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Now Serkworks Art Labs has made this process new again by applying these same tried and true techniques to our own print making process.

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This amazing art print featuring epic space battles and alien worlds, and comes complete with 3D glasses included. It really pops! It's sure to be an exciting conversation piece for your home, or the perfect gift for that special geek in your life!

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This wall print is suitable for framing and measures 12x18 inches Serkworks Art Labs specializes in products designed specifically for mad scientists, megalomaniacs and evil geniuses alike. Our original art prints, collectibles and novelties are the perfect addition to any secret hideout or underground lair. At Serkworks we a contentiously concocting a curious collection of cartoon robots, aliens, zombies, and other imminent threats to humanity. The corresponding director field texture is illustrated in Fig.

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To this end, we estimate energetics costly and conical soliton texture is the preferred state. Lr a more detailed analysis is required. To compute a conical soliton energy in a cell of a finite 1. Vortex line width w requires an extension of the solution to a finite geometry. The energy tion. Its energy can be simply estimated. Examining of such a state is clearly given by Fig.

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Putting these two contributions together, we find Lr 2. The difficulty has to do with the fail- 2 0 0 a 55 ure of a periodic soliton solution [obtained by picking the scaling with the area of the cell. Conical soliton surface vortex ditions. However, a good approximate symmetric solution, il- lustrated in Fig. In this notation, Eq. Smalyukh, V. Gurarie and S.

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The subse- the period matches the cell thickness, w. Prost, The physics of liquid crystals, J. Kosterlitz and D.

Thouless, J. C 6, 2nd ed. Oxford, New York, Halperin and D. Nelson, Phys. Smalyukh, R. Pratibha, N. Madhusudana, and O. Nelson and B. Halperin, Phys. B 19, D. Lavrentovich, Eur.

E 16, Young, ibid. Saupe, Mol. Cardy and S. Ostlund, Phys. B 25, Chaikin and T.

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In Ref. Mermin, Rev. Meyer, Philos. Chandrasekhar, G. Nair, D. Rao, S. Prasad, satisfied exactly. Praefcke, and D.