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Building that relationship with the parents. However we also work with them to find a broad language that they can then use to help educate the parents.

Attachment-based therapy (children)

So how do you deal with some of those challenges, such as settling multiple children in a room? How do you deal with some of those challenges? So we spend some time working with some of the common scenarios that come up in a childhood educator setting, and how to help address those with parents and make sure that any change is slow and gentle and working for both family and child. I mean, that makes a lot of sense. So we predominantly spend time with babies, with infants and toddlers up to three years.

I was never kind of exposed to that or taught that. And if people want to go to learn more about your work, Melissa, where can they go to find out more information, or perhaps even get in touch with you? In terms of our educator training you can go to www. We have a wonderful online program, which is really easy for anybody around the world to participate in.

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We have three courses: One course very much starts with that foundation of understanding the child. And we break it down even further: birth to four months; four to eight months; eight to twelve months, because lots of different things happen over those periods of time. I think, again, it just goes to show the complexity of the work that both parents and early-childhood educators have to do in their work with children. So thank you again for sharing all this excellent knowledge with our audience, Melissa.


Your email address will not be published. Search for: Search. Episode 55 Read the full transcript of our podcast with Melissa Grant below, on the Circle of Security framework. Thanks for having me. GRANT: Attachment theory has been around for a very long time, and it has gone through of this research and study. Thank you so much for having me. Learn how HiMama can transform your center HiMama brings parents, teachers and directors closer together and saves everyone time. First Name.


In 15 minutes you could be on your way with HiMama - it doesn't take longer than that! HiMama help you foster a stronger and happier community at your child care center. Daily reports and messaging Staff management and billing Attendance Lesson planning. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. Discount is applied to the list price. You will receive the larger discount available for each item. Not applicable to journal renewals.

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Treatment Assumptions | Circle of Security

This concept is central to the COS intervention model as a means of normalizing defensive process for caregivers, thus supporting increased reflective capacity. State of Mind — the particular way in which we hold or view our experience. State of Mind Regarding Relationship —conscious and unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and values regarding past and current attachment experiences.

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  • Secure —a state of mind that exhibits a coherent valuing of attachment experiences while maintaining the freedom to evaluate the quality of past and current relationships. Insecure — a state of mind that exhibits a restricted ability to evaluate current and past relationships either preoccupied with or dismissing of attachment experiences ; a lack of coherence when considering issues of autonomy or closeness.

    All Rights Reserved. Attachment Strategies Secure — a relationship that creates confidence in the availability of a specific protective caregiver if needed, and supports exploration when it is safe to do so. State of Mind Regarding Relationship Secure —a state of mind that exhibits a coherent valuing of attachment experiences while maintaining the freedom to evaluate the quality of past and current relationships.