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Books By Sandrine Monfort. En proie au temps French Edition Aug 20, Mass Market Paperback. More Information. Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. He fled France in March , and was reportedly in London on the twentieth of that month. On 15 April, an arrest warrant was issued in Paris for fraud and breach of trust, but by then, he was long gone. So while we can accept that Gervais was in Java in May of , we do not know what name he used while he was there.

His later writing about Java in the Revue Indochinoise may well be a portion of this proposed description of his journey. While French citizens did not use passports at the time, they would carry government-issued travel documents known as laissez-passer , which would have been required by Dutch officials in Java. As the Dutch kept a tight grip on the press and restricted travel, even Dutch citizens required permission to travel overland. Chailley-Bert, in the interest of his colonial studies, is authorized to travel in Java for three months.

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Wessling has shown, between and , there were no fewer than twenty-three separate French study missions to the Dutch East Indies. Marvelous: Another announcement of a piece about Java! And again from a Frenchman. This will most certainly go wrong in the worst possible way. The Javanese meal par excellence is the rijstaffel , a kind of curry so complicated that I am forced to abandon any attempt at description.

The basic element of the dish is an immense mountain of rice cooked in water; but there are so many accessories, so many spices serving as seasoning that it takes several comings and goings by the coolies to bring them all in from the kitchen, so that serving a rijstaffel is the work of almost a quarter of an hour. There are chunks of beef or buffalo, poultry, vegetables swimming in broth, small golden fish from Makassar, half a dozen clever curry sauces, salads, chili peppers that leave the most stinging sensations in the mouth, twenty unknown treats arranged on the same dish in distinct compartments: happy is the veteran who knows the name and taste of all of these; but woe to the novice, who can only choose by chance!

The rijstaffel is followed by a dessert composed of the tastiest fruits of India: mango, mangosteen, rambutan, dukuh, papaya, banana, and especially succulent grapefruit, a kind of orange with purple flesh, larger than a melon, whose name Bernardin de Saint-Pierre spread throughout the world through his immortal poem Paul et Virginie.

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Most of these fruits have an exotic flavor which does not please the newcomer, and which one must get used to. Being tenacious colonizers, the Dutch have endeavored in their enterprises to have the odds on their side. The climate was one of their adversaries, so they resolved to defeat it, and they succeeded. After mistakes which lasted only a while, they shed their old European skin and found a way, some only superficially, others deep into the regime of Java. This led to the rice table , regrettably counter-balanced by the bitter [beer and gin] table , then the bath without tub, which forces one to be active and precipitates a reaction, and finally the appropriate costume: loose jacket, wide pants, barefoot in sandals.

As noted, it creates an immediacy that seems modern when set beside other period texts.

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His brief writings about Java offer an excellent introduction to his style and sensibilities as well as a unique perspective on late nineteenth century Dutch Indies culture. While the article was announced as the first in a series, this is the only writing on the subject Raquez published in that periodical. A number of errors were introduced by the typesetter in Hanoi, and while obvious errors have been silently corrected, we present the text as it appears in the original. Raquez was keenly interested in music. As Gervais, he was a choir director in Lille.

The racism inherent in the Dutch colonial reaction to the native population is precisely why he inserts this anecdote into his book about the Colonial Exposition in Hanoi. Aucune ville ne se montre. Voici les grands docks, les quais superbes de Tandjoeng Priok.

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  • Tout est calme. Adieu, sale bateau et non certes au revoir! O Gargantua! O Pantagruel! Ils en sont tout joyeux car, me disent-ils, je leur avais paru de tournure anglaise. Ils ne connaissent que leur langue mais ici tout le monde la parle. Le jour tombe. He is now 22, speaks French, English, and German, but wonders whether he will recognize his father, whom he has not seen for such a long time.

    Marcel Proust, 1. Du côté de chez Swann, Première partie : COMBRAY, À la recherche du temps perdu

    The coastline is low and without interest. No city is visible. Batavia spreads into the interior. We disembark at the Tanjong Priok quay, and a railway takes passengers into the city. Here are the great docks, the superb quays of Tanjong Priok. Everything is quiet. Today is Sunday in a Protestant country. Goodbye, dirty ship, and definitely not Au revoir!

    But the train station is a disappointment. A train has just left, and the next one will not leave for two hours. My stomach, which was sorely tried for three days, emits violent protestations against any delay, so we decide to strike a deal with a hired local vehicle, which whisks us toward the city at breakneck speed. Most respectful as he receives his wage, the man stands back, holding out his right hand and supporting his wrist with his other hand and bowing deeply and not without grace.

    This is a world of its own! In fact, the hotel occupies five hectares, one of the managers, who speaks our tongue most correctly, informs me. On every side are swamps filled to overflowing with an untamed jumble of banana, palm, coconut, and areca trees. Although it has been made much less unhealthful, even today, no one would choose to spend a season here. Qu'il s'agisse de questions :. Et qu'esse cy? Lequel a tort? Or en discute v. Qui luy portera? Que je voye Ce sera Pernet de la Barre w.

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    Foy que doy, brulare bigot, v. Ainsi dans l'envoi de la ballade des Contredits de Franc Gontier :. Petit enflant j'ai oy recorder :. Item, j'ay sceu en ce voyaige v. Villon rappelle ses premiers dons et, partant, son premier texte au huitain 75 :. Sy me souvient bien, Dieu mercis, Que je feiz a mon partement Certains laiz, l'an cinquante six w.

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    Parmy ses troys gluyons de feurre Je lui donne mes vieilles nattes w. Hypertexte qui existe en fait dans les manuscrits. C'est le cas de la Ballade des Dames du temps jadis autour de l' Ubi sunt, dans laquelle l'adverbe semblablement :. Semblablement, ou est la royne v. C'est ce que dit exemplairement l'envoi de la Ballade des Dames du Temps jadis :. Qu'a ce reffraing ne vous remaine w. Item, vueil qu'autour de ma fosse Ce qui s'enssuit, sans autre histoire, Soit escript en lectre assez grosse w. Oncques de terre n'eust sillon v.

    Villon ne veut rien fonder mais tout disperser. Oncques de terre n'eust sillon, II donna tout, chascun le scet, Table, tresteaux, pain, corbillon. Pour Dieu, dictes en ce verset. Que ce soit dans le registre grossier, tel dans le huitain :.

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    Lors empoingne ung esclat, Dessus son nez lui en faiz ung escript. Villon laissait alors, si fragile soit-elle, une toile, un texte. De le canceller et perscripre De sa main et ne sceut escripre. Enregistrer j'ay fait ses diz. Par mon clerc Fremin l'estourdiz,. Contradiction dans les termes.

    L'intitulant au nom de monsieur Brand Un Alemant en tout scavoir tresgrand, Qui ne sceut one parler langue francoyse Epistre XI, feuil.