental subjects abound in valuable indirect illustrations of M. Macfarlane, Charles. Ro77iance of Travel. A good deal of intelligent talk on Marco Polo.

Meyer, Ernst H. Geschichte der Bota7iik. Konigsberg, Thomas, Professor G. Zii Marco Polo, aus eine77i Cod. Mo7tacensis in the Sitzu7igsberichte7i der Mimch7ter Akade77iie, 4th March, , pp. Khanikoff, Nicolas de. Notice sur le Livre de Marco Polo, edite el co77i77iente par M. Extracted from the Journal Asiaiique. I have frequently quoted this with advantage, and sometimes have ventured to dissent from it. Cahier, Pere. Pauthier, in Etudes Litteraires et Religieuses of and Barthelemy St.

A series of articles on Marco Polo in the Journal des Sava7its for January-May, , chiefly consisting of a reproduction of Pauthier's views and deductions. De Gubernatis, Prof Angelo.

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Bologna, and , pp. A meritorious essay, containing good remarks on the comparison of differentTexts. This begins with Marco Polo. The work has gone through several editions,but I do not know whether the author has corrected some rather eccentric geographyand history that were presented in the first. Kingsley is the author ofanother story about Marco Polo in a Magazine, but I cannot recover thereference. Notes and Queries for China and Japan. This was published from January, , to November, , at Hong-Kong under able editorship, and contained some valuable notes connected with Marco Polo's chapters on China.

Trieste, , 8vo, pp. Marco Polo, Orazione commeviorativa, Letta nel R. Liceo Cristoforo Colombo il 24 marzo Edinburgh Review, January, , pp.

Terra X Weltwunder die Schönsten Orte der Erde

See also No. Ocean Highways, for December, , p. John, R. Richthofen, Baron F. Bushell, Dr. Notes of a foiirney outside the Great Wall of Chi? An abstract was published in the Proc. Phillips, George, of H. Rec, V. Part I. Wheeler, J. History of India vol. The words that I have put in Italics areevidently a misprint, though it is not clear how to correct them. De Skattschkoff, Constantin. Read before the Imp. Society at St. Emile Durand in the Journ. The Author expresses his conviction that Marco Polo had described a number oflocalities after Chinese written authorities ; for in the old Chinese descriptions ofIndia and other transmarine countries are found precisely the same pieces of informa-tion, neither more nor fewer, that are given by Marco Polo.

And Mr. Phillips has urged something of the same kind. But M. Cantu, Cesare. Italiani Illustri Ritratti, , vol. Marsh, John B. Stories of Venice and the Venetians London, , 8vo, pp. Recorder, VII. Paquier, J. Palladius, Archimandrite. Soc, X. Translated into English by A. Wylie and E. The Russian texthas just been published T. China Branch R. Asiatic Society will contain a more important paper, viz. Lobnor to Shangdu, and in part to Pekinp; It would seem that I have beenso fortunate as to clear up the points that remained obscure to Yule.

I am not, how-ever, without hope, that in the present edition, with its Appendices, some at least ofthe Venerable Traveller's identifications may have been anticipated. Gebauer, J. Zanetti, V. For V. See Calendar, Nos. Letters of Comm. Berchet and Yule regarding these documents. Houtum-Schindler, Gen. Yule's Translation. Soc, N. Marco Polds Caniadi. Thomson, J. Soc, XX. Zurich, , 8vo. BibUotheque des Ecoles et des Families. Paris, , 8vo, pp. There is a second edition. Urbani de Gheltof. Congresso Geografico hiter- nazionale in Ve7tezia. Venezia, , 8vo, pp.

Seguso, L. Cordier, Henri. Yule, Sir Henry. Schumann, Dr. Jahr- hunderts. Berlin, Sa77iinlung gemeinverstandlicher wissenschaftlicher Vortrdge, herausgegeben vonRud. Virchow und Fr. Heft Edkins, Joseph. Ka7i Fu. Tke Makers of Venice. London, , 8vo. Par S. Limoges, Eugene Ardant, s. Parker, E. Studienlehzer f. Burghausen, Russy, 8vo, pp. Severtzow, Dr. Etitdes de Geographic historique sur les ajtciens iti7tdraires ct travers le Pamir, Ptolemie, Hioue?

Marco Polo, pp. Ament, W. Peking Orient. Soc, III. The Early Cartography of fapan. By George Colli7igridge. May, , pp. Anfapa7t or fava? Answer to Mr. Brill, , 8vo, pp. The Early Cartography offapa7t. Yule Oldham. HiRTH, Fried. Drapeyron, Ludovic. Le Retour de Marco Polo en Cathay et Sypangu. Centenaire de Marco Polo.

Paris, , 8vo. A Lecture with a Bibliography which is the basis of the list of this edition ofMarco Polo. Marco Polo and the Squire's Talc. By John Matthews Manly. I, pp. The I? See Introduction, p.

Chaix, Paul. Geneve, fev. Le Strange, Guy. Soc, April, , pp. Un fragment de Marco Polo. From Romajiia, torn. Great Explorers. Thomas Nelson, London, , 8vo, pp. Titles of Works which are cited by abbreviated References in this Book. Relation de PEgypte. Trad, par M. Silvestre de Sacy. Paris, 1 8 Dynastiarum, etc. See La Porte ouverte. Ain-i-Akbari or Am. Calcutta, , seqq. Dinan et Paris, , i2mo. Alphabetum Tibetanum Missionum Apostolicarum commodo cditum A. Romae, , 4to. Lemgoviae, 17 Paris v. Ahmedis Arabsiadis Vitae Latiite vertit. Franequerae, Archivio Storico Italiano.


Firenze, v. Romae, By Capt. Ayeen Akbery refers to Gladwin's Transl. Baber, Memoir of. Baber, E. Travels and Researches in Western China. Papers R. Bacon, Roger. Opus Majiis. Baer und Helmersen. Beitrdge zur Kenntniss des Russischen Reiches, etc. Valenciennes, , 2 vol. Benjamin of Tudela. Quoted from T. Wright's Early Travels in Palestine. Bohn, London, Bretschneider, Dr. Notes on Chinese Mediaeval Travellers to the West. Shanghai, , 8vo. Archaeological and Historical Researches on Peking and its Environs. Mediaeval Researches froin Eastern Asiatic Sources.

London, , 2 vol. History of European Botanical Discoveries i7t China. London [St. Petersburg], , 2 Pts. Begins with Marco Polo, pp. All these works are most valuable. Bridgman, Rev.

Sketches of the Meaou-tszd, transl. Browne's Vulgar Errors, in Bohn's Ed. Chroniques Etra? Paris, 1. Travels into Bokhara. Halle, , seqq. Cahier et Martin. Melanges dArchcologic. Paris, v. Capmany, Antonio. Memorias Historicas sobre la marina. Madrid, Cathay, and the Way Thither. By Col. Hakluyt Society, Chardin, Voyages en Perse de. Paris, 18 Chavannes, Edouard. China Illustrata. See Kircher. Chine Ancienne.

By Pauthier, in LUnivers Pittoresque. By do. Omiese Repository. Society, Consular Reports. See this vol. Society,Conti, Travels of Nicolo. In hidia in the XVth Century. Paris, if , 8vo. Curzon, George N. Persia and the Persian Question. See App. Davies's Report. Boundary of Br. India By R. Davies, now Lieut. Voyage a Peking. Della Decima, etc. Lisbone e Lucca really Florence Della Penna.

Breve Notizia del Reg7io del Thibet. An extract from the Journal Asiatique, ser. Della Valle, P. Brighton, De Mailla. Generate de la Chine, etc. Deveria, G. La Frojitilre Sifio-Annamite. Notes dEpigraphie mo7igole-chi? From the four. Stele Si-Hia de Leang-tchcou. DE LA Perse. Hist, et Litt. La Haye et Amsterdam, The Social Life of the Chinese. Condensed Ed. Dozy and Engelmann. Leyde, Early Travels in Palestine, ed. Wright, Esq.

Edrisl Trad, par Amedee Jaubert ; in Rec. Elie de Laprimaudaie. Etudes sur le Commerce au Moyen Age. The History of India as told by its own Historians. Edited from the posthumous papers of Sir H. Elliot, by Prof Dowson. Erdmann, Dr. Franz V. Temudschin der Ufierschiitterliche. Leipzig, Travels in Siberia. Memoires sur la Chine. Etude Pratique, etc. See Hedde.

Synonyms and antonyms of Fabulierkunst in the German dictionary of synonyms

Faria y Souza. History of the Discovery and Conquest of Ltdia by the Portuguese. Ferrier, J. Two Visits to the Tea Countries of China. Recherches sur le Commerce. Viaggiin Terra Santa di L. Frescobaldi, etc. Garcia de Orta. Trad, dal Portughese da Annib. Garnier, Francis. Bonn, Gill, Capt. The River of Golden Sand. With an Intro- ductory Essay by Col. Henry Yule.

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Godinho de Eredia. Malaca PLtde meridio7iale et le Cathay reproduit en facsimile et traduit par M. LfeON Janssen. Bruxelles, , 4to. See Hainmer. Grenard, F. Paris, , 3 vol. Groeneveldt, W. Notes on the Archipelago and Malacca. Compiled from Chinese Sources. Rost in Supplementary Jotti? Hamilton, A. New Account of the East Indies.

Geschichte der Goldenen Horde. Pesth, , Geschichte dcr Ilchaiie. Darmstadt, Revue et completee par N. HeYD, Prof. Venezia e Torino, Leipzig, , 2 vol. Hosie, Alexander. Vie et Voyages, viz. Memoires sur les Co? Recollections of a fourney through Tartary, Qr'c. Voyages dVdn Batoutah par Defremery et Sanguinetti. Paris, , 4 vol. Ibn Khordadhbeh. Cum versio7te gallica edidit. Bat, , 8vo. See Hammer. India in XVth Century. Bombay, , seqq. Asiatic Society, Shanghai. Arch, fournal of the I? Journal of the North China Branch of the K. Journal of the Royal As.

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