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The disease, while being an individual affliction, also comes to symbolize the making visible of hidden hatreds and hypocrisies in groups related to the narrator, including her family and the wider society. Her texts lay bare the ways in which unacceptable bodies are removed from society, to hospitals or ultimately to death camps. The inside of the body is sought after and ends in the revelation of splendour — going through disgust and the abject — that of the nudity of the body finally exposed.

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This goes as far as the creation of a mythical space in Substance En nous la vie des morts , published in , is a text that clearly marks a change in style, though still dealing with issues of life and death. This life experience entailed a renewal of her writing in En nous la vie des morts , as a new start in the exploration of the self, memory, life and death, revealing an inner journey.

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Mat Mckenzie. Club Amour. Clive Harris. Purchasable with gift card. Toujours de Jamais hors-temps Art Contraire GNO5 Visions en forme Inspired by the expanding tonal language of electronic instruments, Paradis fully immersed himself in the vocabulary of drum machines, samplers and synthesizers as his primary tools of composition.


By the age of fifteen, Paradis was writing pop songs and dark ballads while developing his vocal style and learning to produce his own tracks. Before long, he was releasing albums on labels like Kernkrach Germany and Wierd New York and by he assumed the new alias, Automelodi. Paradis further elevated his poignant compositions with the addition of Dillion Steele on guitar in , resulting in a refined and unique lexicon that continues to evolve. On Mirages, Paradis has sharpened his creative process and composed an innovative collection of songs with broad appeal and a fundamentally experimental core.

The emotional and conceptual palate of each track is carefully articulated with precise instrumental timbre, translating ineffable ideas and giving Mirages distinct character and sound. Under exclusive license to Holodeck Records.

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